internet explorer – What EXACTLY does Compatibility View do in IE8?

Compatibility View in IE8 basically renders the page as it would appear in IE7. IE8 is far more standards compliant than IE7, but pages designed for IE7 may not appear correctly using IE8 standards mode, thus compatibility mode was introduced to make the page fall-back to the IE7 way of rendering.

If you really want the detail of what is going on then read Just The Facts: Recap of Compatibility View from the IE MSDN blog.

Incidentally, if you hit F12 whilst using IE8 you will see the developer toolbar. At the top there are two options to change the document mode and the browser mode which will let you explore how a page appears using the compatibility view options.

legal – Formal designations of internet associations

I want to start this session by saying that I make an ardent distinction between internet as a communication network and a web a software communication bundle (as huge as it would be by means of data amount) which is based on the internet network.

That said;

I understand that there are many internet associations:

I don’t know about a worldly internet association (I wouldn’t say ICANN is an internet association but rather a worldly web association in general and a World Wide Web (WWW) association in particular, but I do know about country-specific internet associations.

My question

Which body supervises country-specific internet associations?; Which body sets their standards and designations and what are their designations?

Why an answer should be a well defined one

We could say that the designations of any knowledge and experience proven certified surgeon/Chiropractic/Psychologist are:

  • To suggest a medical diagnosis (per scope of expertise)
  • To prescribe medicine or at least supply a formal recommendation for a medicine (per scope of expertise)
  • To supply medico-legal opinion documents (say, for courts)
  • Possibly, to suffice other possible designations

This is quite “well defined”, I would say, so what are the formal designations of a worldly internet associations?

A possible answer might include


  • To standardize infrastructure
  • To certificate country-specific internet associations


  • To standardize infrastructure
  • To certificate ISPs in a given country or territory

mobile network – Able to text and use internet, but no phone calls

It is a refurbished Yureka Note.

I added a newly activated sim in it. It’s sending and receiving text messages. After saving the gprs/mms settings sent by mobile operator, I am able to use internet (which is pretty fast) as well.

However, despite trying variety of things, I am unable to make or receive calls on it. When I tried calling it from another number it says: outside network coverage.

Given that signal is full, my guess is that this has something to do with no VoLTE support in this phone.

I tried many options from ##4636## also. If I select WCDMA/GSM only then there is no signal. When I use LTE only, there is signal but calling to it says Line Busy.

Is there any way to make calling work on this device with this sim?

What’s the Internet Explorer history directory on Windows 10?

How do I potentially view my Internet Explorer history via cmd/powershell?

Good and stable internet in Mexico

I do some work/research online for which I need fast and stable internet. I need to make video calls, download and upload data frequently, access remote servers etc. I am currently located in Tulum, Quintana Roo where I paid for a membership in a co-working space. There, the internet works perfectly, however in the near future, I would like to move to a less touristy area than Tulum. One place I am considering is Mahahual where I could not find any co-working spaces. I am open to other locations, too.

Without co-working spaces, I see three options for internet access. In a cafe with WiFi, in my accommodation or mobile data. In my experience, the first two are usually too slow and unreliable for my work. Mobile data I think depends on the network coverage and plus, I haven’t been able to find any unlimited packages from any providers. Buying 5GB every day for 500 pesos is just not feasible.

So, I wonder if there is something I can do to get good internet, for example satellite internet or to install something in my accommodation in cooperation with the owner. I also saw an answer to arelated question that mentions Speedify but I am not sure that can help me. I admit I don’t know much about internet connection and its peculiarities. Obviously, I am aware it will cost me something and up to USD100/month would be ok.

Question: What can I do to have stable and fast internet outside of major cities in Mexico?

How to remove Discourse forum safely from the internet to prevent SEO or Google problems in the main site?

I have a Discourse forum that hasn’t really taken off, so I want to remove it from the internet. The problem is that it’s a subdomain from the main website. So, my question is how to can remove it without affecting the main domain SEO or Google search? I mean, do I have to use redirect? do I have to tell Google something? what’s going to happen when the search engine doesn’t find the forum anymore?

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Bizdustry – Business & Economics

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windows 10 – Is there any way to “disconnect” Counter Strike game from Internet?

I have a very old setup file of Counter Strike: Condition Zero game which someone gave me about 14 years ago. It always worked perfectly. But recently, it started causing problems when my laptop is connected to Internet. I tried to find solutions but they didn’t work.

The exact problem is: When I launch the game when Internet is connected, the game home screen freezes, the intro music keeps running and I’ve to force quit the game from Task Manager. And it shows an error something like Half-Life launcher is not responding.

But if my Internet is disconnected and I launch any of the games (Condition Zero or Counter Strike 1.6), it launches successfully and I can connect to Internet again, the game doesn’t get affected.

Now, I really don’t need Internet as I just play Condition Zero Tour of Duties only which are offline missions.

So is there any way to stop interacting this game with Internet at all? Can it be blocked for just this one program? So that I don’t have to turn off the Internet just to launch the game.


How to use conda to install packages in a docker container which has no access to the internet via ssh tunnel

I am able to ssh to a docker container running on a remote server.
The container has no access to the internet.

I want to set up my deep leaning environment in the container.

Things I can do now
Data transfer between my host and the docker container is fast.

Things I do not know how to

  1. Using conda to install packages.
  2. Using pip to install packages.

Immature solution
Using conda proxy to install packages directly inside the docker container.
I do not know how to forward the http/https request through ssh tunnel from the docker container to the destination.

I think it might be:

  1. First configure proxy server for conda throught modifying ~/.condarc as
    http: http://localhost:9998
    https: https://localhost:9998
  1. Then ssh from my PC to the container using command like:
ssh -p port kd@mlp -R 9998:someIP:80

I tried to replace someIP with localhost or None of both helps.

Is the above solution possible? What would the ssh command be look like?

Noticed that:

  1. Since there are some packages not provided by pip, conda is necessary.
  2. I have no access to the remote host and am only able to ssh to the docker container.
  3. I can not modify the docker image or relaunch the docker container.

networking – Share internet from a router ADSL to a cellular data phone ? is that possible

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