Traveling to Italy from the United States with an Italian passport near Expiration

Traveling to Italy from the United States with an Italian passport which remains less than 3 months before the expiry on arrival in Italy and will also have a valid US green card with no impending expiration. I will return to the United States before six weeks before the expiry of the Italian passport.

a) Will I have problems leaving the United States and entering Italy?

b) Will I have problems with my departure from Italy and my return to the United States?

… just trying to understand it's worth trying to renew the passport before I leave for Italy

Thank you

Can I travel alone within the European Union with my Italian Family Permit under Article 10?

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I would like to go on vacation without a member of my European family, I was traveling alone with my Italian residence card but I am not sure of this particular permit (article 10)

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Lost my Italian refugee travel document

I lost my Italian refugee travel document and my politico asilo (residence permit card). It will expire in December 2019. If I apply a new one, I will have until December 2019 or, for example, an application from May 2019 to May 2024? Will the new expiration day 2024?

international travel – Dual Citizen. Recently left the United States with an Italian passport

I have a small question. I am a dual American and Italian citizen and, before my last trip to the United States, I had always used my US passport to get in and out of the United States. This year, I decided to also get an Italian passport as proof of my European citizenship since I live in the EU (I had only one identity card before ). Now that I did not know how to travel with two passports, when I checked in at the US airport self-service kiosks the day I left, I used my Italian passport instead of my passport. l & # 39; time). I used my US passport to enter the country, but I read that it was necessary to use his US passport to get in and out of the country. Is there a consequence that I will have to face for this? Is there a way to correct my departure information from the United States with the authorities? Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Travel before the start of a long-term Italian visa (type D) and rule 90/180 following its expiry

Ok, I wrote a very long question about staying as a tourist in Italy (I am American) after the expiry of my long-term Italian D student visa. After some research, I found article 6 Conditions of entry for third-country nationals Point 2 of the Schengen Borders Code and deleted the original question. The relevant text of the code is as follows:

… the date of entry is considered as the first day of stay in the territory of the Member States and the date of exit is considered as the last day of stay in the territory of the Member States. The periods of residence authorized by a residence permit or a long-stay visa are not taken into account when calculating the length of stay in the territory of the Member States.

Awesome. If I have just completed a long stay visa, these days do not count in the calculation of the 90 days provided in rule 90/180 for tourism.

However, my question is:

Even though I have been holding a long-stay type D visa in Italy for over 180 days, does the time I spent in Italy as a tourist before the start of the visa matter ?

I know this may sound like a ridiculous question, but I spent a little less than 90 days in Italy as a tourist before the start of my long-term visa and if these days counted, it would considerably reduce the time I could stay in Italy. as a tourist after my visa expires.

I ask because "should not be taken into account" can be interpreted slightly differently: 1) as they did not count at all within 90 days of the 90-day rule and that I'm ready to leave or 2) as if the period of validity of your visa did not exist at all and you have to take into account the time you spent in the Schengen area the day before the start of your visa. Does anyone have an idea about this?

This is just a side note, but I made sure to get out of the Schengen area and get back to the start date of my visa, so I have a stamp with the visa start date.

Thank you for any information!