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I am currently experiencing memory problems with my website. Once the page is open, Chrome uses approximately 270 MB of memory. After a while, it slips and starts generating bugs at about 450 MB. However, when I look at the performance section of Chrome's development tools, my JS Heap never exceeds 10 MB. It's highly likely that I misunderstood what is JS Heap.

When the web page begins to mess up, the "raster" section stays green and the CPU section displays green lines diagonally. In addition, the situation worsens when I scroll down and the FPS increases. Does anyone have an idea of ​​what's going on? What could take all this memory? How can I fix it?

email – Yahoo email domain change issues

I have the facebook account of a friend who was connected to the domain For password recovery, the password reset mail is sent to mail.

However, I learned that Yahoo Mail stopped providing the .in domain now and only used the .com domain. When creating a new login, an email with is created. And we are not able to recover the mails that are sent to Account. In addition, fb does not allow changing the password without mail. Is there a way to connect to the fb account and get out of this loop?

I am getting some important issues in the GSA SER.

Hello guys, I'm getting these problems mentioned below, can you please let me know how do I solve these problems? I am new to GSA SER and I do not understand much of what GSA SER is trying to tell me. I therefore need the help of the community to solve these problems.

2019-06-20 19:05: Can not find a new article, add new! [first appeared at 2019-06-20 04:16]
2019-06-20 11:38: No goal to post in (posts per account: 5, posts per site: 5, minutes to expect from the first post: 0 to 5, minutes to expect from the next post: 10-1400, minutes wait for the next registration: 10-50) [first appeared at 2019-06-20 01:02]
2019-06-20 01:40: POP3 connection failed – SockError: the connection has timed out [first appeared at 2019-06-20 01:21]
2019-06-20 01:38: POP3 connection failed – SockError: the connection has expired [first appeared at 2019-06-20 01:09]
2019-06-20 01:36: POP3 connection failed – SockError: the connection has timed out
2019-06-20 01:11: POP3 connection failed – SockError: the connection has timed out

SQL Server – How to improve a simple update statement that causes blocking issues, unnecessary index analysis in the query plan

Please, consider me – I'm on the development side but I was tasked with finding the cause of several blocking issues after upgrading from SQL Server 2008 to 2016. Blocking is intermittent everything goes well for a few weeks, then maybe once. or twice a month, the application becomes unusable. Here is one of the recurrent queries incriminated when this happens:

UPDATE campaign_log
SET date_modified = No 2019-06-18 14:28:19 & # 39;
, mail_disposition_status = & # 39; 1 & # 39;
, status_date = N / 06 / 17/2019 & # 39;
, activity_date = N / 05 / 22/2019 & # 39;
O id = N 03938240-0112-437C-AF97-ECCF2EF78E77 & # 39;

It seems that this query plan tells me that the index scan [SUGARCRM].[dbo].[campaign_log].[idx_mail_disposition_status] is really inefficient.

I do not know why the column Mail_disposition_status is indexed or why this index is chosen to execute this query. Looks like he should maybe use an index on id? There are 2,622,020 rows in the campaign_log table.

Can any one indicate in the right direction what I should look for to solve this problem? Honestly, I'm pretty lost on what I'm looking for.

SQL Server 2008 – Troubleshooting Data Encoding Issues When Loading Data into SQL from Script (Notepad ++)

I'm sure this is not a SQL Server problem.

I've already asked a question HERE with a great explanation, BUT I still can not explain to the guys where I work that it has nothing to do with SQL Server ranking or anything else.

the situation:

We create scripts (INSERTS / DELETS) using ANSI.
We send these scripts to our customers.
External clients execute these scripts via SQLPLUS, SSMS, or any other method.

When they use something that uses ANSI, there is no problem.

BUT we would like to FORCATE something, tell them something like
"Hey, you run this script with a different code, and some characters will be used, like a a would be XE3.

Is there a way to force a script to run on its native code (the code I created)?

I really do not know how to solve this problem. We want to send a script and we want to make sure that this script will execute with A being A, Ã being Ã.

Maxihost Security Issues | Talk Web Hosting

1) Registrations on the account will email you a welcome letter with your password in plain text. This means that maxihost can store the password of your account in plain text in logs / db.

Maxhost Support Response: "Thanks for this information, we are open to suggestions and we are trying to improve, but we are also offering a password change after first access."

This is a maxihost site account, not a temporary account vps password.

2) injects SSH ACCESS internal SSH ACCESS keys into root and sudoer (ubuntu) into ~ / .ssh / registered_key. We have successfully deployed a Miami server and that's what we found. We sent them an email about this insane security issue.

Answer Maxhost; "Our servers are delivered to our customers with a standard configuration that can be changed after having access to them – in other words, our customers are free to manage server security and any other configuration as they please."

So it's the default policy of Maxihost to inject internal SSH backdoor keys, unless you find them and delete them.

