Can my location services tell me where my iPhone was this morning?

This seems like a strange question, but since my boss needs time sheets, it would allow me to know exactly what time I arrived at the office in the morning since I am terribly bad at keeping this alone.

I can not find any information on google (most results imply "hello" and if not, have brought this community). I hoped that someone here could enlighten me a little bit.

iPhone downloading large data

Why do iPhones in my house periodically use all download bandwidth? It happens at least once a week, probably once a day or something like that.

I only notice when I am bored by slow internet.

How can I stop this?

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iphone – Receive Apple Watch message notifications from certain contacts only

Is it possible to receive message notifications on an Apple Watch only from selected contacts?

I set my monitoring notifications to receive only notifications of all calendar and call events, but I also want to be able to receive messages from selected contacts.

On a related note, I'm also wondering if it's possible to post a notification on the watch if I hear a notification from my iPhone. In this way, I can leave the phone in another room without being disturbed, but if I hear something, I can quickly see the notification on my watch.

iphone – iOS creates an ad-hoc network

Is it possible (with or without jailbreak) to create a wireless access point from iOS 12 to serve as a "router"?
I do not want to share the iOS Internet connection, the phone will be located in a place where there is no data connection and the personal access point feature on iOS only available when the mobile data is activated. I just use it to act as a router between two Android devices: the first device will be streaming video via http (with IP webcam application) and the second device will display it in a Web browser.

So for that I need a DHCP server on iOS that assigns addresses to devices, a detectable service and a router service that routes the packages. I suppose that there is already an application / tweak that covers all this, but that I've been looking for a while and all I could find was the use of the iOS Personal Hotspot feature or the obsolete applications of Tethering on Cydia.
Thank you!

pixels – Take photos with the camera of my iPhone 8 meets the specifications required for the design of a book cover?

All versions of the iPhone 8 have a 12 MP rear camera with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. This represents approximately 3000 x 4000 pixels in vertical orientation (portrait). That's more than enough to provide an image of 2,400 pixels high and 1,600 pixels wide, as Smashwords recommends. It is a little more than twice as wide as the required minimum width of 1400 pixels.

Beyond that, it is only necessary to produce an image that is both attractive and appropriate to your book and its subject. If you do not know how to do it, maybe you can call a friend?

Can I measure time by counting images and relying on the "240 fps" that my iPhone 7+ slow motion camera is able to record?

I'm using a slow motion video recorded with an iPhone 7+ to track something, but I'd like to avoid saving a stopwatch to know the length of the process. I have to measure about 10 seconds with an uncertainty of at most 0.1 s … Is this possible by counting only 2,400 images of my home video?

Windows App – Abyssmedia iPhone Ringtone Builder | NulledTeam UnderGround

Abyssmedia iPhone Ringtone Creator | 5.3 MB

iPhone Ringtone Creator is a clever tool that can help you create your own ringtone from your music collection without ever buying from the iTunes Store. You can edit your music files visually on the zoomable waveform and directly cut your audio with sample precision to create unique ringtones.

Just use it to cut an audio file segment and iPhone Ringtone Creator will choose the optimal compression options to get better sound quality and add the M4R file to iTunes. All you need is to send it to your iPhone.
Full support for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, CDMA iPhone 4, iOS 4.3, iOS 5 and iPhone / iPod touch Firmware 3.2.2, iTunes 10
Convert WMA, WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE audio files to iPhone ringtone in M4R format
Built-in player to preview your modified ringtone before converting it to iTunes.
The music input can be viewed as a waveform, allowing you to zoom in or out, in whole or in part, and creating a selection is as easy as hello.
Automatically export the created ringtone to iTunes
Explicit user interface, a few clicks are enough to complete the whole process of conversion and ringtone transfer on iPhone.
Quick zoom by mouse wheel
Zoom at the sample level
Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


I took pictures of documents on my iPhone and I want to download them to my Mac. What can I do next if I need to edit the documents?

Okay, I took pictures of the documents I needed and saved them on my iPhone. I want to know how to take the photo of the document and download it or convert it so that I can edit the document and then print it so that it actually looks like the original document and not a photo of the document. Is it only possible? or do I need the document on my computer? For now, the only thing I have is a photo of the document, but it's a very clear photo. I just want to upload it into Word documents so I can edit it, then print it so that it looks like the original document and no. a photo of the document … I have a MacBook Air and I would really appreciate that someone tells me if it's even possible or do I have to download the original document in order to modify it ? Anyway, I do not know how to do one or the other of these things … HELP ME! thank you so much

iphone – How to compare the photo quality of a mirror-less camera vs DSLR vs. compact vs?

Not that I know, and yes, there are some sites.

This contradiction is due to the diversity of subjects and situations to which photography can be applied is too vast. You can literally spend thousands of hours and lose yourself in the process.

You must define

  • What do you want a camera for? Portraits, landscape, travel, party, social, family, sport, night shots, daytime shots, indoor, outdoor …

  • Printed, Web, Social Media, Business Design.

  • What's better? what is good enough? is a site where you can find sample images. But again, you may be lost in the process if you do not set your parameters first. You can find 50,000 cameras or 100 cameras.

Take a look at the links that users have posted to you in the comments.

I posted a link on a similar question. How do photos of the same subject compare between the Nikon D700 and the D70?

On this page, you can change cameras and compare exactly the same target scene.

But a studio scene will only show you a very specific point of view. No portability, no user – friendliness, no goals, no bokeh, no style, no flexibility, and many other things that photography represents.

Another place to look is … … looking for specific comparisons … there is a good chance that one guy has already done it on specific devices you want to compare.