ui – Applescript – Graphical interface with buttons to send a typing to an application

On Windows, I use AutoHotKey, I can create a graphic window that can be "Always visible", I can create different tabs containing buttons with names that will send keystrokes / macros to an application or an identifier of particular window. I need something to do it on Mac, can AppleScript do it or is there another solution?

interface – How does Pixmap work in libGDX?

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c # – How to convert an interface to MonoBehavior in Unity?

In my iTest.doStuff () method, I try to convert the _ti testInterf interface to MonoBehavior. This gives me "error CS0246: type name or namespace" MonoBehavior "is not found", but in the same file, my iTest class has no problem inheriting from MonoBehavior.


using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public interface testInterf{//this is my interface
    string Name {get;}
    Sprite mySprite {get;}
    void func();

public class testInterfEventArgs : EventArgs {
    public testInterf i;

    public testInterfEventArgs(testInterf _i){


using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class iTest : MonoBehaviour{
    public void doStuff(testInterf _ti){//this is the implementation
        Collider collider = (_ti as MonoBehavior).GetComponent();//ERROR

The Afterpay module does not show up in the magento 2 site interface

We have installed the afterpay module on the magento 2 site.

Correctly triggered the required command.

But Afterpay does not show at checkout.

The back end shows a fine configuration and I have configured the details correctly.

user interface – Examples of 3D spatial strategy with good XYZ controls?

I 've tinkered with an idea of ​​space sym, a bit like MOO2, writing it for mobile or browser as a way to learn how to use java. Orders of ships and planets of control, etc. I would love to create 3D maps, with the x, y and z coordinates, to make things more realistic, but I'm afraid it's too complicated to implement. The engine would not be harder to code, but would add another vector to the calculations, but a user interface to navigate a 3D galaxy would be difficult.

Does anyone know of good space command games where you can direct your forces in 3 dimensions? The only one I know, is Hegemony, and I'd like to have some other examples for comparison purposes.

discovery – Is there a "good" way to display navigation icons to avoid cluttering the user interface?

Interesting question and some good points with the two existing answers.

Regarding ubiquitous commands versus hidden commands: I would recommend leaning towards commands that are still visible, but which do not interfere visually. Green, blue, patterned; all have the potential to be at least a little distracting. I usually agree with Nir on the use of simple arrows or symbols "bigger than"

<< {Image} >>

vs icons / buttons.

I would also extend the suggestion to your main icons and might suggest letting the concept visually link the limits of the desktop / web application application:

[Settings]  [Random album]  [Info]
   {                          }
   {                          }
<< {          Cover           } >>
   {                          }
   {                          }

I would usually tend to make cover a dominant object in the interface. A thin row of text link buttons at the top, the title, and then a big picture of the cover, with thin back-to-front bars on each side. Or something like that.

Whatever you do, I suggest at least not to use new dynamic flags as a changing mouse pointer icon. Many people will be scared or nervous when their pointer changes. In my experience, the user expects his pointer to do predictable things after predictable actions and not surprise them.

Project neat, and thanks for the discussion. I am curious to hear what others think.

magento2 – Magento 2: How to put a default value in the yes / no field of the admin user interface component form

I have a user interface component Form check box. I want it to default Yes rather than no.

That's my land

                Please confirm you wish to proceed ?

What is the name of this "alignment" user interface element?

I'm trying to convince a team that she should use this "alignment trick" in her drawing software.

enter the description of the image here

How does he call? You can find it for example in Adobe Illustrator.

applications – Web / PC interface for iPhone text messaging

There is an excellent web application at https://messages.android.com that syncs with SMS / messages from an Android phone to allow sending SMS from the phone. 39; computer.

(It's great for those of us who are typing faster than we text on a small phone, and for those who sit at their desks all day and who do not want to open their phones to deal with all of them. incoming text messages.)

Is there an analog for iPhone messages? This is a web or PC application capable of sending and receiving native text messages for an iPhone?

How to delete files using the interface Content> Files?

Our stakeholders have confirmed that some obsolete PDF files are compatible, which causes problems for people who use old information.

Navigate to admin/content/filesI can find entities (?) For files, looking for their file name and extension (MIME type). There is also a seemingly useful column "Used In". However, when I click on the values ​​in the "Used" column (for example, "2 places"), the access paths look like rendering elements or something similar: {Content Type} > Paragraphs (previous revision) > Column Content (previous revision) > Column Wrapper Content (previous revision) > Accordion Section (previous revision) > Accordion Section Body.

From this information, I can not access the page where the file is located in order to delete it.

In addition, one of the files is used in 0 place and there seems to be no interface that allows me to delete it. I am able to open the PDF file from the file path link in a private browsing window. I therefore conclude that even if a user can not discover this PDF file by browsing our site, he can still access it through a google search.

My question is different from this similar question, How can I delete files in the right way ?, because in this question the requester already knows which node contains the file that he wishes to delete. In this case, I do not know where the file is actually attached to the website. I'm trying to get this information.

A proposed solution might be to search for files on Google and find out where they are on Google's search results. However, I want to know how to delete these files via Drupal. So, in a future case, I will not find them by google, I still have a way to delete them.

edit even after looking for search terms in files on Google, the most common search results are direct links to the PDF files themselves. So, even using Google, I am unable to determine which page or URL on our site contains them.

How can I delete these files, listed in the "Files" tab of the administrator's content screen?