Jekyll SEO – Google does not display any URLs from this month

it may be a wired question but it is true. I host a blog with Jekyll. I also installed the Jekyll SEO jewel. I have hosted it for the past 2 years, no problems until this month of April. But as of this month, what are all the posts I have posted are not all displayed in Google. From the Google search console, I can see that the URL is indexed and also available on a sitemap.

2 days before posting an article, and I did manual indexing, for the next 24 hours, it was showing up in google. But after that, it was deleted. But when I search in google with these keywords, the home page of my blog arrives, because it is the first article, but I do not know why it does not display the real link.

But my old articles are good, they always appear from the first page, the problem comes from this month of April.

Do Jekyll themes receive security updates?

I am creating a personal website on GitHub Pages with the help of Jekyll. I use the Cayman theme. I've used this documentation to override some of the theme's defaults. The documentation said:

making copies of theme files will prevent you from receiving theme updates on these files.

I can not receive feature updates, but I am not. Do Jekyll themes receive security updates?

I do not think they do it (Google did not find anything useful) but I would like to have the opinion of people more informed than me.

performance – How do you use Jekyll pages with gzip compression on GitLab pages?

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