C # – How to configure a job in visualcron?

Good night guys

I've found this interesting visualcron an alternative to Enterprise Manager, I would like to know if any of you used it? and how can I create a job? If you have other programs that you can configure and run jobs, I accept the suggestions.

Wise way to report cron job errors

I have several jobs that work at night. Generally they work but from time to time they fail. What is the best way for them to report a failure?

The obvious way to me is to send an email. I have several Google Accounts and I would like to use one for this purpose.

However, I can not, after several attempts, understand how to proceed while protecting my Google Account. I appreciate the need to use OAuth2, which I understand at the design level, but I can not define the details of the implementation.

  • I can not find a simple command-line utility that would allow, let's say

    to send Recipient's email address –matière error in night work –attachment log file

  • I would be happy to start my own command line program, preferably in C ++ and Qt, but I can not get to the detail.

In these circumstances, it usually turns out that the reason I can not find what I want is because I'm trying to do something stupid.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

[Apologies.] I'm not sure I've labeled this well, because I think it's more about reporting errors than manipulating them, but …. " please, re-mark them if there is a better tag than I forgot.]

seo – Site search job – pop-up window vs new page?

I am a freshman from CS and I am building an job search site for a friend of mine. Leaf search list of available positions, a user can click on a position and a pop-up window will appear with more details and an "apply" button.

Everything works now, but I realize that the URL does not change when I open a pop-up window. he is still www.asia-hr.com/search. I guess it would be a problem for two reasons:
(i) SEO
(ii) Register a post or e-mail the list to a friend

What are my options?

Website: http: //www.asia-hr.com/index.html

Example of a working popup: enter the description of the image here

WST – a job search platform worthy of foreign students

As far as the word "haigui" is concerned, ordinary citizens will feel great and think that returnees have the talent to learn and to have the skills. But only one returnee knows that today, the number of foreign students is increasing, but the development of some industries is very small and it is too difficult to find a professional counterpart in China.

But I did not give up the word in my life dictionary: to find a good job, I started to understand different recruitment websites and job search platforms, before choose WST. The most attractive thing about WST is its transparent public offering and its abundant resources. The instructors here are from the larger industries and the skills are excellent: when I studied with the instructors, I learned many other aspects of the industry that I did not know and I also understood my own weaknesses. It should be noted that WST instructors will tailor individual courses to students like us and will allow us to understand the industry in different ways, to acquire skills in interviews and to help students learn more about the industry. to acquire knowledge so that you can actually learn. In addition, the instructor will give us a personalized resume and will conduct an interview simulation to improve the success rate of our offer.

Under the guidance of the WST Tutor system, I have already won my favorite offer: WST is indeed a reliable job search platform for international students. If you still have trouble finding a job, you can try it at WST.


Good job HostMantis | Talk Web Hosting

Good job HostMantis

Yesterday, I received this email from HostMantis (because I have a reseller plan with them):

Hello …. …..,

We now offer the FREE Blesta billing app with all reseller plans !!!

Blesta is a customer management, billing and support system for web hosting providers. It is now included FREE with any active HostMantis reseller plan!
HostMantis resellers with an active account can order a free license here:

https: // … (redacted)

Once your account / dealer plan has been verified, your license will be sent to you!

Still have questions? Contact us!

I am happy that they have proposed an alternative to the WHMCS. Honestly, I would be happy even if it was not free, but let's say at a reduced price, as with WHMCS when purchased with their biggest reseller plan. Of course, nothing wrong, good alternative to WHMCS and free. What more could you ask for?

P.S. Brief review of 3 years with HostMantis: Awesome.

– I often come to the conclusion that my brain has too many open tabs. –
Failed to desktop publishing and graphic design since 1994
Soon we can expect hosting companies offering "unlimited double"
"unlimited unlimited limitless".

Boost.Asio as a job system [on hold]

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Boost.Asio's io_context as an employment system to create a multithreaded game engine?

Job opportunity in Spain

Hello friends … I tell you that I currently have a job opportunity in Denia and that I am looking for houses for sale. Any recommendation? Seeing an article, I found these properties for sale in Denia, how do you like the price of houses ?. To truly live in Spain is a dream come true. Because I have always wanted to live in this country, it has always attracted attention, now that I have the opportunity, I would not want to miss it.

British visa for job interview

I know we have to post a healthy balance of funds in our bank statement for UK Visa and I do not have the funds for the entire trip.

I was invited by a technology company (a valued sponsor) for a job interview and I received an invitation letter stating clearly that they would take care of my expenses. reasonable sustenance, my flight and accommodation.

Given this situation, could my visa be canceled due to lack of funds?

ruby – What is the best way to put a job back in Rails with delay?

I want to put the job back in queue automatically after doing it. There will be an optional delay of 10 seconds if nothing has been processed.

I can see two approaches. The first is to put logic in the interior perform block. The second is to use around_block function to do it.

What is the most elegant way to do it?

Here is an example of a block of code with such logic

# Process queue automatically
class ProcessingJob < ApplicationJob
  queue_as :proseccing_queue

  around_perform do |_job, block|
    if block.call.zero?
      # wait for 10 seconds if 0 items was handled
      self.class.set(wait: 10.seconds).perform_later
      # don't rest, there are many work to do

  def perform
    # will return number of processed items

Should I put around_block the logic in the perform a function?

I will convert PDF files to Microsoft Word with a good job. for $ 5

I will convert PDF files to Microsoft Word with a good job.

I will convert PDF files to Microsoft Word with a good job.

PDF to Word / PDF in Microsoft Word / MS Word to PDF

Respected buyers! Welcome to our concert:

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