spfx – How to create items in PnP Provisioning in SP Online site templates?

I am creating templates using the PnP provisioning but am noticing the items are not being created. I have this .json file

    "persistAssetFiles": false,
    "handlers": [
    "lists": {
        "lists": [
                "title": "MyData",
                "includeItems": true
    "pages": {
        "includeAllClientSidePages": true

and the exported XML file has the datarows data in it, but when I apply it to a site, the lists that get created don’t have the data in it. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Is it permissible to toggle selection of items in a table with a single click?

I am working on an (existing) UI that has a feature where the selection in one table drives the content of a second table:

  • Table 1 shows a list of notifications, Table 2 shows a list of bank transactions

  • If an notification is selected in Table 1, Table 2 shows a list of bank transactions related to the selected notification (Table 2 is filtered by the Table 1 selection)

  • If no notification is selected in Table 1, Table 2 all the bank transactions (Table 2 is not filtered – it is as if all the notifications have been selected)

Currently, the UI works as:

  • The initial state is for nothing to be selected in Table 1 (all bank transactions are shown in Table 2)

  • Clicking on a notification in Table 1 selects that notification

  • Clicking a second time on the selected notification deselects the notification (nothing is selected)

Here is the problem – we ran a usability test, and users didn’t do well with this interaction. They clicked on a notification to select it, but sometimes clicked again (or double-clicked) and didn’t realize that this had inadvertently deselected the notification. This led to errors in task completion.

The explanation for this is that clicking on an item to deselect it is not normal behavior for a selectable table. I feel that something needs to be done, but the development team is split on how to solve it:

  1. Don’t change anything. It’s a major part of a UI that will receive heavy daily use. Users will learn this behavior. Plus, there’s a precedent from brushing behavior in charts, where clicking on a point in a chart selects it and clicking again deselects it (driving the content of a second chart, or a table)
  2. Do not deselect the notifications on click, but add an additional control to return Table 1 to the deselected state (such as a ‘Remove notification selection’ button, or something like that)
  3. (Not really being considered, but here for completeness) If the user wants to see the transactions for all notifications, make them actually select all items in the table. For various reasons, this isn’t feasible

Any thoughts? Any other ideas how to solve this? The additional controls required by solution ‘2’ seem clumsy, and proponents are arguing that solution 1 is the cleanest and most efficient, and that there’s nothing to worry about in the long term. My worry is that the habits built up by interacting with tables for which click doesn’t toggle selection on and off will be hard to overcome, and lead to errors even after repeated use. Am I worrying unncessarily?

dnd 5e – If the Feywild Shard magic item’s Wild Magic Surge results in a spell, does that replace the initial triggering spell, or occur in addition to it?

You are correct: it’s an additional spell, separate from the one that triggered the Wild Magic Surge.

This ability is triggered when you use a Metamagic option, which for all but two options, trigger when you cast a spell; Empowered Spell triggers when you roll damage for a spell, and Seeking Spell triggers when you make an attack roll for a spell and miss. In all cases, any trigger that would take effect when a Metamagic option is used would take place at least after the initial spell has finished casting. This means the potential resulting spell from a Wild Magic Surge coming from the Feywild Shard would take place after the effects/concentration of the initial spell have already begun, and would not retroactively cancel the previous spell.

Also of note, the same statement is mentioned in the Wild Magic Sorcerer’s Wild Magic Surge feature ((PHB p.103)(2)):

If that effect is a spell, it is too wild to be affected by your Metamagic, and if it normally requires concentration, it doesn’t require concentration in this case; the spell lasts for its full duration.

This is referring to the Wild Magic Surge
(1): https://rpg.stackexchange.com/a/128250/63907
(2): https://www.dndbeyond.com/marketplace/sourcebooks/players-handbook#Sorcerer

context menu – Clear recent items list. Not displayed in Windows 7

I use a translator.
A few hours ago, I lost the line “Clear recent items list” – (“Очистить список последних документов“) from the context menu, tried to search in the registry, but could not find how to return the line to its place. For a more visual example, I’ll attach a screenshot (I couldn’t find the English version of my problem). I understand the registry a little, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, please tell me.
enter image description here

dnd 5e – Can magic items let you cast spells with long casting times as actions?

