Hard Disk – Error -3 High Setup Installation Error com.apple.osinstall

My Mac Book Pro 2010 started to make his last night. The wifi was slow and some letters were not displayed properly. I restarted the computer and it could not restart.

I took the wrong computer drive and put it in a pro Mac book in 2013. The computer had early boot issues. After restarting the NVRAM while holding the command + option + p + r command, I can now access the recovery screen. I tried to select the boot disk. I receive the following error message, "You can not change the boot disk to the selected disk that is running to place boot files in failure."

I have tried to reinstall high sierra, but I get a -3 error after rebooting, com.apple.osinstall. What should I try next to solve the problem?

Composer – Error while accessing localhost after Laravel installation

As I said in a previous question, I start my studies and I have already searched for this error in several places.
Recently, I installed Composer and Laravel in my note and when I press the command php artisan serves no cmd in project folders, they work perfectly in the browser. But I have other projects that I do not develop with Laravel and when I try to access another project that I have without Laravel, by the way localhost / librio, which has index.php among other files, the browser gives the error below.

Object not found! The requested URL was not found in this
server. If you typed the address (URL) manually, please
check the address syntax again.

If you think you have encountered a problem on the server, please
please contact the webmaster.

Error 404 localhost Apache / 2.4.39 (Win64) OpenSSL / 1.1.1b PHP / 7.3.4

And if no project works, I can not access anything via the browser

apt – installation error of Java on Debian 8

I followed the instructions on this site:

When I install jre and jdk, it is written:

Reading package lists ... Done
Build a dependency tree
Reading status information ... Done
default-jdk is already the most recent version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to delete and 1 not upgraded.

I followed the instructions to the letter:

sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-install

After that says:

                Build a dependency tree
Reading status information ... Done
E: Can not locate the oracle-java8-installer package

And when I run
java -version
javac -version

It says:

bash: java: command not found

System Installation – The laptop can not boot after clean installation to a single boot drive using ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso

I can only offer the following observations:

  • laptop: an HP Elite book (6930p) with Intel Dual Core with only
    "UEFI startup experimental support". its bio setting: the UEFI mode is
  • I used Rufus 3.4 to burn an 18.04.2 server iso on a USB stick
    with "Partition Scheme" as MBR and Target System as MBR or UEFI.
  • the usb key can install the ubuntu server without any problem ("use all the disk" option)
  • after reboot, the system can not start


the same laptop can be properly installed and started in tty using:

  • mini.iso
  • old iso style server (ubuntu-18.04.2-server-amd64.iso)

The common point between these successful ISOs is the following: at the end of the installation, it invites you to write grub in the MBR. This process did not exist for live iso installation. During the live installation, all I got is a mandatory "bios_grub" partition of 1 MB that you can not modify or delete. I think the "bios_grub" is the same as the "write grub in the MBR". But the damn thing just does not start after installation.

Something weird about iso live-server?

settings.php – Get the PHP extension "gd" and the error disabled database support during the installation of Drupal 8

I'm trying to install Drupal 8.7.3 on my Windows machine via Xampp (PHP 7.3.6). But I receive the following errors:

Please see the screen capture:

I tried to do the following but I could not solve it:

1- I've copied php.ini to the root of my drupal folder and made sure the extensions are enabled. and I made sure that the default php.ini has the same extensions enabled.
Please see the screenshot: https://snag.gy/nN8BGA.jpg

2- I have also downloaded the php_gd2.dll and php_gd.dll files and have them also placed in the / ext folder. please see the screenshot: https://snag.gy/RHqrlI.jpg

My problem remains the same. Can you help me solve this problem.

Here is my result phpinfo () on the extensions:

See also the path of the extension:

How to debug an error during an APK installation error

I work in a project. We are in a test cycle and we have an experience that I do not know how to debug.

I've built the apk. I installed it in my phone (s9 +) and in many others without problem. Then we send the apk to some people to test it. 4 new Samsung S9s. Totally new. No previous version installed and even SDK and ONEUI and security patch of my own device.

When they try to install it, they get an error during the installation. I do not know what can cause this and I do not know how to know the error. How to generate a log or debug it.

Help me! Thank you

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installation – Clone project: script execution refusal

I just cloned an empty Drupal 8 project locally. Initially I went into the web folder and used

php -S localhost: 8000

With this virtualization, a 404 error occurs every time I enter the root rule "Edit".
To solve the problem, I created a vhost configuration:

ServerName www.site.lcl
DocumentRoot / home / user / Projects / platform / site / app / web
   Allow everyone
Order allow, refuse
Allow everyone
Require all granted

With this configuration, the routes are presented correctly, but a new error occurs. In all pages, the css and js files are not loaded. This error appears on the js console:

Refused to run the script from & # 39; http: //www.site.lcl/' because its MIME type ("text / html") is not executable and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

I have tried to edit the php.ini file like this: default_mimetype = "", restart apache and delete the cache but no results.

In both installations, the php.ini file used is the same.

How can I solve it?

Problem freezing after SSD installation

I recently installed a 240GB Kingston M.2 SSD and installed Ubuntu 16.04. But after working on it for a while, it freezes for a very long time, even the mouse did not work at that time. What should I do in this situation?

shutdown – The installation of Ubuntu Studio 19.04 stops

Windows 7 is installed on my laptop and I have never had problems reinstalling Windows 7 over and over again. I've found millions of results of this type of failure with the installation of Ubuntu that have never been fixed by Ubuntu. So there must be a problem with Ubuntu Studio.

I typed so many things about Grub, just like suggestions on those who have experienced the same thing, switched to BIOS and changed this and that, the problem still persists.

When I did not change anything, all of a sudden he was able to switch to installation without turning off my laptop, but it gave me a squishfs error. Hahaha … It's free, but it's not trustworthy, oh that's it! I'm on the front!

A different suggestion? Before moving on to another Linux like. I'm tired of using Windows, but if Ubuntu gives me even more headaches, I should stick to Windows, just like millions and millions of other users of Windows worldwide, as the best operating system to date. Man!