ssl – unable to send email via apache james smtp server

I have setup Apache James server at xxx.xom domain and i am able to receiver message from outer domains like .

bit when trying to send email from to i am getting :

on thunder bird client :
550 5.1.1 Unknown user

on server — Client requested protocol SSLv3 not enabled
INFO 08:19:43,676 | org.apache.james.protocols.netty.BasicChannelUpstreamHandler | Connection established from
INFO 08:19:46,127 | org.apache.james.protocols.netty.BasicChannelUpstreamHandler | Connection closed for
INFO 08:19:46,736 | org.apache.james.protocols.netty.BasicChannelUpstreamHandler | Connection established from
ERROR 08:19:48,357 | org.apache.james.protocols.netty.BasicChannelUpstreamHandler | Unable to process request Client requested protocol SSLv3 not enabled or not supported
at org.jboss.netty.handler.ssl.SslHandler.unwrap(
at org.jboss.netty.handler.ssl.SslHandler.decode(
at org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.frame.FrameDecoder.callDecode(
at org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.frame.FrameDecoder.messageReceived(

GET – James Wedmore – Nail Your Niche Master Class | NewProxyLists

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James Wedmore – Nail Your Niche Masterclass


– What really happens if you choose the wrong niche? Some people say it doesn't matter as long as you are a hard worker, while others suggest you make sure you get it right before you start taking action.

– In this episode, we called on James Wedmore, founder of Business By Design, to explain how to nail your niche from the start.

Resources mentioned
Nail your niche organized by James Wedmore
The Big 3!
Better to choose the wrong niche than no niche at all
Failure does NOT exist
The 3 mega markets
Timestamp of the episode
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[1:00] How do you see your niche at the start?
[2:08] THE BIGGEST song most people miss
[3:10] Choosing an action is better than doing nothing at all
[4:58] What people “don't get” as an entrepreneur
[6:35] How to "fight" is just preparation for what's going to happen
[7:42] The difference between easy and simple
[9:52] Why being in business today is easier than ever
[10:50] Failure does NOT exist
[12:20] The importance of noticing the lesson and not failure
[14:27] How James used the Leap Frog effect at first
[3:30 p.m.] The first step people can take to find their niche
[16:30] The 3 mega markets where people are still spending money
[23:50] How to specialize in something can set you apart from others
[25:45] The real reason why you think everyone teaches is to make money online


http – Remote Poisoning of Cloudflare Cache Servers by James Kettle's Web Cache Poisoning Attack?

I am recently exploring and playing with the poisoning attack by James Kettle's handy web cache. The last part of his article mentioned that trans-cloud poisoning is possible, however, I can't find a way to make it work.

I think the basic idea is to cURL a request with a malicious header to a specific Edge Server by its IP address, however, Cloudflare uses Anycast among their data centers, which means you cannot control the data center that you eventually reach even if you cURL to a specific IP address.

I did a lot of testing at home, and found that no matter which IP address I turned to, I was always routed to the data center the closest around me.

I wonder if I missed something and is it really possible to remotely poison a data center?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Did you read James Carville's statements reported yesterday on the Democrats?


James Carville asked the Democrats a question: "Do we want to be an ideological cult? Or do we want to have a majority instinct …?

after the defeat of John Kerry in 2004, the president of the DNC, Howard Dean, declared that the party must assume its responsibilities for "having lost contact with its principles" and that a "long period of & # 39; hard introspection "was in order …

in the days following the elections, the pop media …. still very charmed by Bill Clinton and stung by being wrong in 2000 … began to publish articles featuring "academic studies "which focused on geographic and demographic differences in voting results … Television experts, Hollywood celebrities and other permanent residents of the welcoming news bubble even jumped on these stories and the whole "red state / blue state" thing was born …

what did the democrats determine after their "long period of introspection?" ….. too many stupid people from backward states have voted …..

whereas Jimmy C is the one who invented "this is the economy, stupid" …. and how far the priority list of the economy as a whole means for the faction current director of the DNC … I doubt that this generation is going to have a much better "response" than the previous one …

James Makker MD, Physician and Neurosurgeon of Portland, Oregon

Dr. James Makker MD provides high quality neurosurgery services to those in need of the best medical services and services. His expertise and quality are well known and well known within the local and national medical community.

