Customs and Immigration – No exit stamp from previous visit to Japan

In October I took a 30 day trip to Japan on a 90 day tourist visa, when I left I received a "left" stamp in my passport. In December, I visited again for 14 days on another 90-day tourist visa, but when I left, I did not receive a stamp.

This weekend, I will come back two more weeks. Will it be a problem that I would never have left the country?

If this is a problem, does it help that my previous visa sticker expires on March 21 – two weeks after I leave Japan again.

restaurants – Japan – Are there similar places to Midnight Diner?

I am planning a trip to Japan later this year with my parents. My parents are big fans of the Netflix Midnight Diner (深夜 食堂) show. Although I know that the real Midnight Diner restaurant is fake and that the show is not based on a true story, I was wondering if there were places in Japan that have a similar atmosphere at the restaurant from Midnight Diner where I could take them. . My parents don't speak Japanese, but I do, so I could act as a translator; the language barrier is not a problem for us.

Preferably in Tokyo and preferably in Shinjuku, because this is where Midnight Diner takes place, although we will also be spending a lot of time in Osaka, so a place there would also be acceptable.

Thank you!

trains – Do I have to go back to the same station after a Japan Rail stopover?

With a few exceptions, tickets at Japan Rail base fare allow stopovers. There is an excellent answer that explains when a ticket is eligible for layovers, but it is not clear from this answer or from the linked JR website if jump forward is allowed during a stopover.

Suppose I had to take the train from Nagasaki to Fukuoka and stop to visit the Yoshinogari Historical Park on my way. The park is located between two stations on the line that connects Nagasaki and Fukuoka, so my most efficient route would be to board the train in Nagasaki, to get off at Kanzaki (the closest station to Nagasaki), to visit the park , get on another train to Yoshinogarikoen (the closest station to Fukuoka) and continue to Hakata (or another station in the urban area of ​​Fukuoka).

Can I do this with a one-way ticket from Nagasaki to Hakata? Or do I have to go back to the same station where I left the front doors to resume my trip?

Vietnamese passport with green card, do I need a transit visa for my connecting flight to Japan?

Looking to book an alternative flight that will require two one-way trips with a 3-hour "stopover" at NRT Airport before the connecting flight. Since I will have to check in and collect my baggage when collecting baggage, will I need to obtain a NRT visa? I guess it will force me to go through customs as I am sort of "leaving the airport".

Can I avoid going through customs if I give up check-in baggage? The flight would require a transfer from T1 to T2 and would therefore not require a visa?

Try to understand something here.

Thank you!

In Japan during the 180 day temporary visa reset

I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this type of question as I am worried and have not gotten a definitive answer.

So, I went to Japan twice in 2019:

April 7-16 (9 days) &
September 12-December 12 (90 days)

And have booked another flight:
February 13-May 13 (90 days)

In short, I really enjoyed my stay the last time and I plan to come back 90 more days to spend as much time with my loved one as possible.

About a week after booking my flight, I did some research and came across information saying that I cannot stay in Japan for more than 180 days in a 12 month period with a temporary visa. While technically I will be in the country when my "reset" days is it safe to assume that all will be well and that I will not be banned / fined for an extended stay?

I have been so stressed out about this recently and am not sure if I should change my return flight or not be safe and leave before the "180 day reset day".

Thank you for your help!

legal – Is it acceptable to take photos at Misawa Air Base Japan?

I am passionate about military aircraft, when I go to other countries, I make sure to get a glimpse of their air base and sometimes take photos when allowed – but I usually plan these trips on air shows and exhibitions. I have to go to JP for a business trip and I plan to take a parallel trip to Minawa air base, to take pictures with the planes. Is this allowed?

Japan – What is the most scenic rail route between Nagano and Kyoto?

We will take the train between Nagano and Kyoto in a few weeks. There seem to be two options:
– Nagano to Nagoya, then change and continue to Kyoto (we will do this part in reverse a few days later on the way to Tokyo).
– Nagano to Kanazawa, then change to Kyoto.

Both last about four hours and are included with our JR pass. As such, the tiebreaker could be the sight. What is the most scenic route?

japan – Which district to visit and eat with 5 hours of transit in Tokyo, Sunday evening from 6 to 1 pm?

I will have a ~ 5h transit on Sunday evening in Haneda, 18h-1h minus customs and transport from Haneda. I know I can only have one chance to visit Tokyo. Which neighborhood would you suggest visiting: temples (which can be partially visited at night)

Also, a recommendation on a good sushi place with reservation or without a line? I can't afford to wait during my short trip.

East-central Tokyo doesn't seem like such an incredible Tokyo attraction. I am not interested in the Tokyo Tower or similar modern buildings. I heard recommendations for Shibuya.

Transit visa to Japan for the holder of a Filipino passport

I have a flight to the United States and I have a 15 hour layover in Narita, do I need a visa to enter Japan? Will I be allowed to leave the airport?

Is December 31 a public holiday in Japan?

Is December 31 a public holiday in Japan?

It would be better to get an experienced answer as there is conflicting information on different sites.

For example, some sites state that December 31 is a national holiday. In particular, the time and date indicate that:

December 31 The holiday is a holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

Internet research, there are several similar mentions.

However, some sites explicitly mention that December 31 is not a public holiday in Japan. In particular, the Japan Guide mentions that:

the 31st of December
New Year's Eve (omisoka):
December 31 is not a national holiday.