seo – Is an interdomain pattern appropriate when an API is used to extract data from a page of another site?

It's just a question of whether I understand this and if my approach is correct.

  • www.ticketwebsite.example / event / event-name – Event ticket web site
  • www.mysite.example / event / event-name-123 – Personalized website.

The content of both URLs is the same. I want to tell Google the source of the content on mysite.example is of ticketwebsite.example

j & # 39; I mysite.example. It extracts the data from the event ticket from the API.

Is it correct that the canonical to use on www.mysite.example / event / event-name-123 is: www.ticketwebsite.example / event / event-name?

The text on both pages (including title), images and CTAs are all identical.