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Hello all.

I have been spending some time setting up an website where i will be posting payment proofs of sites i have been earning money and crypto from. I am currently earning around 20$ per week atm from all sites but it is slowly increasing every day. If you want you can follow my journey forward as I will be posting updates on my earnings in this thread and also on the website. (the link is at the end of this thread)

I have been active on as many different crypto faucet sites as possible doing as many shortlinks and watching PTS ads as i have time for. Im also doing HYIP where i have had good success with good earnings. Topping this with extra passive income like using search engines, listening to paid to listen radio and much more.

My earnings last week:
22.03.2020 – 29.03.2020

  1. 16803 satoshi (btc) – around 1,02$ (been low this week since i have been working on my website)
  2. 18,47 $ (HYIP sites)

Total: 19,49 (only counting from websites that has paid me to a wallet i have control over)

The payment proofs and which sites im currently using can be seen at my website at

My journey to making $100k per month from passive income


I hope your day has been amazing. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like making $100k per month from passive income? The concept i… | Read the rest of

air travel – Not flying the first leg of the journey – Company cancels the second-leg ticket

Yes. It is usually required that you fly all legs of a single ticket. Even if you skip the last leg, the airline might penalise you later. At the very least, you should contact the airline before the flight and tell them that for unforeseen reasons you need to skip one leg; in this case, they might not cancel the remainder.

Of course, in every particular case it depends on the fine print of your ticket. As Burhan Khalid points out, this probably just refers you to the policy of the carrier, for example:

The General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of (airline) apply. They are to be found on (airline’s website) and can be provided at all (airline) ticket counters.

In the case of Iberia, I cannot find the relevant section in their Conditions of Carriage, so your friend might actually have a case against them (but more likely I am missing something).

As an example, another airline has

In as much a Ticket was booked that requires the observance of a predetermined chronological order of the
use of the individual Flight Coupons, and the Passenger deviates from this chronological order, the Airline will
charge the price that would have applied at the time of booking the actual route taken.

In other words, if you don’t fly the route on your ticket, the airline can charge you for the route you did actually fly.

customer experience – Maintaining and improving a user journey map

I’m maintaning an existing user journey map which i hope to improve. I’m curious for this what should potential things i should look at.

Currently I’m looking at

  • highlighting parts of the journey that are assumptions and coming up with an action plan to validate them.
  • Updating new and upcoming features in the journey that address specific painpoints

I’m also thinking what additional layers that could be added to the user journey map. Currently
there are channel touchpoints and emotions of the user. I’ve seen other user journeys with much more layers.

My question is, is there anything i should look at besides the above? thank you

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[JOURNEY and PRESENTATION] Follow my journey to the Online Money Making world | NewProxyLists

Hey guys,

Nice to see you all on this beautiful community!

I am Dan from Italy, i have 31 years old and i am a professional web designer and web developer.
I decided to start a thread with my journey on earning online money after i tested some methods found in this group but even some of my personal methods.

So, take a seat and read all of my updates, leave some rep if you will like what you are reading!

Day one:


1. PERSONAL BLOG: I created a blog (written in english) that i prepared for AdSense program, i managed to get a 97% of SEO on the blog and now i am getting aprox. 600 – 1500 organic search visits. The blog was made with WordPress using a Newspaper theme and in my articles i use as outbound links, my refferal links to different websites that bring me earnings.

– Today (until this moment), with my refferal earnings (today from 3 websites) i managed to earn:

#1 st website: 11$
#2 nd website: 14$
#3 rd website: 23$

2. CPA MONEY: I am using 2 methods of CPA, Adult dating with SOI/DOI based offers and Content locking CPA on two different networks. (IF you are interested in CPA, i can provide you my refferal links for fast and sicure approval – My 5% refferal commission will be paid by the 2 networks and not from your personal earnings – inbox me if interested).

– Adult Dating – SOI/DOI – I made NO INVESTMENTS as it’s simple as hell to get some free adult traffic, i am using chats, adult websites, adult forums etc., you invest just.. YOUR TIME, today i worked just 30 minutes and i managed to earn (today until this moment):

# ADULT CPA SOI/DOI on one network: 34$

– CONTENT LOCKING CPA – The only investment i made it was 25$ (Paid my membership for Google Pay Store Developing program – Yes, i created a web-view app that i published on google). Good, so, i use apps on Google Pay Store to get traffic to my CONTENT LOCKING page. You invest some initial time to create and publish the apps and after that, it’s all AUTOPILOT! My initial app was downloaded 2000+ times (it was published 3 days ago) and i managed to earn (today until now):

# CONTENT LOCKING with traffic from Google Application: 123$


1. Did you heard about GPT/PTC scripts? If you don’t, i will explain.. These scripts are self-hosted and they are just platforms where users can register and take actions (get paid to DO SOMETHING – watch ads, complete surveys, visit shortlinks etc) and they get paid for thei arcions. So, you buy a script, you install and configure it as it’s ready-made, promote it on money making based communities and they register and start earning. For example, one user registers and completes a survey that pays 2$, he will get 0.5$ and you will get 1.5$.
Now that you get what a GPT/PTC script means, i will explain what i did using steps:

