iphone – Required Mac OS for a given iOS version

I read A software update is required to connect to your iOS device / iPhone which refers to this message as an error and talks about troubleshooting it.

I am looking to find out the Mac OS I need to run to connect to my phone. Main system is a MacPro 2010, running High Sierra. Phone runs 14.4.2. (and, I do understand if I need higher Mac OS, I’ll start to sync the phone to a newer Mac Mini.)

To be clear, I don’t want to go down the path of ‘fixing’ a message only to find the MacOS/iOS weren’t compatible in the first place.

javascript – how do I connect to a local server from an IPhone using safari?

I have this url:

my node server detects every get request from anyone in the LAN except for my IPhone when I use safari, if i use chrome on it then it does work.

Any idea why?

before you say that this question has already been asked and answered, no it has not been

iphone – How to make Safari Frequently Visited Sites work on iOS 14.6

A few weeks back I had to wipe my iPhone and restore to factory settings. I then did a clean install. Since then I have gotten no Frequently Visited Sites to show on Safari on my phone. I have Frequently Visited Sites enabled in Settings, Safari.

Is there some other setting I need to have on to have this feature work? I am getting no Frequently Visited Sites showing in Safari.

Apple Senior Tech said, just use bookmarks but I prefer this feature….. I have iOS 14.6

unity – How can we use an iPhone camera as a webcam on Windows?

I am developing a game on Windows and I want to use my iPhone 11p as a webcam (for video streaming).

I saw some tutorial videos on YouTube, yet they only work for development on iOS platform in Unity.

So how can we use an iPhone camera as a webcam in an app on the Windows platform?

unity – How can we use iPhone camera as a webcam in a Windows Platform?

I am developing a game on WINDOWS and I want to use my iPhone 11p as a webcam.
I saw some tutorial videos on youtube yet they only work for development on IOS platform.

So how can we use iPhone camera as a webcam in a Windows Platform?

Anyone can provide a demo for this?

Thank you very much!

automatically turn iPhone sound off after a certain duration

automatically turn iPhone sound off after a certain duration – Ask Different

Photos won’t show on iPhone camera roll until a restart

Since updating my iPhone 12 to iOS 14.6 two weeks ago, every day or so photos, screenshots and downloaded media won’t show up in my photos, or the camera roll in any other apps, until I restart. And I’ve also noticed issues where viewing old photos it gives me some low res version if I zoom in.
If I restart I get the full res version again and any photos I took that hadn’t appeared in the camera roll are suddenly there.
Phone has 64 GB of space remaining and is only 3 months old with about 600 photos.

My boyfriend keeps hacking my android with his iPhone. I need help to keep him out. If he wants to see my phone he could just ask

He has used chromium, parental controls, and costume android apps to get all messages, pictures etc. I don’t have any to hide all he has to do is ask. I’m tired of being watched when I know I’m not doing anything wrong.

Factory setting for retaining iPhone text messages

Wondering if anyone knows (or can point me to a definitive authority for) what the default “keep messages” setting is for the iPhone (i.e. 30-day, 1-year or forever)? Also, is the default-setting different for different versions of the iPhone?

I have gotten conflicting answers from Apple customer care and sales folks and via web searches.

iphone – How I can add employee access card to IOS application?

I want to build an app for IOS specifically, where employee can see his/her digital access card ( image of the card )
and also, add the card to apple wallet so he can use it to access the office..

note: Currently each employee access card has long number written on it and can access either by scanning the card on the device Or entering the number.

I want to know if The thing I want to achieve is possible ? I have no idea how I can add the card which has an RFID chip to the app ^^
What I was thinking about..
when the employee login to the app, his access card number is already linked to his account, but how I can use that number to scan?

and when adding the card to apple wallet, what it will add exactly.. he employee card and save it’s card number to scan?

I don’t know ^^

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