visas – One day tour to Istanbul Turkey during an international trip

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visas – What should I do at the airport of Istanbul

I go to Havana in Cuba and I am Congolese. And Turkish airlines do not have a direct flight to Cuba from Congo. So, is it possible to take a flight to Istanbul, then take another flight to Cuba the next day? With the same company (Turkish airlines).

If I can already book the second flight (Istanbul-Havana) of Congo. And will they give me a transit visa for that day in Istanbul? should I apply from Congo or at the airport?

baggage – Collection of baggage in transit at the airport of Istanbul

To reach the baggage belt, you must leave the secure area. According to frequently asked questions

If you do not leave the transit room at the airport, you are not required to have a transit visa. Otherwise, you must apply for a visa at the nearest Turkish representation.

That is to say. there is no separate transit visa that you could obtain.

Although I obviously can not know, I will assume that you have an Indian passport. (Source). According to the visa information page for foreigners

India: Holders of a diplomatic passport are exempt from visa for their trips to Turkey for a maximum duration of 90 days. Holders of ordinary, special and service passports are required to have a visa to enter Turkey. Holders of ordinary, special and service passports with a valid Schengen member or a visa or residence permit for the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland may obtain their one-entry e-Visas valid for one month on the website, provided that they meet certain conditions.

so the. If you have a visa for one of the listed countries, an eVisa is now available; it was introduced last fall. Otherwise, you need a "sticker visa", that is to say the one you ask at the Embassy and that is affixed to your passport.

Indian citizen transferring from Qatar to Turkish Airways in Istanbul, do I need a transit visa?

I travel from India to Tbilisi with transit to Istanbul. From Bangalore
to Istanbul by Qatar Airways and Istanbul to Tbillisi by Turkish Airways.

I have check-in luggage to pick up from Qatar Airways and register at Turkish Airways. Arrival and departure from the same airport at 7 o'clock. I do not intend to leave the terminal. Do I need a transit visa?

Do I have to go through emigration to collect my checked baggage? I plan to stay in Istanbul for 9 days after my Georgian visa (my last leg of my trip)

Documents required to travel to Istanbul with Syrian nationality with a Saudi residence permit

What are the documents needed to travel to Istanbul from Saudi Arabia with a Syrian nationality.

About a long stopover in Istanbul

We have 13 hours stopover in Istanbul during our trip to Europ by Turkish Airlines. We do not have a transit visa. Can we book a night in a hotel wishing to get to the airport?

ist – 1 hour 10 minutes connection in the new airport of Istanbul

We fly DUB-TLV on TK and have just over an hour to connect to Istanbul. I would not be worried in general, but the Dublin flight was late about 75% of the time recently, which makes me worried.

Does the airport of Istanbul require flights to the EU to submit to the security of transit?

This airport is huge and does not have any sort of internal transportation to my knowledge.

There is a flight leaving one hour later, so if the incoming flight is delayed, I will probably not bother to run in the arrival lanes and let them hit me. The MCT lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes, so any delay will be taken as far as I know.

Do they need a Schengen transit visa at the airport of Istanbul to give me my boarding card?

I wish to travel from Istanbul to Canada with Turkish Airlines. I have an Iranian passport and a student visa for Canada. From what I've heard, I do not need a transit visa for my stops but it seems that Turkish Airlines could check one. Will they?


BlackHatKings: General Discussion on PPC
Posted by: MervinROX
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Why does the Turkish Airlines ground staff at Istanbul Airport take pictures of passenger passports?

Turkish Airlines ground staff members have point-and-shoot digital cameras with which they take pictures of passengers' passports. They did not ask permission to do so nor provided any reason. An idea might be the reason they do this?