Transit through Mumbai airport from International to Domestic from Middle East

I am travelling from Kuwait to Goa via Mumbai. According to the latest guidelines I need to take a PCR test on arrival and get my receipt before I can take the connecting flight.

Can someone who has recently travelled tell me, do I just have to give the test and take my domestic flight or wait for the results, I have a 7-hour layover, is that enough?

international travel – Least Covid Restricted Country Europe

I am tasked with arranging an informal meeting of two EU citizens. It can happen in the EU or somewhere near (maybe even Arab countries). I will have to arrange the hotels and hopefully some public dining.

Which country has the least covid related restrictions (e.g. quarantines, closed hotels/restaurants)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

email – Is there some international captcha standard (possibly with some implementation alongside it)?

I am developing a Content Management System Agnostic (CMS-Agnostic) HTML-PHP-JavaScript-CSS contact form and I want to embed a captcha module in it.

I want my backend code (PHP in that case but it could have been any other communally-developed and widely-used backend computer language such as Node.JS) to call to some ready, “out of box”, international-organization-supervised and communally-developed, standard, FOSS-Gratis easy to implement Captcha service, just to protect my form and mark to email receiving servers (such as Gmail) that I took the step of further securing my form with a captcha.

Is there some international captcha standard (possibly with some implementation alongside it)?

internationalisation – Focus group for international non-native English speakers

I’m planning and moderating a series of remote focus groups with people around the world whose native language is not English. Their English speaking abilities will vary. I’m looking for advice regarding planning and hosting a focus group like this, including information about:

  • incentives (how much, what method, which currency)
  • most effective form of communication (oral or written–should I speak or type my questions? Should it be open to oral feedback or written only, similar to webinars?)
  • other considerations I’m not aware of and haven’t thought about?

The focus groups will be grouped by region.

Hoping someone can offer some guidance.

Checking in storage bags for the international flights

Can I check in storage bags (duffel bag) at airport (Japanese Airline)?

Where does the typical 23kg/32kg limit for checked in luggage for international flights come from?

23kg/32kg is the typical limit for checked in luggage for international flights: 23kg free of charge, 32kg if willing to pay. Where do these limits come from?

international travel – Buy on Apple online store in US with an Argentina issued debit card

My partner is now in the US and offered to bring me a new phone. Due to COVID restrictions she can’t buy it in store, I have to order it in the online store so she can pickup later. My card is being rejected saying “payment authorization failed”, my guess is because I’m not able to select billing address in Argentina to match the address of my card (only a handful of countries are available in the selection list). Is there any way around this restriction? All my cards, debit or credit are of course issued in Arg.

budget – Travel from Incheon International Airport (Seoul) to Daejeon?

Take the Airport Railroad to Seoul Station and from there a “Mugunghwa” train to Daejeon. The “all stop” train (1 hour journey) from the airport to Seoul costs 3950 KRW. There is an express train doing the journey in 30 minutes. It costs 8000 KRW.

The train from Seoul top Daejeon (journey time: 2 hours) costs 10800 KRW in economy class with an assigned seat. If you do without the reservation, you will save 1600 KRW.

In total this option (13150 KRW for its cheapest variant) is cheaper than an “Airport Limousine” (= bus), which costs 20600 KRW.

There are two slightly more expensive alternatives

There are direct KTX trains from Incheon Airport to Deajeon. The 2 hour journey costs 36000 KRW in economy class with an assigned seat.

As an alternative, from Seoul Station you can take a KTX to Daejeon. The 1 hour journey costs 23700 KRW in economy class with an assigned seat.

KTX service to Incheon Airport was stopped in 2018. Use the AREX train from Incheon Airport to Seoul station, then take the KTX from Seoul station to your destination.

h1b visas – Travel within India after International travel?

I am travelling to Hyderabad, India from USA and I have my biometric and visa interview at Chennai US consulate with 6 days gap. So, I am planning to travel to Hyderabad before 4 or 5 days and then travel to Chennai from Hyderabad via air transport on two different dates.

So, Is it OK to air travel on two different dates from Hyderabad to Chennai after my international travel? And I will definitely follow COVID guidelines and will take COVID tests beforehand.

And should I carry any other extra documentation with me?

❕NEWS – President of Bank of International Settlements: Bitcoin could crash one day | NewProxyLists

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) also commented on crypto and digital currencies: Only central banks should issue digital money.
In a speech yesterday at the Hoover Institute, BIS president Agustin Carstens stated that cryptocurrencies are inherently risky assets and said, “Bitcoin investors should realize that it may collapse one day. Because as it approaches the maximum supply of 21 million, the system becomes more vulnerable to external attacks, ”he said.
How much do you agree with these views?