macos – How can I fix underscan/overscan when the slider isn’t shown in System Preferences?

/var/db/ is the configuration file for displays on macos. The entries are not at all labeled, but in my experience a new monitor will be on the bottom of the list. Each entry is structured as follows:


The pcsn key and following integer are overscan. My first monitor had some value besides 10000, and changing the value to 10000 fixed it. I tried this with my second monitor and it didn’t work, so I just deleted the last few entries. Either method requires a restart.

2D – How to make a gun muzzle aim at the mouse when the rotation pivot isn’t on the muzzle?

There is probably a more mathematically elegant solution, but you could just offset where you are aiming based on the rotation of the gun.

Say your barrel of your gun is 20px higher than your pivot point, you would calculate your angle to point the barrel based on 20px below your mouse curser to compensate. If you’re aiming completely up, you would calculate your rotation on a point 20px to the right, if you’re aiming down below, it would be 20px to left, and if you’re aiming backwards (and you don’t flip your character) it would be 20px lower.

You could use an if statement to check if you’re within one of these angle ranges and lerp between them.

I’m not a python programmer and as familiar with pygame, but you could do something like the following in javascript (assuming the 0 degrees is up, and y gets bigger the higher you are on the screen).

    if (angle < 90) lerp({x: 20, y: 0}, {x: 0, y: -20}, angle/90)
    else if (angle < 180) lerp({x: 0, y: -20}, {x: -20, y: 0}, (angle-90)/90)
    else if (angle < 270) lerp({x: -20, y: 0}, {x: 0, y: 20}, (angle-180)/90)
    else lerp({x: 0, y: 20}, {x: 20, y: 0}, (angle-270)/90)

putty – Why isn’t filezilla accepting the keyfile path for SFTP connection

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wallet – My laptop hard drive isn’t big enough to update Bitcoin Core v0.15.1 (64-bit)

wallet – My laptop hard drive isn’t big enough to update Bitcoin Core v0.15.1 (64-bit) – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Unreal Engine 4- Post Processing material isnt working on different viewports except perspective

I would like to render a silhouette of models, I found stencil would be the best way to capture. But when I am working with stencil post-process material its does not work with other viewports except perspective. Post fx material already enabled in the different view modes.

enter image description here

enter image description here

wi fi – Wifi, mobile data, bluetooth isn’t working after flashing stock rom

So I have an Asus ROG phone 2 device which was stuck into boot loop before. To get rid of that situation, I flashed the stock rom, and wiped user data by going to recovery mode.
But for some reason, my wifi isn’t turning on, my phone can’t detect any sim cards at all, and Bluetooth is also not working.
Side note, my phone’s sound is also gone. No single bit of sound is playing at all. Not even warning, notification nothing.

What should I do to get rid of that situation? I need immediate assistance.
thanks a lot

proof of work – Why isn’t Bitcoin using PoS instead of PoW?

First and foremost, the decision to use proof-of-work was a historical one. To build a network with a proof-of-stake, the underlying cryptocurrency already needs a certain value to achieve a sufficient level of security. Second, the network must also have a high entropy, meaning that the coins must be distributed as evenly as possible so that no attacker has the opportunity to obtain the majority of the coins. This was not the case with the Bitcoin launch, so this option was out of the question at the time.Furthermore, Bitcoin places a very high value on security and also on the decentralized approach of the network. It is also helpful to read the Bitcoin whitepaper to understand why Satoshi introduced PoW. There is no fully operating proof-of-stake network yet, so the technology is experimental. Those who claim that they are operating on proof of stake are still in some respect centralist.

An exception here is maybe the PoS approach of Ethereum. Their goal is to reach an truly decentralized version of PoS and have launched a PoS chain in parrallel, but the actual hard work is still done through the PoW chain. The main problem is the so-called “nothing-at-stake” problem, with Proof-of-Stake, which means that the validator has no incentive to mine only one possible fork of the network, since unlike PoW, this does not incur any costs. Therefore, with PoS, one has to introduce additional penalties for validators who mine more than one fork, which makes it difficult to implement. Another possibility are master nodes with more authority, but this contradicts the decentralized approach of a blockain.

Why FlashTool isn’t detecting firmware?

I’m trying to flash stock Android 8 onto my Xperia X F5121.
Please see screenshots below:

firmware files

phone is being detected to be in flash mode

firmware not being detected by FlashTool after selecting directory path

What did I miss ?

decidability – prove that there isn’t decider in Turing recognizable language L

The question is:

Assume L is a Turing recognizable language that includes many decidable machine like M. prove there is a decidable language such L` that doesn’t exist in L.

I don’t know Where should I start solving this problem. should I continue with the reduction?

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Why isn’t my Windows 2008 R2 server hosted in Azure getting ESU patches automatically?

I moved a Server 2008 R2 workload to Azure and should be eligible to receive extended support updates automatically as per this page without any need for configuration:-,Azure%20VMs%20if%20they%27re%20configured%20to%20receive%20updates.

The server doesn’t actually appear to have had any Windows security updates recently though.

I can see plenty of Servicing Stack updates as well as various .NET / Defender / Office components (which was why I thought it was all working), but digging deeper I have nothing that looks like a Windows Server critical patch, so unless they haven’t published any recently (which seems unlikely) then I think they aren’t actually being picked up by Windows Update.

Does anyone have any insight as to why this might not be working and what I would need to do to make it work?

Also, if anyone can point me at a security patch I should definitely have as part of ESU then I can check that too.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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