Both problems can be easily solved, but is this dedicated server policy normal for other hosts? It's scary.

geolocation – browser accuracy issues

I'm using navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition (), but I'm having problems with accuracy, even though I use it in high precision, it gives a "nearness" of 15km. Can you tell me if this is a problem in the Google API?

My code:

function chekin () {
if (& # 39; geolocation & # 39; in the browser) {
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition (function (position) {
console.log (position)
}, function (error) {
console.log (error)
}, {maximumAge: 30000, timeout: 30000, enableHighAccuracy: true})
} else {
alert ("Oops, your browser does not support this service.");

GUI Design – What usability issues arise with an application form showing only one question at a time?

My client plans to have an application form with about 25 questions. The types of questions will be personal information such as name, date of birth, address, as well as financial issues, current living conditions, etc.

They have the idea to give this site a high-tech appearance by producing only one field at a time. They did not say explicitly, but I insisted that they might want a "next" button to display the next field.

Apart from the user who does not know how long the form lasts without indication of Ariane wire / path / visual indication, what other problems of use occur with this type Design?

Is the conventional form structure (all questions on a page or a group of questions divided into sections) on a site the best way to collect this information?

And are there popular / mainstream sites that use this technique to collect information? Myself, I have never seen it, so I want to discourage the customer from following this approach.

I have visited this Forms page? One question at a time or the full form on one page? but this question concerns the command line, which is not mine.
I can also see that someone said as long as it's not more than 5 questions, but I wanted to know if there was more science / studies to show that, and is that? that this applies to a browser?

Look for professional support for your business and your fiduciary issues – SEO Help (General Discussion)

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plot – handling issues

I trace geodetic data on an ellipsoid. My problem is that I can not do the manipulation, of a, b, c. From the starting point and the initial vector, the manipulation works well, but parameters of the ellipsoid (a, b, c) does not work.
My code:

Clear[a, b, c];
r[u_, v_] : = {a * Cos[u]* Cos[v], b * Cos[u]*Peach[v], c * Sin[u]};
Index[r, 1][u_, v_]    : = !  (
 * SubscriptBox[([PartialD]),  (u )] (r[u, v]) );
Index[r, 2][u_, v_]    : = !  (
 * SubscriptBox[([PartialD]),  (v )] (r[u, v]) );
g = table[
       Subscript[r, i][Subscript[u, 1], Index[u, 2]].Index[r, j][
         Subscript[u, 1], Index[u, 2]], {i, 2}, {j, 2}

invg = Inverse[g] // Simplify;
g[i_, j_, k_] : = 1/2 !  (
 * UnderoverscriptBox[([Sum]),  (l = 1 ),  (2 )

 * SubscriptBox[(invg), (([[)(l, k)(]]) )] ((
 * SubscriptBox[([PartialD]),
SubscriptBox[(u), (j)]] * SubscriptBox[(g), (([[)(i, l)(]]) )] +
 * SubscriptBox[([PartialD]),
SubscriptBox[(u), (i)]] * SubscriptBox[(g), (([[)(j, l)(]]) )] -
 * SubscriptBox[([PartialD]),
SubscriptBox[(u), (l)]] * SubscriptBox[(g), (([[)(i, j)(]]) )]) ) ) ) /.
Index[u, m_] :> Index[u, m]

eqns = Table[ Subscript[u, k]& # 39; & # 39; 
 * UnderoverscriptBox[([Sum]),  (i = 1 ),  (2 )] (
 * UnderoverscriptBox[([Sum]),  (j = 1 ),  (2 )]g[i, j, k]*  (
 * SubscriptBox[(u), (j)]& # 39; )
 * SubscriptBox[(u), (i)]& # 39; )

     geod = NDSolve[
       Join[eqns, {Subscript[u, 1][0]    == Index[l, 1],
Index[u, 2][0]    == Index[l, 2],
Index[u, 1]& # 39;[0] == Index[v, 1],
Index[u, 2]& # 39;[0] == Index[v, 2]}],
{Index[u, 1]
a = 1;
b = 2;
c = 1;
Show[Graphics3D[{Purple, Ellipsoid[{0, 0, 0}, {a, b, c}], Green,
PointSize[Large], Point[Dr[Index[Dr[subscript[r[Indice[r[Subscript[l, 1], Index[l, 2]]]}],
r[Assess[Evaluate[Évaluer[Evaluate[Subscript[u, 1]
Assess[Index[subscript[Indice[Subscript[u, 2]
Plot Style -> Pink],
Image size -> 500,
Boxed -> False], {{Index[l, 1], 1}, - ([Pi]/ 2), [Pi]/
2}, {{Index[l, 2], 1}, - [Pi][Pi]}, {{T, 1}, 3,
100}, {{Index[v, 1], 1}, -3, 3}, {{Hint[v, 2], 1}, -3, 3}]

Someone can help me?