Customs and Immigration – Can You Leave the Airport After Passing International Security

I am going to Taiwan in a few months, and due to a change of plans, I will be staying an extra week while the others I am supposed to go home with continue.

I am unable to cancel my original ticket, but I am happy to leave others an extra seat available to them.

My question is, if I go through security and up to the door with them, would I have problems getting out afterwards? I would tell them at the door not to call me or wait because I will not be going up.

And when I enter the country, I guess I should show immigrants my second ticket instead?

transit – General rules for close connections on international flights

Usually an airline is responsible for your connection between flights issued on a single ticket. Airports have a minimum connection time which limits the duration of an authorized connection at the ticket office. This time sometimes depends on factors such as terminal changes, but in my opinion is very optimistic.

When you buy from a third party agent, you don't always receive a single ticket and if that is the case, you are usually by yourself but if it is the same airline, they sometimes take care of your missed connection. In most cases, through the main online travel agencies, they mainly display single ticket prices with those which are not labeled differently. The last time I saw such an offer, she said Hacker rate below the price.

When you miss a connection for which the airline is responsible, it usually reserves its next available flight for you. This can take you back a few hours, but a set is not uncommon since some segments only have daily flights. During the high season, they vary their strategy by including partner airlines and / or more complicated flights. This can be particularly grueling when all flights are booked for days and they put you on each waiting list in the hope that someone cancels or misses their connection. Likewise if you were going to miss another connecting flight and they try to make you catch up on your next connection or follow a completely different route.

As for compensation, it varies considerably depending on the jurisdiction. It goes from nothing at all to hotel and monetary compensation. Better to ask another question if you have a region or an airline in mind.

Note: generally means that there are exceptions in certain areas, countries, unions and airlines with their own rules and the interpretation of the law may vary. Finally, even if you have the legal right to something, it does not mean that it will be given to you automatically.

International Travel – Baggage Assistance at Canberra Airport for a Woman Traveling with Children

My wife and I will be traveling from Canberra to Doha on Qatar Airways with our two children. I will come back to Canberra before she does. My research tells me that there is no porter service available at Canberra Airport to assist with baggage claim.

I thought of an elaborate plan to try to help him. Basically, I will fly to an inland destination in Australia and time my flight to Canberra to coincide with its arrival, so that we can meet at passport control and proceed to the baggage claim area together.

The problem is that I don't know if domestic and international flights arrive at the same terminal in Canberra. Is this a workable plan? Are there better alternatives?

Thank you…

Is it possible to walk from Terminal 1 of Dubai Airport to the Dubai International Hotel?

Can I walk from Dubai Airport Terminal 1 to the Dubai International Hotel, 0.2 miles away? Can I pay taxis and buses in US dollars?

Customs and Immigration – International Connection to Seattle-Tacoma Airport

I fly from Vancouver to Seattle, then from Seattle to Tokyo-Narita, with a one-way Delta connection.
I would like to confirm whether my understanding of this connection is correct or not.

  1. Vancouver Airport (YVR) has American CBP, which means that I am completing the US immigration and customs process in Vancouver and I do not need to redo them at Seattle.
  2. Once I check in my baggage in Vancouver, that baggage goes to Tokyo-Narita and I don't need to pick it up in Seattle.

I am particularly interested in baggage connection, as I only have a limited time (57 minute layover) in Seattle.

international travel – How many days are necessary to visit Tibet?

Also known by its other name Roof of the World, how many days to visit Tibet? which is filled with monasteries, lakes, mountains and other beautiful places to visit. Lhasa and Potala are the two famous places in Tibet. Meanwhile, getting to Everest base camp from Lhasa is a must during your visit to Tibet. 7 nights and 8 days are more than enough to visit all famous places such as Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple, Drepung and Sera Monastery, Everest base camp, etc.

Full blog here: how many days are needed to visit Tibet?

Customs and Immigration – 2 hours and 5 minutes sufficient for the transfer of an international flight to a domestic flight to Melbourne Tullamarine?

I will be flying from Malaysia to Canberra very soon. My flight from Malaysia will reach Melbourne at 4:55 am, while my connecting flight from Melbourne to Canberra is at 7:00 am. The two flights are made at the same airport but in different terminals (T2 to T3).

I was wondering if 2 hours and 5 minutes was enough to clear customs, collect my luggage and re-check in for my connecting flight to Canberra? Or should I book my flight again?

The Ultimate Guide to International Travel – Advertising, Offers

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Check your passport: Another important thing you need is a valid passport. Make sure to check whether your passport is up to date or not. Most countries require that a passport be valid for at least six months after the date of travel.

Travel agency: For some destinations, it may be better to book everything through a travel agency, be sure to do your research and find which one is most reliable.

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international travel – American citizen visiting Canada frequently to see other important people

I am an American citizen in my late twenties who plans to visit Canada frequently (monthly or bi-monthly) to see another significant one.

I usually visit once a year to visit my family in Montreal. I plan to visit Ottowa with increased frequency.

Beyond preparing relationship documentation – should I be aware of something else? Are there any special rules I should be aware of given the frequency of visits?

For the context:

  • I plan short visits – mainly long weekends (3-4 days)
  • I have a good job in the United States that I intend to keep.
  • I have known my significant other for 3 years. We have been going out for 1 year.
  • I will fly every time from Boston

international travel – Can I take a small vibtaror with me to Kuwait without the battery?

I travel from Australia to Kuwait and I wanted to know if it was possible for me to travel with a vibrator, without the battery and without unscrewing the cap and simply storing different parts of it in a garment.
I will not even try to travel with the handcuffs, I am sure it is not at all discreet.