Hi from Istanbul / Turkey

Hi guys. I am new here and I know a lot to learn. I think it will be a good experience for me.

turkey – Lonely Planet in Istanbul

D&R bookstores are located throughout Istanbul, and they generally stock Lonely Planet books in English – at least for books from Istanbul and Turkey.

They also have shops at the airport (airside) which certainly store the English versions, but if you're already in Istanbul, that probably won't help you.

Unfortunately, their website is only in Turkish, but you can still find their nearest store from the locations page, or just use Google Maps and search for "D&R"

Turkish Airlines: can I deposit my luggage more than 3 hours before departure to Istanbul?

I have had a stopover in Istanbul for the past few days. The outbound flight with Turkish Airlines leaves at 2 am and I would like to drop off the luggage not 2 hours before departure, at midnight, but 8 am, say at 6 pm. Meanwhile, I don't want to come to the airport and stay with my luggage before the check-in counter for 6 hours before check-in opens.

With Emirates, I did it in Dubai 20 hours before departure and that was no problem. Anyone have a similar experience with Turkish in Istanbul?

I know the best answer is to call and ask them directly. I did it. Twice and I got different answers. I have a strong feeling that their agents don't know the answer …

Do I need a transit visa to Istanbul or a KSA en route to India?

I have a Dutch visa and will travel from Amsterdam to Dammam (Saudi Arabia) via Istanbul to Bangalore (India). Do I need a transit visa for the trip above?

Do I need a passport / visa to travel within the EU with a change of plane to Istanbul?

I am traveling to Amsterdam from Greece with a change of plane in Istanbul, is my ID sufficient to travel or do I need a visa / passport? I've already done an online search and I think it's ok, but I want to make sure I have won. no problem.

Coming from South Africa to Cape Town with Turkish Airlines to Miami via Istanbul, do I need a transit visa?

Coming from South Africa to Cape Town with Turkish Airlines to Miami via Istanbul, do I need a transit visa?

Does a US citizen need a visa to leave the airport of Istanbul?

Yesyou need a visa to leave the airport.

Do I need a transit visa for Turkey for a stopover? you do not need a visa when the transit only lasts 24 hours, but if you stay at the airport all the time.

If you wish to leave, you must obtain a visa.

The electronic visa application system (e-Visa) was launched on 17 April 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. This system allows visitors to Turkey to easily get their electronic visas online, in about three minutes. The cost of e-Visa $ 20.

transit – New international transfer from Istanbul airport with Turkish Airlines 1h 5 minutes is enough?

I hope to be able to get advice and consider booking a flight with Turkish airlines from London to Luxor, Egypt, with a transfer from the new airport of Istanbul. The duration of the transfer to the airport of Istanbul is only 1 hour and 5 minutes. Is it really enough time?
Has anyone ever experienced such a short transfer time in this new airport and performed his international connecting flight?
Is there a chance to get a buggy to drive us between the terminals, as this will be faster than on foot?

I will be very grateful for all the advice and experiences you can share with me.
thank you very much

bus – How to get to Sultanahmet from Istanbul new airport

Another option is to take the airport shuttle from Istanbul to Sultanahmet or Taksim. From the arrivals hall, get off at level -2 and the new Havaist buses will be outside. There are buses at every corner of the city.

Buses connecting the airport from Istanbul to Sultanahmet leave from Bay 16 and Taksim to Bay 14. The price is 18 Turkish lira and you can pay directly to the driver (this one will come to your seat before leaving).

In Sultanahmet, the bus stops at Sultanahmet Square, near Hagia Sophia. In Taksim, they stop a 10-minute walk from Taksim Square.

health – Is it safe to drink tap water in Istanbul?

I live in Izmir and I have traveled several times to Istanbul. Tap water throughout Turkey, including in big cities, is a matter of chance. This is not guaranteed kill you, but it's usually not that good and drinking it is considered a bad idea just in case. Most cities try to treat it enough to make it safe, but that does not make it a good water.

The local custom is to drink bottled water. Water is always available on the street and for the house, 20-liter cans are delivered within minutes from the order, for 3 to 6 lira, and you only keep these bottles for drinking.

In most places you can cook / wash with tap water, but if your place has a particularly bad taste, you may even prefer to cook with bottled water.

Edit: The water systems of large cities are not monolithic, there is usually no good answer. In Izmir, the water in my house is drinkable, but in an office, I am often in such a high state that we do not even use it for washing dishes or washing hands.

Istanbul in particular extends on two continents. You should interview the people in your district about the quality of the water and generally do as they do. If your hosts are washing vegetables at the tap, it's probably good. It's always nice to play a little further than locals on their travels, but if they tell you not to do it, then listen to them!