ios – How to adapt an existing iPhone app to iPad?

Is it common to make user interface elements (text, edit boxes, buttons, etc.) larger in an iPad app than in the corresponding iPhone app? Would it violate any Apple UI guideline to do so?

I’m asking because we have an iPhone-only app now and some users really like using our iPhone app on an iPad Mini. They like the large text and large buttons when it’s in “2x scaled” mode.

Our users are delivery drivers who primarily use the app for viewing the contents of delivery orders and doing numeric data entry in the field, so data entry efficiency is really important to them. We’ve even built a customized numeric keyboard to squeeze every possible bit of efficiency.

Now we’re designing an iPad-native app. We want to do this because we want to capture edge-to-edge screen real estate that we can’t with the scaled iPhone app. Also, we get a lot of support calls from users who try to install our app on an iPad and can’t find it in the app store because they need to filter their search to iPhone apps to see it!

As we design the iPad app, based on our user feedback that larger is better, I want to make our UI elements larger than the iPhone version.

We’re also going to do design work to leverage the additional capabilities and real estate of the iPad, but there’s lots of good info available elsewhere for the general “how do I port my iPhone app to iPad?” where the generalized answer is “you redesign it!”. That general question isn’t what I’m asking here. Instead, I’m wondering if there’s anything inherently bad about scaling up the interface elements on an iPad app, given that most iPad apps I’ve seen don’t do this.

I don’t think we need to blow everything up 2x, but instead I want to test various different scalings with users to see which size they like best. I suspect we’ll end up with around 1.5x as the sweet spot between gaining efficiency via large UI elements and gaining efficiency by avoiding scrolling.

Anyway, some questions:

  • I’m worried about the nav bar having smaller text than the rest of the app. Should we scale the size of the top nav bar along with the rest of the app’s UI? Or is it best to leave the nav bar text size consistent with other apps?
  • Are there any documented (or not) restrictions by Apple for larger-than-normal UI element sizes for iPad apps?
  • Beyond calculators and phone dialers, what other kinds of iPad apps use large-size UI elements like I’m describing?

network – iPad gets self-assigned IP address with ethernet adapter

I got an iPad and and ethernet adapter.
I’m using the ethernet access in a college dorm.
Every device in the network has to be registered over the Mac-adress, I registered the MAC-adress of the ethernet adapter and it’s working on my computer, but I can’t get it to work on the iPad. It just gets a self assigned IP-Adress starting with 169.

After searching the internet for a while I got the hint to manually change the iP-Adress. I used the iP-Adress that’s showing on the computer when the adapter is plugged in under “router” (I’m not using the direct IP-adress that’s given because it results in having no connection on the iPad at all).

After that, I got the error in Safari on the iPad that the server could not be found. Therefore I wrote down the DNS-server from the network page that’s showing if the adapter is plugged in into the computer.

After that Safari starts to load the page (the blue bar appears like 10% and nothing is happening).
What else could I try?

EDIT: the network is protected by 802.1x PEAP-EAP. On every device one has to download a software package that configurates the network access. I did it on the iPad. Maybe the iPad doesn’t support 802.1x PEAP-eap?

ipad – I can’t update but I can install apps ( App Store)

I can access the Japanese App Store and I can install the apps but when it comes to updating, it says “App has been removed by the developer from the app store.” (which is not as my friends had already updated their games.)

My region is in Japan (both in the app store and the apple site) and I have never switched it to any country, please help.

The only “fix” I found when one of my apps were like this, was to uninstall and reinstall, which isn’t favorable right now as my data will be lost once I uninstall.

macos – iPad as Mac Display: How to return to Mac desktop from iPad home screen?

I’m using my iPad as a secondary display. The menu bar icon on my Mac is blue (active), my Mac desktop is on the iPad.

I press the iPad’s home button. I’m now on the iPad’s home screen. The Mac is still connected, the menu bar icon is still blue.

How can I quickly return to viewing my Mac desktop on the iPad?


iOS: control (ensure latest) app version on supervised iPad

My goal: setup iPads, so that an app we develop is always auto-updated.

Context: we provide our clients with an iPad that will run our app. We want to ensure that this app is always up to date – ideally it should auto-update also on cellular connection.

We are able to set the devices up with a USB connection (maybe using Apple Configurator?).

We are already using Expo, which is a framework that allows “in app” updates over “in store” updates, but a full app-store update is still required sometimes.

What is the easiest way to ensure auto-updates?


ios – How to show different layout for iPhone and iPad

I need help to choose best approach for creating a screen with 2 different layout.

  • For iPhone, I have to list all my items in list(like tableview)(Supports only portrait)
  • For iPad, I have to show two box in one row with icon on left and label/text.

What is the best approach, I should choose for implementing this screen in iOS.

soft question – Math beamer presentations on iPad

Does anyone know of an app on the iPad which I can use for beamer presentations? I need one that

(1) Has the option of turning OFF the animated page turn (so that you can reveal the pdf as you would normally do in a math presentation)

(2) Has good annotation ability (for example has a laser pointer).

Point (1) seems to be incredibly hard to find, hence my asking on here. Thanks!

apple music – iPad to control Mac Pro computer audio system



  • MacPro macOS
  • 11.0.1 Big Sur

My wife’s

Stereo system

MacPro has a hardwired digital connection to my stereo system’s DAC.
No other available inputs (wireless or bluetooth) into the stereo system.

So, I can not send music directly from any other device to the stereo system. The stereo has no other inputs remote or otherwise.

I use Apple’s Music app.
Works perfectly.


Enable my wife’s iPadPro to remotely access my Mac Pro’s Music app.
So she can play music on the attached stereo system.

Note: She has a different AppleID than I do, but I could let her use mine if it would help.

Thoughts appreciated.

touch screen – Multiple selection on iPad

There’s something known as a Selection Mode in Mobile devices that can be triggered by long pressing one row/ item/ element.

This mode brings different actions on the screen as well as allowing to select multiple items or single row/ item/ element with just one tap as long as you are in that mode.

Gmail Selection Mode

This avoids you to have visible check boxes on either side of the UI unless you’re in selection mode and saves that Checkbox screen estate along with the padding required for it.

So, yes, having a different mode for Selection with different actions once you’re in that mode is a good way to approach this.

ios – How do I restore the computer backup from an older iPad to a new iPad

My wife has a first-generation iPad Air running the latest iOS version it can possibly run (12.5.1). There is no updating it any further. She has backed it up using a 2017 MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina 10.15.4. She purchased a new 8th generation iPad. It came with iOS 14.4. She set up the iPad and then tried to restore from her backup. Finder offered her the option to restore from her existing iPad backup. She clicked that and clicked continue. It then prompted her to agreed to the “iPod” terms of service (which seems weird—it’s an iPad, not an iPod). When she clicked “Agree,” the iPad ejected from her computer and did … nothing. She and I both have tried this multiple times with the same result. Nothing she or I do/try makes it restore from her 12.5.1 backup.

She contacted Apple tech support. They told her she cannot restore a backup from an older iOS version to a device with a newer iOS version. This is, of course, utter rubbish. It’s actually the opposite—you can’t restore a backup from a newer iOS version to a device with an older iOS version. So she’s stuck with no way to restore her settings, passwords, documents, and, most importantly, game status (levels, accomplishments, etc.) to her new iPad, making her want to just return the new iPad and keep using her iPad Air until it really dies.

I know this can’t actually be our fate. I’ve restored numerous old-iPhone backups to new iPhones in the past decade without a single problem, ever. It shouldn’t be any different with iPads. Why can’t we do this? How do we do this?