Help!!Google search console LIVE test is showing pages in Japanese language but the same URL in the browser the site is perfectly ok [closed]

Here is the URL:
And here is what we see in the LIVE test of google search console:

Screenshot of google fetch

Help!!Google url inspection for many urls on our news site is showing pages in japanese language but the url in the browser the site is perfectly ok

We were ranking quite high on thousands on keywords on google search results till recently. But suddenly many hundreds of our pages started appearing in Japanese language or gibberish in the search results. Some of our pages also appeared in the same gibberish even in our browsers. On investigation we found that our site was probably compromised and removed some plugins and cleaned up the site.

The pages are all normal now in the browser but the LIVE test in google search console shows the same gibberish even though the pages are all ok in the browser. What could be wrong?

See screenshot of search console.
enter image description here

japanese – How do I change my keyboard type to JIS in terminal?

I have a JIS type keyboard but osx is recognizing it as ANSI

Before you answer
There is no “change keyboard type” button in keyboard settings

there is no file named

I have tried to manually open the keyboard setup wizard but when I click it nothing happens

integration – Estimate on an integral involving the Japanese bracket

I’m currently reading the paper Well-posedness for the Zakharov system with the periodic boundary condition by Takaoka. In the proof of Lemma 2.3 about the integral $I_1$ one needs to establish the estimate

$$int_{-infty}^{infty} frac{dtau’}{langle n^2 + |tau’+alpha n^2|rangle^{2a}} leq Cfrac{1}{langle nrangle^{4a-2}},$$

here $langle cdot rangle := (1+|cdot|^2)^{1/2}$ denotes the usual Japanese bracket, $a$ ranges from $1/2$ to $3/4$, $alphaneq 0$ is a real parameter and $n$ is an integer.

This estimate is not explicitly mentioned in the proof but an intermediate step in order to arrive at equation (2.1). It is clear to me that the order of the exponent of the RHS is correct, since the Japanese bracket has order one and one expects to gain one order by integration. If $a$ were an integer I’m sure that by substitution one would have to use some $arctan$ properties.

How can I establish this estimate?

encoding – How can I export .csv file using with Japanese character code in rails?

I’m exporting data to a CSV file in rails and in some of my fields, I’m getting character encoding issues like this when I open in Excel


I borrowed this code from an example and I’m assuming the encoding is off. Any idea what it should be?

@students =
respond_to do |format|
format.csv {send_data Iconv.conv('iso-8859-1//IGNORE', 'utf-8', @student.scsv),
   :type => 'text/csv; charset=iso-8859-1; header=present',



customs and immigration – Am I over-staying in the Philippines? Japanese Dual citizen

I have been living in the Philippines since I was a kid. I was born to a Japanese father and Filipino mom, which makes me a Filipino citizen. A few days ago, I inquired about getting a Filipino passport ( which I haven’t owned since I never thought I needed it and my parents never got me one since I lived here. And i currently own a Japanese paasport. Unexpired). The officer told me that under the Nationality law in Japan, I could no longer get a ph passport because I’m past the age of 22 ( the age that Japan limits a japanese citizen to be dual). And that I’m currently a japanese citizen only. I have never returned to Japan since I got here. Does that mean I have been over staying here in the Philippines? How should I proceed?

dietary restrictions – How do I ask Japanese restaurants in writing not to serve me any meat?

A relative’s doctor commanded him to eat NO meat, but he can still eat seafood. We don’t speak Japanese. We know that many Japanese don’t speak English well, even if they immigrated to English-speaking countries. We’re thinking of printing our question on paper, then showing the paper to

  1. Japanese restaurant staff before we enter.

  2. and chefs who work behind the counter. kaiseki or omakase chefs pick ingredients for us, and we can’t pick ingredients. I want them to see our paper just for assurance. Can someone proof read Google’s translation please? Japanese Stack Exchange bans translation requests.

Sorry, I don’t speak Japanese. I can’t eat meat for medical reasons, but I can still eat seafood. Can I avoid meat at your restaurant? Can you guarantee not to serve me meat?

すみません、日本語は話せません。 医学的な理由で肉は食べられませんが、シーフードは食べられます。 あなたのレストランで肉を避けてもいいですか? 私に肉を出さないことを保証できますか?

Why do japanese companies dominate the camera market?

Because doing something just good enough is not even an option in Japanese culture. Do it right, do it the best you possibly can, strive for perfection. It is a reflection on you as a person and the collective culture.

The western corporate practice of planned obsolescence is not something that would have been considered in Japan when Canon, Sony and Nikon Et-all started making cameras, (and everything else japan makes.) That has change somewhat for some things as the world is taken over by Mega-corporations dependent on continued conspicuous consumption. A Toyota of today is not a Toyota of 1972.

These are my words from my understanding of the Japanese Culture and mindset that was forged from century’s of striving to be the best and do it right.

Why do Japanese companies dominate the camera market?

Because they produced the best, people recognized that and purchased their products, and because of the their cultural mindset they spent the profits on seeking to do it even better.

music – Japanese songs’s names are in English in the iTunes stores. May I change the names to Japanese?

I notice a lot of Japanese songs’ names in the iTunes stores are in English. For example, I see songs by Hikaru Utada, Miyuki Nakajima, and Kiroro appear as English. Meanwhile, I know somehow the songs can be purchased/downloaded with names in Japanese, in Japanese music Apple music store.
I tried settings -> my name -> iTunes & App Store -> Apple ID -> view Apple ID -> then change country to Japan. However, when I go to iTunes stores, those Japanese songs’ names are still in English. Can anyone tell me what I should do to let the names appear in Japanese instead of English?

mg.metric geometry – A theorem like Varignon’s theorem, Japanese theorem for cyclic quadrilaterals and Butterfly

I am looking for a proof of a like result as follows and Higher-dimensional generalizations?

Let $A, B, C, D$ be four point with lengths of $AB, BC, CD, DA$ are $a, b, c, d$ respectively. Let $F in DA, E in AB$ such that $AE=AF=frac{da}{a+b+c+d}$ construct point $A’$ such that $AEA’F$ is a rhombus (See Figure). Construct $B’, C’, D’$ cyclically, then:

  • Four points $A’, B’, C’, D’$ form a parallelogram (like Varignon’s theorem)

  • Four points $A’, B’, C’, D’$ form a rectangle if $ABCD$ is convex quadrilaterals cyclic quadrilateral (Like Japanese theorem for cyclic quadrilaterals.

  • Four points $A’, B’, C’, D’$ are collinear with $AC$, $BD$ have the same midpoint if $ABCD$ is the concave cyclic quadrilaterals (Like Butterfly theorem)

enter image description here