STEP1: Found 10 scripts from the same author that are presenting interest on internet’s users
STEP2: Buy’d the scripts at the author’s prices (i spent like 1500$ for all 10 scripts – you get the source code with one license for each script, with the license you can use one script for one domain name)
STEP3: BLACKHAT SHIT – I NULLLED THE SCRIPTS! – Yes, i can install the scripts without license, on a unlimited number of domain names!
STEP4: Bought a domain similar to the one that the author uses for his script shop
STEP5: Installed e-commerce and i created my own shop
STEP6: Did better seo score that the author’s (SEO IT’S IMPORTANT)
STEP7: I published the scripts to my own shop at low prices
STEP8: I published my shop on some forums and started to get customers

# I got 43 customers that managed me to bring: 3650$, so, 3650$(earnings) – 1500$(investment) = 2150$(profit)

2. Installed one GPT/PTC script and published to niche forums and i got: “2,700 registered users which have earned $1,148.82!”, the GPT/PTC platform offers different types of membership.

# I got another 65$ from membership selling

TOTAL EARNINGS (until now): 2420$

PS: You won’t earn money standing and watching films and series on Netflix, you have to work, every day and you will achive your goal for sure!

Leave some REP if you like what i am doing and see you tomorow for the updates!

Best regards,


Start a journey: Win $ 500 per day

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Case study for managing revenue in hospitals using journey mapping

I am looking for UX case studies that resolved revenue management systems in hardware service deliveries in hospitals & clinics.

flowcharts – User-flow visualising a back-end journey based on documentation

I’m working on visualising a user journey based on the backend on how a developer can set up a portal through the complete back-end, not using any UI/dashboard.

Has anyone got a good example of what such diagram could look like? It could be a normal flow, I am just not sure how to do it from a developers POV.

Just as an example, how could you visualise in a flow/journey how a user goes through this documentation


[ Journey ] Blog Income Report – How I Made $713.85 In May 2020

Join me on my journey with my monthly blog income reports collection.

I publish a monthly blog income reports which breaks down key blog statistics, how much the blog has earned and spent throughout the month. One thing I would like you to be aware of is that these reports were started 20 months after launching this blog.


Because at the time of starting these case studies this blog was already launched back in August of 2018 – back then I never really published monthly income reports or progress as it was not a major focus at the time.

I will attempt to continue rank and build this blogs’ income and traffic without fancy link building tools while just focusing on – on page SEO, keyword research and publishing high quality unique content and tutorials.

After having steady growth I decided to do monthly case studies to see if I can continue to grow my monthly blog income and traffic without begging for guest posting opportunities, blog roundups or link building that every so called “blog guru” is telling every newbie to focus on in order for their blog to be successful.

I truly believe that I can grow my traffic and income by NOT doing what every other blogger out there is doing. I also tell you exactly what I did in each month and the precise steps I took to generate the traffic and income.

These blog traffic and income reports provide full transparency on all aspects of the blog including a range of statistics from unique social and organic visitors.

I decided to publish these to help myself track my own progress while helping others with what works and more importantly what didn’t work.

My hope is that somewhere in my monthly income, growth and traffic reports there will be information that will help other bloggers grow their blog from my trial, errors or successes.

Will my blog income, growth and traffic experiment be successful, or will I fail? You be the judge!

Welcome to my very first blog income report; these reports will be a part of my monthly blog growth case study.

At the end of every month I will publish a post like this one that shows you how this blog is progressing and everything I have done across the month to get it there.

Why I’m Doing Monthly Reports

At the time I’m starting these reports the world is smack in the middle of a global “corona virus” – COVID19 pandemic. These monthly reports will help me track my own progress and keep me accountable while helping any newbie blogger with what has worked for me and what has not worked during the month.

This will also prove if I can grow this blog to a full time income without chasing or building links to this blog and inspire those who may be struggling or thinking about starting a blog that with hard work and dedication you can grow your blogs’ traffic and make a full time income for yourself and family.

What I Have Done In May

In the beginning of the month I made some changes to the blog and focused on speed optimization. I removed Google Adsense from the blog and I’m currently testing for blog speed and affiliate income growth.

Although I’ve accomplish both desk top and mobile loading times of under 2 seconds I did see a drop in income from both the removal of the ads as well as the Google May update.

Most blogs have taken a hit but it looks like I’m gaining back in serps. Many bloggers old and new where either positively or negatively impacted so unique content still rules along with page speed.

I will continue my blog load speed optimization case study into June and provide an update if I decide to add the Google Adsense revenue stream back to the blog.

Content Creation

With all the COVID19 pandemic lockdown restrictions like I mentioned earlier I spent the month doing some back end tweaks to the blog, bloated plugin removals and data base clean up so I only published nine post this month.

