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Hedge fund manager Bill Miller’s Miller Value Funds reported that she could invest in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust through its flagship fund Miller Opportunity Trust.
The following statements were used in the document submitted to the SEC:
—- “The fund may want to invest in Bitcoin indirectly by investing in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust mainly invests in Bitcoin. As a result of the investment, if the fund’s Bitcoin position is more than 15 percent of its assets during the investment, no additional investment will be made to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. “—-
What do you think about the big funds’ interest in Bitcoin?

Businesses investment opportunities

Hi all,

I have just came across your network and thought I’d reach out to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for possible business investment.

I am Irish and have been living between Sydney and Ireland since I received permanent residency here 4 years ago. In 2009 I established my own limited liability company and in 2012, when my dad retired, i took over as Managing Director and majority shareholder of his company, which was established in 1985.

These companies imports, processes, stores and wholesales bituminous and smokeless coal, as well as Liquefied Petroleum gas, across the U.K. and Ireland.

The Irish government is in process of eliminating the sale of bituminous coal throughout the country due to air pollution concerns and climate change.

Bituminous coal accounts for 90% of annual coal sales due to its low ash content, high heat output and relatively low cost. Smokeless coal, although more environmentally friendly, is seen by many consumers as a poor alternative due to its higher cost, low calorific value and high ash contents. Many homes who find themselves in an area where bituminous coal is banned, are choosing other alternatives such as natural gas (if available), LPG gas, wood pellets, oil etc.

The most popular bituminous coal is sourced from Colombia as it satisfies the criteria needed for domestic consumption, as opposed to Australian coal which is predominately used for industrial electricity generation due to its high calorific output.

Ultimately, although classed as essential industries during covid, both the coal and LPG industries are in decline. LPG is becoming more obsolete as the network of natural gas pipelines expands.

Having decided to make Sydney my main place of residence, I am hoping to explore potential investment opportunities here in Australia, or within the Asia Pacific region, that will help future proof the companies and lead them to the next generation.

This includes exploring environmentally friendly alternatives to the products we offer that will meet the needs of the domestic consumer, and any other opportunities that could utilise and grow the companies current infrastructure, market and distribution networks, both in Australia and Europe.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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❕NEWS – Rothschild Investment Corporation Increases Bitcoin Investments by 24% | NewProxyLists

The financial services company Rothschild Investment Corporation continues to invest in Bitcoin. Rothschild Investment Corporation owns 30,454 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust fund, according to two new documents included in SEC records.
According to these data, Rothschild Investment Corporation has increased its number of shares by over 24% since October of last year.
What do you think of the continued interest of big companies in bitcoin?

❓ASK – Which is a better investment? “Gold vs Bitcoin” | NewProxyLists

By almost any metric you would probably have to say GOLD is a better investment because it has intrinsic value as a precious metal, so you can be assured that it will always have some value. Bitcoin on the other hand has largely speculative value, which leads to pretty extreme volatility as you can easily see by looking at pretty much any chart of its value. If your question is, how can I try to make a lot of money really quickly rather than what is a better investment, then you can take a stab at swing trading BTC during this extreme volatile bear market, but can anyone definitively say that it will ever reach the previous ATH of $20k or more? No, although most people here (myself included) are betting on it. Anyone who says BTC is a safe investment and will definitely pay out 10x in a year is being optimistic at best, and delusional at worst. Remember to do research not just on forums and online spaces that are generally positive, but to also look into what the naysayers argue before investing.

Something to keep in mind is that if you’re trying to make an investment with your nest egg, retirement funds, or another set of funds that you want to steadily grow over the next 5, 10, 20, 40 years, then you should look at traditional investments, gold being one of your options if you’re building a diverse portfolio. You should only invest in BTC what you are comfortable losing.


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Earn $337 In a Week or Less – Telegram BTC Ads Bot Method (No Investment)

tag removed – So i have started investing and i want to know the outcome of my investment

So i have brought around 4000 shares, priced at an average of about 0,04 dollars (4 cents) and i am thinking that if the price rises to 10 dollars per share, and i decided to sell all my shares for that 10 dollars each, then how much would i profit. So my calculation was simple, i have 0,04 price per share and i own 4000 shares, this multiplied by each other and we get how much is the price i paid for all of these shares in total, 160. Now i am stuck, my intention is not to know how much i paid for these shares but how much i make if i sold when the price increases to 10,00 dollars each share and i would still own 4000 so how much can i profit by selling these 4000 shares that were priced at 0,04 cents and now increased to 10,00 dollars.

client – Lost money to online investment

Lost money to online investment, really all I wanted to do was make a safe investment. To think I was sold the mirage of a wonderful investment with profits, worst part of it all I was being elaborately scammed. Geminihacks dot com got it back for me?

❓ASK – How to earn $100 per month without investment | NewProxyLists

Hi @Hbaa7!
As an affiliate network, we can provide various training materials, guidance, and support and give you the opportunity to generate income online without investing any money. However, it is important to remember that in addition to the financial investment, the ability to manage your activities and commitment are very important aspects. The amount you earn will depend on your ideas and actions, it could be even more than $100 per month.

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Best regards, Marta, MyLead.

Is risks measure of success in business or Investment?

We are fully aware that every business comes with risk in it but the level risks and types of risks also differ from one business to another or investment as the case may be. If there a guarantee that if you take a higher risk in Investing or business you will make much gain if you succeed or management is the secret behind success?.