International targeting in the Search Console – we mainly target the United States

we want to target global traffic but prioritize traffic from the United States. At the moment, "international targeting" in the Search Console is not defined. The site is hosted on a server in Europe. We use Cloudflare CDN.
Are we changing "international targeting" to "United States"?
Would that improve the ranking in the United States and affect the ranking existing in other countries?
Are there other methods that people would suggest or is it better to leave international targeting blank?
Thank you for your help

international travel – Do you really have to go physically to a certain place to "really have the place"?

I have heard time and again from people, generally well traveled, that I cannot "get" a place until I have physically visited it and "experienced it with my own eyes" .

But is it really true?

I have hardly ever traveled. Some of the reasons are: lack of money, fear of stealing, fear of cops / thugs in fragmented countries, total lack of privacy (especially these days), dislike being with people in general, not being social, having no one to travel with, a general inability to "get away from it" even where I live and where I & # 39; grew up (not to mention a completely foreign environment), not having the "peace of mind" of just "seeing the world" (which I consider very selfish), etc.

However, I to have seen very high resolution video / audio footage from all over this planet (assuming they didn't simulate everything, of course, which seems extremely unlikely). For many years. Both in movies, TV series, documentaries, news reels, online videos of all kinds and, in recent years, live videos from all kinds of exotic and not-so-exotic locations.

Of course, if someone was filming the place where I grew up (or even allowed me to do it) and then showing it to someone around the world, I would not consider that they "understood" what it means to me. But then again, I would not expect that even if they had physically come here and seen it with their own eyes. (And not just because it has been changed / ruined since.)

Maybe the people who say that mean I can't know how people would treat me just because they treated the person filming / broadcasting location X right / wrong? And of course, there can be many things that are not displayed in the video / stream. For example, someone may consider local women to be extremely attractive and love strangers, but will not say so in a documentary. This is an example of information that I would miss by just watching a video / stream from a place.

However, overall, I consider myself to have a very good understanding of practically all of the "commonly known" places on this planet, as in, I get that there are massage places nice and cheap in many "poor" countries, and that they have various beautiful places, but I also know how poorly maintained their buildings are and how animals are treated, how good it is dangerous and easy to get ripped off, etc.

Although I do not pretend to be "well traveled", as I am not, I wonder if my understanding of the world by watching so many different videos of all kinds, often with zero conversation / music / cuts, n & # 39; is not at least "enough" so that I can determine that it is not worth putting a fortune out of my meager savings to travel to some of the places that I find most attractive.

As pathetic as it sounds, in many ways, I'm "glad" to have just "visited" these places in my mind, helped by the video / audio footage. In some cases, when I had a VR headset, I "visited" some places in VR, which were as immersive as technology allows.

Yes he could either upon arriving in china, all the beautiful chinese girls flock around me and start attacking me with kisses and hugs, treating me like a famous superstar. I'm sure this is what a lot of male travelers are hoping for. However, in reality, I would probably be just another stupid tourist, and the only girls who talk to me are part of a scam gang. Fast forward an hour and I realize that my wallet is gone, just like those lovely ladies who just wanted to take a picture with "the exotic alien".

What I'm trying to say is that, since I'm an anti-social loser "at home" (here, that is), I highly doubt that a change of scenery would change anything about it. Frankly, I have no interest in walking around with a camera and shopping in stores selling items identical to tourists, and I have often wondered what it is to travel and how there can be so many people who pay so much money and spend so much time, energy and enthusiasm.

It would be another matter if I was particularly invited by a royalty, or if I was rich with my own super-yacht, or if I had to inspect one of my factories or something like that. There would then be a good reason for me to be there, rather than desperately hoping that "good things" would happen to me simply because I was moving away from the place. where is my house.

google – International SEO with different TLDs and the same language – HREFLANG question

My business is located in Asia, although 50% of my clients are from the UK, 27% from Australia and the rest of the country where I am located.

After doing some research, I concluded that I would like to use my .com for international and my country of origin, for the United Kingdom and .com. au for Australia.

I believe using the hreflang below would work and prevent me from receiving duplicate content issues? Can anyone advise me?

Im curious because Australian English and British English are basically the same.

Is there passable international bandwidth in Thailand on VPS?

I have installed servers for clients in Vietnam and we continue to experience international bandwidth issues during peak hours. Now we … | Read the rest of

international travel – Must a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda apply for a British visa?

Do I still need to apply for a UK visa when Antigua and Barbuda is under 'country whose citizens are not required to obtain a Schengen visa to enter a member country of the Schengen area for tourist or commercial purposes ”.

I hear that if I get the UK visa, I will more likely enter the country when a Schengen visa will not automatically allow you to enter, and I will also be able to travel across Europe.

international travel – I am a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda

Do I still need to apply for a UK visa when Antigua and Barbuda is under 'country whose citizens are not required to obtain a Schengen visa to enter a member country of the Schengen area for tourist or commercial purposes ”.

I hear that if I get the UK visa, I will more likely enter the country when a Schengen visa will not automatically allow you to enter, and I will also be able to travel across Europe.

Green Power International –

I am not an administrator / owner of the project! !!!

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	<strong>Date online: </strong> 2020-03-20</p>
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	<strong>About the project:</strong></p>
<p>	Green Power International offers a tailor-made system for online investors and individuals to choose from our optimized investment solutions in renewable energies which allow them to capitalize on the multiple financing needs of our customers.
<blockquote class=

Long-term and sustainable investment products and services.

Automated instant deposit and withdrawal transactions.

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Check the condition:
? a = image & lid = 2257

international travel – How to get from Rovaniemi to Trondheim under the corona crisis?

How to get from Rovaniemi, Finland, to Trondheim, Norway, without a car?

  • Finnish citizen permanently residing in Norway, with photos of relevant documents and a passport at hand.
  • Not in a hurry.

Some possibilities:

  • Can we fly from Helsinki to Oslo or Trondheim after taking a train to Helsinki? Flights are sold out for about a week, which is not ideal.
  • Is there a way to get to Troms / Tromsø / Tromssa and can we take a plane (or even take a bus) from there?
  • Is it possible to go through Sweden? A Vaasa / Vasa ship or other method of crossing the border at Tornio / Torneå are possible means of entering Sweden, if possible.
  • Is there a functional way to find people on the same route or part of it by private car?

international travel – Does Duterte's foreclosure on Metro Manila due to COVID-19 affect non-Filipino citizens traveling from Metro Manila to another location?

I read on (mirror):

Land, air and sea transport suspended from and to the metropolitan area of ​​Manila, from March 15 to April 14, 2020

and I read on html (mirror):

All foreign nationals from countries reporting local transmissions of COVID-19 cannot enter the country, while Filipinos cannot travel to these countries.

but none of these links appear to refer to an official source.

Does Duterte's Lockout on Metro Manila Due to COVID-19 Affect Non-Filipino Citizens Traveling from Metro Manila to Another Location During the Lockdown Period?

ADBIDBIZ International Affiliate Network | Wjunction

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