Eight of those post where company review post while one was a WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial – based on my results from the May case study, you can check out the tutorial if you like.

The focus was on long tail keywords for the review post so I’m eager to see how the eight post perform in the month ahead. I’m happy to say all nine post have already been indexed by Google so it’s only a matter of ranking in the serps.

Time Invested

Overall I’ve invested 60 hours this month on the blog with 30 of those hours geared toward keyword research and content creation. The other 30 hours was spent doing back end tweaks to the blog and speed optimization research.

What I Did for Traffic Generation
To generate traffic to the blog this month all I have done is –

  • Twitter blog post tweets and re-tweet
  • Post pins to Pinterest using my Tailwind tool
  • Started using Blackhatworld and DigitalPoint forums
  • Shamelessly beg people to re-share my blog post and tutorials

Remember my goal is to build a full time income without chasing or building links to this blog.

Crunching The Numbers

Throughout the month my traffic fluctuated due to the May Google update but my social traffic held strong with engagement from Pinterest. You can take a look at my visitor stats, most popular content, top traffic sources and search traffic for the month below.

Visitor Statistics
During May the blog had 3,706 visitors that resulted in overall page views of 4,895 for the month. Not too bad with no link building strategy in place.

Most Popular Content
My most popular content was a post on how to raise your credit score – I guest people are still looking for ways to boost or raise their credit scores during the month of May despite the pandemic and world wide lock downs.

That post alone contributed to the blog getting 1,216 page views this month. If traffic continues to that post I’ll be dropping links to leverage more traffic throughout the blog.

Top Traffic Sources
Despite having a focus on traffic from Pinterest my on page and off page SEO strategy is paying off due to receiving 1,590 unique visitors from organic traffic. That may not seem like a lot of organic traffic but it’s a win in my book when Google ranks your post and show your blog love.

Pinterest trailed close behind and brought in 1,320 in unique visitors to the blog this month. You can see the remainder of the traffic sources that showed some love this month.

Search Engine Traffic
This month overall 31 keywords brought in 1,649 visitors to the blog of which 1,590 were unique visitors and 59 were repeat visitors.

Forum Posts

I just started focusing on forums as a traffic generation experiment the last three days in May so to get 5 visits to my blog from Blackhatworld by just being active on the forum is a small win.

So continuing this strategy is a no-brainer – I’ll be ramping up my forum posting in June to see what my results will look like, so stay tuned.

Across May I only made 39 posts in forums which are broken down as follows-

  • DigitalPoint – 11 posts ( no views )
  • Blackhatworld – 28 posts ( 5 views )

Note that I’m not allowed to post links or set up a home age on DigitalPoint forum as yet so I’m assuming that’s why I did not get as least one page view from that forum to my blog.

I have no way of pointing people to my blog as yet but I’m excited to see what kind of results DigitalPoint forum will bring.

Income Report

I’m guessing most of you have scrolled to the bottom to see how much the blog has earned this month so without further ado-

Total Affiliate Earnings – $171.51

Where this income came from:

  • ShareASale – $23.70
  • Flexoffers – $55.60
  • Clickbank – $46.21
  • MyAutoPilot Traffic – $46.00

Total Ad Networks Earnings – $204.34

Where this income came from:

  • Google Adsense – $204.34

Total Services Earnings – $385.00

Where this income came from:

  • (2) Blog and plugin installation service – $94.00
  • (3) Blog speed optimization services – $291.00
  • Sponsorships – $0

Gross Income: $760.85

Total Expenses – $47.00

Where this money was spent:

  • Blog hosting – $0 ( yearly subscription paid )
  • Tailwind – $0 ( yearly subscription paid )
  • WP Rocket cache plugin – $47.00 ( purchased one year license )

Total Net Income Less Expenses – $713.85

That means overall the blog has generated $713.85 in revenue during the month.

Now $713.85 that may not seem like a lot of income generated to some people; but all of this income was made from my blog as opposed to a 40 hour work week at a desk.

My income took a hit along with my decision to remove Google Adsense earlier in the month but I’ll continue my blog speed experiment to see if my affiliate income will be affected in a positive way in the months ahead due to my blog speed.

Remember one of the things I’m trying to achieve with this blog is to rank it in Google without doing any link building at all.

My Shameless Plea for Help

Will You Help Me? One of the traffic strategies I have been using is shamelessly asking people to share my blog post and tutorials.

If you want to help me out with my blog income, growth and traffic experiment and say thanks for my reviews or tutorials then please take 60 seconds to share them.

You can do that by-

  • Posting on SEO & webmaster forums
  • Sharing them with friends on social media
  • Writing about them on your blog
  • Sharing them with your e-mail list
  • Leaving comments & ratings

Be sure to drop me a mail if you share them and I’ll shout you out in the monthly reports!

Before You Go

Now over to you – what do you think? Is SEO without link building even possible?

Do you have any tips or advice on what I should be doing to make this a success?

Is my zero link building case study setup for success or failure?