ios – How to warn people that they are about to navigate to a different page?

In the accessibility design instructions for navigation, Apple recommends the following:

Notify people before they activate a control that opens a different web page or application. Changing the context without warning can cause confusion and force people to rebuild their mental model of the on-screen environment.

Unfortunately, they do not provide specific recommendations on how to do this. What are the best practices in this space?

photos – Export HEIC / HEVC files originally to an iOS application

I'm trying to transfer the HEIC / HEVC encoded media files originally from the iOS app to another application (ie the Readdle Documents application). I would like to do that without convert files.

Transfer of original files is possible with AirDrop if you enable an iOS setting. However, I'm trying to find a way to get the original file on the device without using a Mac or a PC.

toggle – The logic of switch placement in the iOS Control Center

The iOS Control Center contains two rows of buttons at the top and bottom of the box. The previous implementation of this application seemed more logical, because the top buttons were switches and the bottom buttons were mostly launchers (except the flashlight, which is out of place ).


The latest update introducing the Night Shift feature brought a new button to the Control Center. It is now located in the middle of the bottom row and is responsible for enabling / disabling this feature.


I can see that the flashlight could have been a one-time compromise because, on the other hand, the duration of interaction with this feature is supposed to be short: you launch it, you use it quickly and come back to what you were. do (like with the camera, the calculator or the timer).

But now I do not fully understand the logic behind these investment decisions. The Night Shift button is definitely a switch, it can stay on for a long time and gives the impression that it belongs to the region where most of the switches are. I realize that the zone will become too crowded, but again, there are two rows of icons, the secondary icons are grouped into a foldable / expandable area – just like the one that allows you to act on a banner. notification (for example, reply to a text message). This would also include switches for low power mode, cellular data and auto brightness in this area of ​​fast access, thus making it even more feature rich.

Before I tell myself that this actually belongs to Apple's comment website, let me finally ask my question: is there a logic behind this placement? It does not seem right to me, consistent or predictable. Still, I'm sure they know what they're doing, which makes me wonder if I'm missing something.

I did a research before asking if this would not be a duplicate.

ios – Make the universal paperweight fast and reliable

For me, Continuity's universal clipboard functionality has always been a bit uneven, but with newer hardware, it has become a little more reliable.

The problem is to make it work steadily. I've read the Apple support document, use the universal clipboard to copy-and-paste between your Apple devices, which is sadly simplistic.

Yes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Transfer are enabled and all my devices are properly connected to the same iCloud account. The other features of Continuity (Handoff, in particular) seem to work well.

However, what I regularly experience between my iPad Pro 11 "and my iPhone XS is: When I try to copy to one device and paste it on another, it will not work. at all For the first time, then if I repeat the collage, the device I'm sticking to will display a "Paste of …" alert, I'll have to wait about 5 seconds, then the text will be pasted correctly.

Previously, I saw this message appear when you paste a fairly large text (a page, for example), but now it repeats itself even when I stick only a few words. This is however do not the case between iOS devices and my MacBook Pro 2018 under macOS Mojave 10.14.5.

I've already posted about it – with different material (older):

Previously, the most trusted fix for Universal Clipboard did not work at all – as noted on multiple sites – was to disconnect all devices from the iCloud account, reboot, and reconnect to iCloud on all devices. However, as noted above, Universal Clipboard works to some extent for me, although disconnecting from iCloud and reconnecting is not as easy as it seems – many parameters need to be reestablished.

Is this kind of problem comparable to the course with Universal Clipboard? or is there a clear way to make it work quickly and reliably? All my devices use the latest versions of the system software (macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and iOS 12.13.1).

ios – Can not set the value of the type 'Bool' to the type 'UIButton? & # 39;

I'm trying to hide a button until another condition is met. When I load the application, I use the slider and when it reaches the maximum, the button should be visible, but for some reason, it will not be the case. I just did it in another application without any problem and the code is almost identical.

I can not find what to do tbh.

redefines func viewWillAppear (_ animated: Bool) {
super.viewWillAppear (animated)

                profileVisible.isHidden = true

@IBAction func btnClicked (_ sender: N any)

motionManager.startDeviceMotionUpdates (to: queue) {motion, error) in DispatchQueue.main.async {
self.slider.value = Float ((motion? .attitude.roll ?? 0) * 1.4)

print (self.slider.value)

if self.slider.value == 1,0 {
self.profileVisible = false
self.motionManager.stopDeviceMotionUpdates ()

AudioServicesPlayAlertSound (kSystemSoundID_Vibrate); // vibrate when payment is successful

if self.slider.value == -1.0 {
profileVisible = true
self.motionManager.stopDeviceMotionUpdates ()
AudioServicesPlayAlertSound (kSystemSoundID_Vibrate);

iphone – iOS creates an ad-hoc network

Is it possible (with or without jailbreak) to create a wireless access point from iOS 12 to serve as a "router"?
I do not want to share the iOS Internet connection, the phone will be located in a place where there is no data connection and the personal access point feature on iOS only available when the mobile data is activated. I just use it to act as a router between two Android devices: the first device will be streaming video via http (with IP webcam application) and the second device will display it in a Web browser.

So for that I need a DHCP server on iOS that assigns addresses to devices, a detectable service and a router service that routes the packages. I suppose that there is already an application / tweak that covers all this, but that I've been looking for a while and all I could find was the use of the iOS Personal Hotspot feature or the obsolete applications of Tethering on Cydia.
Thank you!

Request permissions to access Android and IOS contacts on native apps

Hello I wonder if anyone can answer this question …
Is it necessary to ask permission from the user before accessing a contact list on a native application? See the attached image for context.

enter the description of the image here

Implementing Machine Learning in an iOS Application

I need to develop an iOS application involving the classification of images. The ML algorithm that I use should be able to analyze the image of a vase and identify its specific pattern. As a starting point, I plan to use TensorFlow models with Core ML. Is this the ideal method of first approach? Thank you!

web design – Convert between CSS pixels, iOS points and Android dp

I'm developing a web application that will be viewed on mobile devices and I need to determine the size of the CSS pixels to create the touch targets.

Web Content Access Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.5 success criterion requires touch targets of at least 44 x 44 CSS pixels. The Apple User Interface Guide (HIG) for iOS recommends 44 x 44 dots and the Google Hardware Design Guide recommends 48 x 48 dp.

I would like to compare HIG guidelines and materials design to WCAG. How to compare CSS pixels, iOS points and Android dp? Preferably, I'd like to learn how to convert iOS dp and Android dots into CSS pixels.

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