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So, what is the IP network?
Pi is a secure mobile cryptocurrency and smart contract platform owned and operated by ordinary citizens.
To achieve this goal, we give everyone convenient access to the most proven and convincing cryptocurrency application to date: mining (earn cryptocurrency rewards to help secure a large ledger distributed).
More specifically, our goal is to enable more people to help validate transactions and earn cryptocurrency rewards from the comfort of their mobile phones.

The only way to join the IP network is to be invited by an existing member like me. ?
For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network.


The official website is https://minepi.com. He's still in beta, so you have to be invited. Use the code (Lordvik16), its capital L
This is not yet registered on public exchanges, but it will happen soon. So, it's better to extract Pi as much as we can.
If you have a phone lying around, it will be easier.
Let Hope Pi go to big games.

Network – Hyper-V Server 2016: Can not Automatically Enter IP Addresses of Virtual Machines on a VLAN Configured with IP Helps

I am pretty new to this field, so I'm sorry if my understanding of virtual networking is a bit lacking.

I have a Hyper-V cluster (Server 2016) and I would like to be able to configure the virtual machines that I have configured on this cluster via DHCP. I use an external vswitch with these virtual machines configured with a specific VLAN ID. This particular VLAN is configured with DHCP scope and IP wizards.

The problem is that these virtual machines do not automatically recover IP addresses even after DHCP activation. I can manually assign IP addresses from this subnet and they work perfectly, but the virtual machines do not "capture" them. If I do not manually assign an IP address from this range, an APIPA address will simply be assigned to it. Again, the subnet is configured with IP helpers, so in theory I should not need to configure a DHCP server on this VLAN (or at least that's what I understand).

What would you suggest I try next? Or what additional information can I provide?

Thank you!

Increased attempts to intrude into the Iranian IP area after the US drone incident.

Most offenses currently appear to come from:

AS49596 – Fara Negar Pardaz Noor Khuzestan Co.JSP

One of the most incriminated blocks ( is mentioned last month in this thread before the new malicious activity.


The activity can be confirmed by any third party using abuseipdb.

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Evaluation: 5


Finalization of the IP / PIP in June 2019

Last updated from June 1 to 20, 2019

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My real IP address is first on Ubuntu, but the web project container on another (Loca). Now I need an SSH connection to my local server from an external IP address.

my real ip is on the first Ubuntu but the web project container on another (loca). Now I need an SSH connection to my local server from an external IP address.
Please help.
How can I access the files on the local server, I can ssh connect to the real IP server only.

.net – Get the IP address of the client that is not spoofed

This obviously only applies to HTTP because it is an HTTP header.

In addition, it relies on a proxy server that does not try to hide that it is a proxy server. This will not work with clients using a VPN. This will not work for clients using a proxy that does not show up. This will not work for customers who establish a TLS session with CONNECT by a proxy.

In short, this does not bring any real security, but may be useful for statistical or similar purposes. It's like politely asking the client who he is and expecting him to answer honestly.

You can count on the fact that REMOTE_ADDR is the host that sends you the traffic. This is essentially provided by the TCP / IP three-way link.

You can not know who asked the remote address to initiate the connection. You can not be sure that this remote host is a VPN terminator. You can not know if it's a proxy. You can not know if this is part of a botnet.

nmap – I have done an IP scan on a network and I see that the IP address is scannable, but I can not ping the device.

I've made a change to a serial to Ethernet converter and the device is no longer accessible to ping through the web interface, but when I do an IP scan, NMAP detects it as follows:

Nmap analysis report for
The host is active (latency 0.00069).
All 1000 ports scanned on are filtered
MAC Address: 00: 90: E8: 73: 1F: 16 ​​(Moxa Technologies)

Said the host is up, but I can not connect anything? Is it just stored in the cache? or do I miss something else here?