web development – Can I use Python for creating interactive web pages like posts on Distill.pub journal?

I read some posts/articles on the Distill.pub journal, where the emphasis is on explaining things in non-traditional ways like illustrating things with interactive graphics and dynamic elements (graphs, etc.).

I was wondering, can I use Python (no Javascript at all) to create such web documents? i.e., is it possible for someone without knowledge of Javascript to create such pages using some Python packages?
If yes, which stack?
In no, suggest what stack to use?

Examples of such interactive, graphics-rich webpages (from the same journal) are as follows:-
Experiments in handwriting with a Neural Network
Building blocks of interpretability

MS SQL Databae 78 GB Journal

I have a database on the Always On availability group settings. The size of the log file is around 80 GB. Why is it 80 GB? Is this normal? How to free up space in the log file? What process can be followed to prevent the log file from growing at this level OR what are the possible methods to manage this type of log file so that it does not fill up all the available space?

Journal taking all the space on C:

I have noticed today that C: Program Files Microsoft Office Servers 16.0 Data Office Server Applications Search Nodes E44938 IndexComponent1 storage data SP5337bd70a708.2.I.0.0 Journal taking all the space on VS:. Can I delete these files?


What is this colon separated string in my Apache journal?

I have noticed some log entries that have a colon separated by a colon instead of a client IP address. What is it?


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Scotland Yard: does the thief reveal his location at each turn of the encircled travel journal?

Mr x. reveals its current location on and only the circled turns, or at any time, he is on the same square as a police player (in which case he immediately loses the game and the police players win the game). All the remaining rounds (the majority) are played as hidden information.

Remember that if Mr. X uses a Double displacement token to skip a revelation round, Mr. X must always reveal where he was at that time even if it is no longer there. For this reason and for convenience, it is common to leave the Mr. X token on its "last known location" at the last moment of the revelation.

mysql – General journal does not display / modify journal

I have been trying to debug something on the database server, InnoDB as engine.

It can be accessed remotely by several other servers running different programs. The logs on the servers did not show what caused some lines to change.

I activated the general log to see which request and from which server caused the modification of the field.
While browsing the log today, I found that on a certain line, a value that had been set on a certain field had been canceled, but I did not find any query logs that had canceled it. In addition, some lines were deleted and I did not find any trace of the request which had deleted them in the general journal.

Is there something missing? I had read somewhere on the documentation that joins in requests could prevent logging, but that didn't seem to apply to the general log.

Exim mainlog meaning of the auth_relay journal line

In / var / log / exim / mainlog, there were two lines related to my hosting account with the user name "user" and the domain of the account "domain.net".
it is purported to be spam-related and I would like to ask if you can explain in detail how to read these journal lines so that I can find exactly how the site is operated by the spammer so that I can solve this problem. Thank you

messageid1 ** me@gmail.com F= R=smart_route T=auth_relay H=smtp.mailchannels.net ( X=TLSv1.2:DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256...
Code (markup):

Exim mainlog meaning of the auth_relay journal line

Mailenable Journal


How to check the mail log? I am a reseller only. I do not have full access on RDP. Guide me please.

[url] https: //i.postimg.cc/Z56bjc2g/ple … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1784900&goto=newpost

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