What steps should I take if I am getting involved in topic disputes on Quora?

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What additional processes and skills are involved in “Human Experience Design”?

It seems that the nature progression of the scope that is being covered by the HCI/UX design discipline has extended to “Human Experience Design”, which appears to be encompassing not just experiences for users of an application or customer of a company’s products and services but for all of humanity (as the term seems to imply).

The popularization of Service Design as a specialization involved broadening the lens of the UX scope from users interacting with an application to customers engaging with all of the company’s products and services. It also involves understanding the underlying support processes and systems and requires putting on the business analyst’s hat.

My guess is that Human Experience Design would involve investigating some of experiences that are not confined to the commercial or organisational environment, as suggested by some of the definitions provided.

Human experience looks beyond commercial needs to understand and meet
human desires such as freedom, identity and creation.


However, this does not feel like it would involve new skills or processes, but may require more focus on issues such as inclusiveness and diversity in design, accessibility, AI, IoT and other emergent technologies.

What are the skills and processes (and artifacts?) associated with Human Experience Design specifically and not found in SD, CX or UX design?

Pumping lemma for an involved non context free language

Hi I’m trying to show $C={wzzw^R|w,zin{0,1}^+}$ is not a context-free language.( I have this believe because $C={ww|win{0,1}^+}$ is not a context free language.) I’m really struggling to come up with a string that captures the essence of irregularity of this language: I tried strings like $s=1^p0^p1^p0^p1^p1^p$ but there are too many cases to deal with and most of the examples I saw only use 1 or 2 cases, so I believe the direction I’m going is wrong. Can you provide a hint on which string to pick as the ‘pumping string’? Thank you.

canon – What steps would I need to take to get involved in working as a photographer for endangered or rare animal species?

There are very few people out there with that job; it’s an extremely tough discipline to break into. That said, here’s what I’d work on to start down that path:

1) you need to be a good photographer. More than that, a good nature photographer, with a portfolio that stands out. So, go out and shoot. Shoot at zoos, shoot in refuges, shoot wherever you can get out work with animals in their environments (heck, shoot ducks at the local park to learn how to shoot things that are moving and not cooperating and may not want you to be near them). Shoot a lot, build an online portfolio of your best.

2) Study nature and the animals in it. You’ll need a background to understand the species you’re shooting and the world they live in. Very often the big difference between photographers with average shots in the field and the great ones is that the great photographers have done all the study and know what to expect and how to plan their way to improving the odds for that shot. The better background you have in this, the better you’ll understand the subjects.

3) Volunteer. Find local nature organizations you like and start volunteering. The local humane society. The local wildlife rescue groups. Look around for organizations you can be helpful to. You amy well start out cleaning cages or feeding recovering animals, not being their photographer — but get involved in the organization, and when you go, carry your camera. You won’t get the photography jobs to start because lots of people want to be the group photographer — but find ways to contribute and get involved, and you’ll find opportunities to take photos along the way. Give those photos back to the group, and over time, they’ll start asking you to do that. This kind of work can open doors that won’t open any other way.

4) Make sure you’re comfortable roughing it outdoors. Camp. Hike. Learn to backpack and hike out there. One thing people tend to forget is that if you’re going out after rare and wild species, there are rarely hotels nearby, so you need to know how to handle yourself in rough terrain in bad conditions, and how to hike yourself in and out of the locations where those species are. And don’t forget, the photographer who took that shot you drool over in National Geographic was probably out in the field tracking it for a month, not a weekend. It’s not an easy life, just a rewarding one.

Those to me are the cornerstones of a foundation of a career that can lead in the direction you want to go. Not easy, not overnight, and maybe not ever. But if that’s what you want to do, it’ll be the kind of things to do to get you going down that path.

dnd 5e – Multiclass Spellcaster: Do the involved classes share the same pool of spell slots?

Yes, there is a shared pool between EK and Wizard

Yes, you should ignore the original spell slots altogether

In general, I think you are overthinking this. Once you multiclass into multiple classes with spell slots (Warlock is an exception), you ignore the original spell slot tables. Just reference the multiclass spell slots per level table. That will show you how many slots you have.

Spells known are still gained normally. For each level you take you get the spells known as described by that class.

Any of the slots you have can be used for any of the spells you know and have prepared. (Provided they are the correct spell level of course)

Firebolt is a cantrip and cannot be cast using spell slots. (You can cast as many cantrips as you want per day, time allowing.)

That said, a spell you know from your first level of EK can be cast using one of the slots you get from your new ‘multiclass’ spell slots.

Your hypothetical 6EK/5Wiz could cast the magic missile they learned at first level using their one fourth level spell slot. It would generate 6 darts instead of 3 because of the higher spell slot used.

abstract algebra – In the case where ⊕ is involved as a composite system M1 ⊕ M2, what kind of equation does ⊕ denote?

I am reading about relations between equations using kronecker products as well as the use of ⊕ in situations such as M1 ⊕ M2, M ⊕ N, S ⊕ S, S⊕S⊕…n and others besides. In these papers they are called composite systems.

I understand that in a kronecker product a multiplication is performed on each element of the first matrix by every element in the second and it forms a block matrix of the two systems. Such as that Amxn ⊗ Bpxq is the matrix pm x nq. With situations such as a11 x b11, a11xb12, etc…

But what kind of equation is the followed out by the ⊕ symbol in the case of the above equations?

integration – How to estimate the integral involved the distance function

Let $Omegasubsetmathbb{R}^n$ is an open bounded domain with smooth boundary. Consider the following integral
$$I(t)=int_{Omega}e^{-frac{d^2(y,partialOmega)}{t}}{rm d}y.$$
My problem is how to calculate or estimate it (when $trightarrow 0^+$)?

We have tried Coarea formula (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coarea_formula ) and got
I(t)&=int_{Omega} e^{-frac{d^2(y,partialOmega)}{t}}|nabla d(y,partialOmega)|{rm d}y\
&=int_{0}^{+infty} e^{-frac{s^2}{t}}{rm d}sint_{{xinOmega|d(x,partialOmega)=s}}{rm d}S_{n-1}(y)\
&=int_{0}^{+infty} e^{-frac{s^2}{t}}|{xinOmega|d(x,partialOmega)=s}|_{n-1}{rm d}s

where $|cdot|_{n-1}$ is the $(n-1)$-dimensional Lebesgue measure. But we struck in how to esitmate the measure. Maybe the condition is too weak? If you have some ideas you can share your answer even if you add some more conditions in $Omega$. Thank you.

web development – The best Python mini-framework to be involved with in 2021?

I have to admit that it’s a long time I’m not doing anymore server-side coding and web development in that way, and by my time I was mostly stuck with the .net world.

As of these days, I’ve been working on a Python project, started as a joke and became a fully fledged app, which now I need to port to web. I’ve no time to test several (mini)frameworks and I don’t mind writing few more lines of code if is needed. But the crux is which is the best mini-framework to use when some is starting from 0?

Reading this, I may have made up my mind to three choices: Flask, Pyramid and Bottle. They are in the order how I would probably go for. Ideally I need them to be “easily” deployed either on an Apache or Ngnix instance.

I wonder if I can grab your brain and understand your thoughts/preferences.


algorithm – Calculate min number of moves (no path involved)

I’m looking to implement an algorithm that will calculate the minimum number of moves based on the rules below.

Let’s say that we have a grid (NxM), as exampled in the image below.

enter image description here

Each cell will be the sum based on the row and column and I can subtract 1 unit from one cell and add it to a neighbour. For example, on the image above, the minimum number of moves on Initial will be 2 and on Initial – 2 will be 4.

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