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Are the gifts requested by my host, but purchased by me, items "requested from someone else" in accordance with Japanese customs?

No, this does not count as an "article asked to someone else"

The question is not really clear in English. But if you look at the same form in French, question 1.6 is translated as follows:

Items that have been entrusted to you by a third party.

… which undoubtedly means this time:

Items that someone else has given / entrusted to you

This question is designed to find out if someone asked you to pass something through customs. If you just brought a gift to someone, you can check "No", even if they asked you for that gift.

Basically, you should check "No" as long as you know what you are carrying. If you bought the gift yourself and wrapped it yourself, all is well. However, if a foreigner has given you "a package" to deliver to Japan, then you don't know what you are transporting, this is a problem, and in this case, you should check "Yes".

The original C5360 form in Japanese also seems lighter than the English version. He says this:

他人 か ら 預 か っ た も の

… that I would translate:

Something a stranger gave me.

However, I am not a native, so I cannot translate the meaning of this sentence with the same certainty as the French sentence above.

Japanese visa for American

I am an American who flies to Narita from Taiwan on a connecting flight to the United States the same day at Haneda Airport. Do I need a visa?

The Japanese hack the WordPess Woo Commerce e-commerce site.

The Japanese hack the WordPess Woo Commerce e-commerce site. | Web Talk Hosting

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  1. * The Japanese hack the WordPess Woo Commerce e-commerce site.

    My friend has a jewelry business and a recently launched website. When we connected to the search console, it displayed 2k indexed pages of some Japanese ecommerece and the pages increased to 6k from today, we reinstalled the htaccess file in c-panel but it didn't work, any suggestions ????? ?

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How can Japanese characters be stored, retrieved and displayed using the BASIC programming language?

I used BASIC to develop a client data entry program. Some of the information that needs to be stored is in narrative form. Japanese customer data is entered in Japanese and stored, then retrieved and displayed. However, when I display the data on the screen, it appears as garbage instead of kanji, katakana and hiragana. I believe that Japanese is correctly installed on my computer because all the other applications correctly display the data (for example, Word, Excel, Firefox, Explorer) and I can surf the net in Japanese. I can't seem to get BASIC to display the data correctly. Ideas? Should I use a specific compiler? Please give your opinion. Thanks in advance!

I need wmz at the japanese bank, i will pay well and work long !!

hello because of insignificant cheaters or exchangers, I wanted to open a thread
i still have money in my wmz account and i need to transfer it to my japanese bank.

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Review: – Japanese porn movies streaming

Hi all.

Please visit and review the new Japanese porn movie streaming site

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Does サ ト シ (Satoshi) or ナ カ モ ト (Nakamoto) mean anything in Japanese?

Do サ ト シ (Satoshi) and ナ カ モ ト (Nakamoto) have special meanings in Japanese?

For example, the surname "Smith" or "Miller" refers respectively to a blacksmith or a flour mill.

Google Search Console – How To Fix Japanese Keyword Hacking On My Website?

I searched my website's URLs using site: and I found so many Japanese URLs that show a 404 error page after clicking on it. I have checked my code three times and found no malicious content in it. In my .htaccess file, I wrote rewrite code to redirect the old URLs to the new ones.

I have also submitted the Japanese URLs to be blocked via the search console. Always everyday I can see new URLs in the cover. I have SSL integrated into my site.

seo – The website is facing a problem of Japanese keyword piracy. What to do?

We are currently facing a problem of Japanese keyword hijacking on our website ( The problem is met on 25-11-2019 when we received the mail that indicates that someone is the new owner of the Google Search Console. After, our almost all URLs have been converted to Japanese. We solved the developer's website recovery, submitted a new site map, and manually retrieved the pages from the Google Search Console.

Our traffic went down for 2 days and after the recovery, the traffic comes back. Even when we type the name of our company, it does not appear on the list, but after recovery, it is displayed and the traffic is back.

The problem is that 70 to 80 URLs are present in the Google search index, which is not available on our website database. Part of this is below.

We removed these URLs from the search console and returned the site map. Also used the URL parameter tools and excludes the "? /" Parameter, "Nost" on 29-11-2019, 5-12-2019 but the problem persists.

The main problem is that the traffic on the website is back, but spam URLs are still displayed on the Google index and new spam pages are also generated and indexed on Google. Most of the traffic coming from these spam URLs comes from Japan.

What can we do? Please provide the solution so that we can remove these URLs from the search index and maintain the visibility of our site. We think that this problem is also encountered by other sites and this solution can be useful to them.

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