If a specific rule contradicts a general rule, the specific rule wins.

Here, you are giving examples of items that are giving specific rule that contradicts the general rule on casting times.

The DMG even states that some magic items can modify the casting times:

(A spell cast from a magic item) uses its normal casting time, range, and duration, and the user of the item must concentrate if the spell requires concentration. Certain items make exceptions to these rules, changing the casting time, duration, or other parts of a spell. (DMG p. 141)

The Staff of the Woodlands is indeed one of those exceptional items. It says:

You can use an action to expend 1 or more of the staff’s charges to cast one of the following spells from it (…)

The rule for this staff says that you use an action to cast a spell. The fact that one of those spells is awaken (normal casting time 8 hours) does not matter. That casting time is now superseded by the effect of the magic item.

Thus, any similar magic item that has some effect in it that modifies the casting time, will similarly override the general rule. In this way, magic items can indeed allow you to cast spells using a shorter casting time than normal.

Other effects can modify casting times as well

Spells (eg Wish), metamagic, and other features already exist to modify the casting times of spells. So magic item use is far from the only example of a specific effect overriding spells’ casting times.

Jeremy Crawford also explicitly agrees with this:

The staff of the woodlands allows you to cast the awaken spell as an action, superseding the spell’s normal casting time of 8 hours. Some magic items make exceptions like that, as noted on page 141 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (see the “Spells” section on that page).

And he also agrees in the very similar case of the necklace of prayer beads:

A necklace of prayer beads lets you cast a spell it contains as a bonus action, regardless of the spell’s normal casting time. For more about how the necklace works, see page 182 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

luggage – Are my scuba fins likely to be acceptable “personal items” for air travel?

In January I will be traveling to Belize for a week, and intend to do a fair bit of scuba diving. For that, I’d like to bring my 26″ fins, and ideally I’d like to avoid checking a bag, so I don’t have to worry about losing it. However, Delta’s carry on limit is 22″ in the longest dimension. Their limits for personal items are much more vague though. One example given is umbrellas, some of which are considerably more pointy and unwieldy than scuba fins.

If I don’t mind holding them the whole way, are my 26″ likely to be considered “personal items”?

google sheets – How do I do some data validation dropdown items can be selectable by only owner of the document?

I have a Google Sheets document which is shared with nearly thirty people and I added data validation dropdown to all the cells to not entering different values except I defined.

This data validation dropdown has nine items and I want to the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and nineth items can be selectable by only owner of the document. Can you please explain how I can do this?

sharepoint online – Create a PowerApp’s Approval Requests CDS Browse screen to show a link to the MS Flow Approval items

I want to build a PowerApp which shows the MS Flow requests from this page:-

enter image description here

So first step i did is that i add a new PowerApp from CDS >> Approval Requests, as follow:-

enter image description here
enter image description here

Where i will get this Browse screen automatically:-

enter image description here

Now i need to modify this Built-in browse screen, to show URLs which will take the user to the MS flow Approve/Reject screen.. i found that i can access these data..

enter image description here

But i am not sure if i can use/benefit from this data to build a URL to the MS Flow Approvals items? so the user from the PowerApp Browser screen can click on a link which will open this MS flow screen to provide a response:-

enter image description here

How to update the "Total Items Quantity" count in the checkout sidebar when updating the mini cart from checkout page in Magento2?

I am using Magento version 2.3.5. Here, you can see that my mini-cart contains qty 3 but my checkout cart summary shows the wrong quantity as 2. This is what happens when I update the qty via mini-cart from the checkout page.

enter image description here

Order of items in a very basic robots.txt changing the command scope?

I had a very simple robots.txt file setup for a site I maintain. After a spike of traffic that the ISP put down to crawlers they suggested I add a crawl delay directive which is fair enough. So I ended up with this file

User-agent: *
Disallow: /a-page-i-wanted-to-ignore
Crawl-delay: 1

I still receive spikes in traffic that are causing downtime. The ISP told me that this directive has only defined the crawl delay for the page /a-page-i-wanted-to-ignore

I wanted to check, is that correct? Is a command like crawl-delay placed under a disallow causing it to be specific to the disallow clause ?