How to fix iPhone X + iOS 13 Slow Wifi?

How do I fix slow wifi on an iPhone XR (iOS 13.4.1)?

The boss has an iPhone XR (iOS 13.4.1), and I have an iPhone 6 (iOS 12.4.5). The iPhone 6 gets 100% better Mbps throughput around my house. I have validated my router health and validated network setup on both phones. I have done all the reset/forget network cycling recommended by guides like this and this and this.

I measure the same performance percentage difference–iPhone 6 performs roughly 110% better–in all these tested scenarios:

  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz network connection on both phones, simultaneously
  • 802.11 ac 5 GHz network connection on both phones, simultaneously (first screenshot)
  • Bluetooth off (second screenshot)

My test was:

  1. hold both phones in hand
  2. test average Mbps download speeds using Wi-Fi Sweetspots app
  3. average over ~10 seconds
  4. test 6 different spots around the house
  5. record results

Here are the side-by-side results of the latter two tests; left side is iPhone XR + iOS 13.4.1, right side is iPhone 6 + iOS 12.4.5

test on 5GHz AC network

Test with bluetooth radio off on both phones:

enter image description here

In both tests, “Spot 4” is standing directly next to the Wifi router.

ios – Encrypted iPhone Backup Over iTunes on Windows 10

I backed up my last iPhone a few months ago, before purchasing a new XR so I could move all of the info from my past phone on to the new one. At the Apple Store, I ended up just connecting the two phones together to do the data transfer, so I didn’t end up needing the iTunes backup from my PC after all.

Fast forward to last week, my iPhone stopped working, and since shelter in place is still in full effect in CA, I had to send my phone in and they sent me a new replacement today. Since it stopped working suddenly, I wasn’t able to get my current data back, but I fortunately still have the backup I made in February. Problem is, it is asking for a decryption pass code that I never created (at least not within the last 10 years).

I have called Apple Support, and they told me that they have no way of accessing or resetting this password, does anyone have any idea what it could have been? Could it have been a password that I entered when I first setup my Apple ID in 2008? Could it have been a password I set on another computer?

This backup contains years of photos of travelling, life events, and moments with those who have passed away. Any help would be graciously appreciated.

iPhone Button Combo to View Owner Info?

Is there a button combo you can use on a locked iPhone to view it’s owner info?

I once left my phone at airport security, and they called me on the PA system and showed me how they pressed a button combo to view the owner info. I don’t remember what the combo was. I’ve found someone’s phone now and would like to do the same to see if I can return it to them.

backup – Connect iPhone 6 display to iPhone XR

iPhone XR display and digitizer not working. Need to access phone to retrieve some data. How can I unlock the phone, so I can backup from computer? I bought a replacement screen, but my cat managed to eat the cables before I can successfully install it… I have an old iPhone 6 at my disposal, can I just connect that screen to the iPhone XR? Will it work at all?

node.js – iPhone images rotate 90 degrees when using cloudinary

I use Cloudinary for my blog site (built with node js).
My problem is that when I upload an image from an iPhone, it rotates 90 degrees. I have already tried angle: "ignore" but this does not seem to work. I think it has to do with the exif information. How do I get rid of it or am I using the wrong cloudinary parameters?
(also does not work when I include a_ignore in the url)

Here is the upload code:

let result = await cloudinary.uploader.upload(req.file.path, {resource_type: type, angle:"ignore"});

iphone – Xcode Error: Unable to install app (Error Code: Code: -402620383)

I am using my free developer account (AppleID) for learning to develop iOS apps with Xcode. My iOS version is 13.5 and I am running Xcode 11.5 on Mac Catalina version 10.15.4.

I created a simple app that prints some text on the screen on my iPhone X and when I tried to run the app, Xcode returned an error: “Unable to install app”, error code: -402620383. When I clicked for more details, I got a more detailed description of the error: “The maximum number of apps for free development profiles has been reached.”

After much search on the Internet, I tried the following fixes and none of these worked:
1. Creating a new apple ID and link that to Xcode.
2. Unpaired my iPhone X/deleted the provisioning profiles in windows/devices in Xcode.
3. Checked in the windows/devices and simulators and there were no apps installed.

The interesting thing is that I tried running the app on my wife’s iPhone X (running iOS 13.5 as well) and it worked. Digging a little deeper, I noticed device management under settings/general is missing in my iPhone but present in my wife’s iPhone. The profile of the app I was trying to install in device management. Maybe that is the cause of the problem. I really don’t know what to do and would appreciate help on this, thanks!

iphone – How can I make it as easy as possible for someone to make an emergency call?

My mother-in-law lives with us and is in poor health. She is wheelchair bound and has COPD, needing assistance with an oxygen compressor and oxygen tanks.

In recent weeks, there have been a few emergencies where she fell out of her wheelchair and needed immediate assistance, but it was the early morning, and no one was awake to check on her for about an hour. She has an iPhone and knows how to use “Hey Siri,” but the phone wasn’t within reach and wasn’t registering her voice, which is very quiet and raspy.

I’m looking for some way for her to carry a small device that she could press a button on and an alert would immediately be sent to at least one, preferably multiple phones (mine, my wife’s, my son’s).

All the emergency medical devices I’ve found are subscription based and contact a third party. My mother-in-law doesn’t want this.

We all have iPhones and WiFi in the house. Her bedroom has a good WiFi signal, but spotty cellular reception.

Is there a technology that she can always have on her person where she pressing a simple button and an alert appears on my wife’s, my son’s, and my iPhone?

ios – Can people hack your iPhone Via Bluetooth if you leave it on?

I leave in an apartment complex with lots of people and often times, I would be able to see Bluetooth devices that do not belong to me on my iPhone or MacBook when I search for my Bluetooth device. Does Apple Tell you/ask by default before someone with Bluetooth devices tries to Connect to your phone via Bluetooth? Or is this A potential security Vulnerability to leave your iPhone Bluetooth on at all times? (I do since I use AirPods)

I don’t remember setting or seeing any options to set Bluetooth permission on my iphone which makes me nervous.

Thank you!

iPhone X Stuck on Control Center

For a small while now, my phone (an iPhone X on iOS 13) has sadly been stuck on the Control Center to where I can’t really use either one in any way. I’ve tried to use a function or go back; turn the phone off; or activate Siri; but aside from managing to get something flashing in the background, getting the Wifi thing to turn green, or being able to lock and unlock the phone (at which the Center pops right back up, no lock screen shown) nothing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.