It maintains strong professional associations and affiliations with medical and health organizations at the national and national levels. Dr. Makker is actively involved in continuing education, publications and general knowledge in the field of neurosurgery and spinal surgery.

Its goal is to provide the best level of care, treatment and support to all of its patients undergoing both vertebral and cranial surgeries. It deals with both people with urgent problems and emergencies, as well as people who want to avoid future problems.

We look forward to working with you as a patient to improve your overall health. Please explore the rest of the
website to find out more about Dr. Vishal James Makker and his practice.

How could Bill Nye, the scientist, explain the wildfires in California that LeBron James had to evacuate?

You should ask Bill Nye. The reason that forest fires have been so severe in California in recent years is due to a number of factors. The highest number of people on the list is probably the large number of people who settled in formerly sparsely populated wilderness. When they arrive, they bring power lines, and the underground power lines mixed with hurricane force winds, in dry vegetation, are an imminent problem. The various effects of climate change add to the problem. In a warmer climate, sweating is all the more important as the vegetation is drier. There may also be a delay (on average) in the arrival of the rainy season, but I have not seen any studies on it yet. Forest management may also play a role in some of the fires, but in many of them there is no real forest burning, so you can not blame everything for that.

EDIT for troll response: The vulgar troll (Horse, Hannah Texarkana, Army Guy Albany, Van de Dirac, etc.) shows a GLOBAL scorched parcel, but the question concerns California (a there a problem of reading?). Unfortunately, this is no use to the people of the United States if the intensification of forest fires is offset globally by a decrease in fires in an uninhabited rainforest that receives even more rain. It's not fair trade – fires in populated areas are much more destructive and expensive than fires in undeveloped areas, and at least for the United States, the trend is up.

EDIT for wut? & # 39; S answer: It's great that "forest area" (as opposed to "all areas") has been down since the 1920s (before they have modern firefighting techniques), but even on your land, it is clearly rising years. This is clearly a very disturbing trend, as there are about 200 million more people in the United States than in 1930.

. (tagsToTranslate) yahoo (t) answers (t) questions (t) Environment (t) Global warming

Should they choose Scarlett Johansson as the next black James Bond?


She is not black and she is not a man. I agree with her statement that she should be able to play no matter who, if she is restrained … but whether she should or should not have the role of James Bond, that is a completely different question. I do not think they should assign this role to most people, not just Scarlett, because most actors and actresses are not fit, sweet and attractive men of certain ages. Scarlett is a good actress, but she's clearly not the best. Maybe as a kick- @ ss Bond girl, I'd totally agree with that since she won this casting without a doubt.

To be fair, the next 007 may be a black woman BUT they have not reworked James Bond. The next film will make James retire at 007 and MI6 give his code to another woman, a black woman. So, the James Bond post-Daniel Craig redesign will not be that of a black woman.


[ Movies ] Open question: What do you think of a woman 007 black? She will only take the number because Daniel Craig will still be James Bond, but he is retiring from MI6 ..?

… and she takes her place,

smtp – Apache James Sending an email but not receiving

So, James is operational and I can send emails via telnet and everything seems to work but I never get anything. I am not sure where to go from here.

I'm installing James in OpenPaas

# telnet localhost 25
To try :: 1 ...
Connected to localhost.
The escape character is & ^;

& # 39 ;.
220 awesome SMTP server from JAMES Linagora
250 Hello [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1])
250 2.1.0 Shipper  D & # 39; agreement
550 5.7.1 Requested action not taken: relays refused
RCPT TO: ticardosaracino
5.51 Syntax Error in Parameters or Arguments
250 2.1.5 Recipient  D & # 39; agreement
354 Ok Send data ending with .
subject: test


250 2.6.0 Received message
to leave
221 2.0.0 service closing transmission channel
Connection closed by foreign host.

All I want to do is just send an email