Looking for an Internet Sales Representative (Zayo / Cogent)

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  1. Looking for an Internet Sales Representative (Zayo / Cogent)

    We are trying to get quotes from two ISPs from the Virginia area. Does anyone have a good sales representative from Zayo or Cogent with whom he can put us in touch?

  2. Zayo, I do not know any good people there. I would suggest dealing with a reseller to avoid the business itself. We only had problems with them in the past.
    Cogent, you can try to send messages to Martin Mccuster at cogentco.com, let him know that Jake has sent you, he should take care of you.

    Good luck with Zayo

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I am very curious to know what are the potential effects of lower temperatures on the cost of web hosting.

Yes, down!

This interests me from a commercial point of view and I recognize that it is something that I do not know enough about.

I have followed general and alternative reports on the climate and I find it very irritating that it is an area in which we are often lied to.

I know that some websites are hosted in ICELAND

I know that there are certain advantages in terms of legal freedom for ICELand and I think that because of the high costs in cooling energy needed to cool the server technology, Iceland is in a position to force because it is very cold for long periods.

I am aware that the cost of building a data center is very high.

But here's where I start to guess …

If you start in very cold weather conditions, I think you will build your data center to optimize the environment.

But if you start now, then I think it would be very difficult to plan until the climate has changed. I just think that there are a lot of technical managers going in the wrong direction thinking about raising CO2 temperatures and investing incorrectly.

I just wonder for a country like the UK if it really makes a difference.

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I'm using samsung galaxy j7 pro. Since 2 days, facebook can not access the Internet. I have tried:

  1. Give all possible permissions
  2. Uninstall all updates and reinstall them
  3. Restart my phone
  4. Get a strong broadband Internet connection

Yet nothing works. It does not stop saying: check your Internet connection and try again.

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Are there programs on the Internet that show, step by step, how to convert a formula into a conjunctive normal form?

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enter the description of the image here

java – Validate the internet connection, but displays an error after the first click

I have an ID and when I press an enter button, I want that there is no internet connection, I send a toast to it. Indicating, and if there is a connection, enter a method.

The problem is that I do not have an Internet connection and that I give the button to enter and that he shows me the toast, but at the second click, he enters the method in which he should not enter because he there is no connection.

In advance I will thank you if you help me, I leave the code that is inside the button.

                                empty public onClick (View v) {

progressDialog.setTitle ("Loading ...");
progressDialog.setMessage ("Wait");
progressDialog.setCancelable (false);
progressDialog.setCanceledOnTouchOutside (false);
progressDialog.show ();

ConnectivityManager connectivityManager = (ConnectivityManager) getContext (). GetSystemService (Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);
NetworkInfo networkInfo = connectivityManager.getActiveNetworkInfo ();

if (networkInfo! = null && networkInfo.isAvailable () && networkInfo.isConnected ()) {

// there is an internet connection at this time

start the session ();

} else {
// There is no internet connection at this time

progressDialog.dismiss ();

Toast Toast = Toast.makeText (getContext (), "Can not connect," +
"check your connection", Toast.LENGTH_LONG);
toast.setGravity (Gravity.CENTER, 0,0);
toast.show ();

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