I’m looking for a good SQL autoformatter for PostgreSQL that integrates with VSCODE

I’ve noticed that it’s somehow hard to find a good SQL formatter for PostgreSQL.

Some of the things I’m preferably looking for are:

  • color coding of all postgreSQL keywords
  • a way to easily NOT autoformat on save (e.g. by including a top line with -- no autoformat)
  • configurability of style options

A particular style that I like (but never found a formatter for) is this one (from https://www.sqlstyle.guide/):

SELECT file_hash  -- stored ssdeep hash
  FROM file_system
 WHERE file_name = '.vimrc';

Any suggestions?

Create an e-commerce that integrates other store

I would like to create an e-commerce website that integrate other e-commerce. I can retrieve their products using APIs or feeds. The problem is that all these information are different from shop to shop and I need something to uniform and show them in my e-store. I’ve tried to build a Woocommerce plugin but it lacks in performance because I have to retrieve thousands of products and every day check for some new in and update the inventory every 5 hours. What’s the best architecture to use in my project? I think to rebuild my project using a PHP framework like Yii2. There is a faster and easier way to do it?

python – Jupyter notebook integrates google api

hello i'm starting to use the python jupyter notebook, i wanted to know if anyone knows if you can integrate the google api and integrate what would be the google spreadsheet and google documents, the other thing is if you could use these previously mentioned collaborations with other people at the same time.

Thank you very much in advance.

Google map integrates

Hello! If there are 2 or 3 Google Maps, these can be manually integrated into the article to use. But by having a list as below, is it possible to make sure that they are randomly selected and incorporated into the article by making the links. It will be like the option of embedding videos youtube given in the article manager, in which we enter a list of youtube videos and randomly choose and integrate videos where possible. Here is an example of some google maps that should try to integrate.


8 – Dropbox integrates with Drupal *

Totally, I can not find a tutorial that focuses on Dropbox integration with Drupal 8.

I do something (exactly nothing) and install Dropbox SDK in the Drupal 8 environment with the composer.

I am this link https://www.dropbox.com/developers-v1/core/sdks/php

But there are no details on how to use, first of all, I want to allow the user.

In the SDK files that have cloned, we have a file named authorize.php and many other examples of files in the docroot vendor dropbox dropbox-sdk examples.

I want to use them with Drupal, then

How can I develop this based on Drupal features?

what about using the module?

numerical integration – Digitally integrates the complex function of value of a real variable and a complex variable

I will assume that $ z = a + ib $otherwise you suppose that $ x-z = iy $ which is always imaginary in your question. However, you do not even have to really specify $ z $ under this form. You just have to do this:

F[z_?NumberQ] : = Integrate[Exp[I*x]/ (x - z), {x, -1, 1}, PrincipalValue -> True]F[1 + 2 I]

This gives

begin {align}
& e ^ {- 2 + i} ( text {Ei} (- 2) – text {Ei} (2-2 i)) \
& sqrt {e} left (- text {Ei} left (- frac {1} {2} -i right) + + text {Ei} left (- frac {1} {2} + i right) -2 i pi right) \
& frac { text {Ei} left ( frac {1} {3} + i right) – text {Ei} left ( frac {1} {3} -i right)} { sqrt[3]{e}} \
& 2 i text {Si} (1)
end {align}

The last example is intended to show how it works when $ z $ is a real number in which you need the integral of the main value. You can also change this to a digital case

g[z_?NumberQ] : =
NIntegrate[Exp[I*x]/ (x - z), {x, -1, z, 1}, Method -> MainValue]

where you can report for when $ z in (-1,1) $ and you call PrincipalValue as "Method" (slightly different syntax from the Integrate command).