Connect an Android device simultaneously to Wifi for Internet and Ethernet

I have a Samsung tablet on which I want to use wifi for Internet and Ethernet connection to communicate simultaneously with other network devices such as the fieldbus coupler, etc.
Right now, once I connected the LAN with an Android device, it disconnected from the wifi.

Hello! | Promotion Forum – Best Webmaster, Admin and Internet Marketing Forum

Hi everybody,

I'm calling AlaeMortis (though I'm usually known as AquilaTempestas), and I'm the sole administrator of a forum called

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How to return the failed API when reconnecting to the internet with the help of Angular 8?

I call an API call when submitting because an internet connection break has failed to API calls. I need to return failed APIs when reconnecting. | Promotion Forum – Best Webmaster, Admin and Internet Marketing Forum

Due to a change in personal life, my time has become too strict for me to fully develop and manage further.

I am looking for a buyer who wants to take the RA to the next level. It has been open since September and has a beautiful, stable and active community.
Many third-party applications and plugins are available.

You can buy the forum, the database, the applications and plugins, the licenses and the domain for 800 €. If you are interested in the fully customized theme, there is an additional £ 500 to buy it, or I will sell it on the IPS market in a licensed form.

There is still not much revenue from Google, but it should easily accumulate in the coming months with the content provided.
I am also willing to stay online for a month or more if needed so you can have an easy step in the community

macos – Internet sharing from Macbook Pro has a limit of 5 devices?

I'm trying to share the internet connection (wifi) from a Macbook Pro 15 inch 2019 on OSX version 10.14.6 (18G1012) using a USB Ethernet connector and the built-in WiFi chipset of the. device as my "router". The first 5 devices all work (2 iPhones, a PS4, an iPad, a Macbook Pro 2015 on 10.15), but as soon as I connect any other device that I have (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Macbook Pro 2013), they will all do so in a predictable way with a generic error message that can be summarized as "can not connect" and will ask for the Wi-Fi password again. I share the connection of my USB Ethernet adapter as:
Internet sharing settings

If I switch the shared Wi-Fi connection and start everyone, if I choose a device that has failed to connect before the others, it will work until 5 devices are connected, and # 6 and beyond appliance will still fail. Even though he previously knew the network! If I disable Wi-Fi from a currently connected device, a faulty device will connect. It is pretty clear that there is a limit of 5 devices on the sharing laptop.

I've done some research and it seems like others have no problem connecting more than 5 devices to a Macbook's wifi, so what do I do? wrong? Do not they connect simultaneously as I am? I'm not afraid of the terminal or gather more information, but I do not even know where to start. The sharing screen is not terribly talkative.

Internet – P2P video calls one by one between a web application (web browser) from one side and an Android TV / Android TV case from the other

Is it possible to implement it directly between the 2 sides or do I have to use an already established service and SDK like

The difficulty I'm facing is to stream video and audio over the Internet between the two sides, where everyone accesses the Internet behind NATs and routers.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

What percentage of Internet traffic is mobile? – SEO help (general discussion)

Mobile represents about half of web traffic on a global scale. In the second quarter of 2019, mobile devices (except tablets) generated 48.91 percent from the global website traffic, hovering constantly around the 50 percent brand since the beginning of 2017.

How can I limit the visibility of my SMB server to the public (Internet)?

I have an SMB server running on pi4 behind an ADSL router from my ISP.

Although there is only one ssh port transfer rule on my pi4 server, the SMB server is visible on the Internet! So, I have not enabled the DMZ on my ADSL ISP router and there is only one port forwarding rule – to access ssh on my pi4.

Is there a way to limit the visibility of the SMB server to the public Internet from smb.conf or other methods?
I have searched everywhere on the internet and found nothing.

The Ubuntu firewall works for the network but does not have Internet access itself. Suspicious DNS

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Why is the all-new Samsung A50 still trying to connect to the Internet even when I chose to "skip" the configuration of Internet connectivity?

I've bought a brand new Samsung A50 in the trade. I have already placed my microsim card in the phone.
But when I start the phone, he continues to try to connect to the Internet, even if the phone screen displays the option "Ignore" button to "jump" the connectivity configuration Internet.
I choose the "jump" configuration section of the Internet connectivity.

But why is he forcing me to connect to the Internet when I just want to skip him for the moment?

Is it because my microsim card may have been misplaced physically?