Send emails with voting buttons from SharePoint jQuery

I send emails from SharePoint using jQuery's api rest, I want to send a voting button or invitation to a meeting using jQuery's api rest.
Is there any way to succeed that?

Tbody selected not removing multiple tbody with jquery

I know it's a very simple request, but I spent my whole day running it, but I was unlucky. So please do not downvote, I ask. It's urgent for me. Here, I am trying to remove a tbody with his ID but this is not the case, by any of the methods I found on the Internet. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here.


(tbody has dummy content for the test.Please ignore it.)

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq wwwwwwwwwwwwww eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I receive this layout from a CMS where I want to delete "tbody" selected.

JQuery .each () table – Spanish stack overflow

Take the values ​​from column 1 and column, perform the operation and place the result in the result column, you must use the method .each ()

That's the table


Columna 1 Signo Columna 2 Igual Resultado
15 - 10 =
20 * 2 =


Project () {function

$('#operaciones tr').each(function(){


jQuery: Remove the checked attribute from a radio button

On my website on music, I have a voting system consisting of radio buttons:

    " : ">";


So, if the user has already voted (via jQuery and .ajax()) a song, the corresponding radio button appears checked when updating the web:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Well, I try to edit my script so that if the user clicks the radio button marked, checked vanish:

    $(this).attr('checked', false);

And apparently it works, the attribute checked disappears:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

The problem is that if you then click on another radio button (in this case, 1, 2, 3 or 5), you change the vote, then click again on the initial radio button (on 4), the DOM continues to assume this is the checked and delete the vote again (although now it is no longer a 4, but another value of the five possible).

I feel that it has to do with the differences between .attr() and .prop()but I found myself stuck in the beginning, see if you can give me a cable.

jquery – Woocommerce Flexslider's touchscreen feature on the desktop does not work

I use Flexslider settings in Woocommerce to change the image slider on the single product page.


Support for this is added to Woocommerce by default.

I've entered the code below into the functions.php file in order to set the "touch" parameter to true and allow finger swiping on touch devices.
I've confirmed that it works on a mobile device. However, it does not work on my Surface Pro 3 (a difficult device).
It works under Surface Pro under Chrome DevTools, if I change the size of the device screen a bit, and then come back to full screen mode. However, when I close DevTools and refresh it, finger swiping stops working.

add_filter("woocommerce_single_product_carousel_options", "change_flexslider_options", 10);
function change_flexslider_options($options) {
$options = array(
  'rtl' => is_rtl(), 
  'animation' => 'slide', 
  'smoothHeight' => false, 
  'directionNav' => true,  
  'controlNav' => true,
  'slideshow' => false, 
  'animationSpeed' => 500, 
  'animationLoop' => false,
  'touch' => true,
return $options;

I do not know how flexslider recognizes if the desktop is a touch device or not.

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Dynamic Id PHP and JQuery – HTML Reading and Feeding Fields

Good night all!

I need your help to solve a problem that is hurting me, I have looked a lot for a solution, but until now I have not found anything that is really 100% satisfying. .

I have a div that is powered based on the items saved in a database table, it is powered by foreach, you can not predict the number of items that can be listed because the elements of service will be registered by users.

In this division, certain fields (quantity, value of service and contracted value) must be filled according to the day of the week, identified by a date entered in the form. This data may vary depending on the service element listed.
I was able to dynamically create the field ID in the form, but I could not dynamically resolve the form via Jquery with the returned data based on the service elements and their specific values ​​per day. the week.

Can you help me solve this problem?

Below, I present my codes so that they can evaluate:

Extract from the form to feed:



service_id == 1): ?>

From Jquery:

        //Recupera o que está sendo digitado no input do campo data do evento
        var week = ("Domingo", "Segunda-Feira", "Terça-Feira", "Quarta-Feira", "Quinta-Feira", "Sexta-Feira", "Sábado");
        var date = new Date ($(this).val() + "T00:00");
        var day_week_ext =  week(date.getDay());
        var day_week =  date.getDay();
        var value_service = $("#value_service").html();
        var date_event_contract = $("#date_event_contract").html();
        var Objvalue_service = JSON.parse(value_service);
        var date_alt = ($(this).val()) != date_event_contract;
        var quantity1_event = $("#quantity1_event").html();
        var value_service1_event = $("#value_service1_event").html();
        var value_contract1_event = $("#value_contract1_event").html();

        document.getElementById('dia_semana').value = day_week_ext;

            if (!date_event_contract || date_alt ) {
                    if (day_week === 0 ) {
                                document.getElementById('quantity1').value = Objvalue_service('hr_service_sunday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service1').value = Objvalue_service('value_sunday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract1').value = Objvalue_service('value_sunday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('quantity2').value = Objvalue_service('hr_service_sunday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service2').value = Objvalue_service('value_sunday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract2').value = Objvalue_service('value_sunday').replace('.',',');
                                $("#vr_tot_service").html("R$ " + (Objvalue_service('value_sunday').replace('.',',')));
                        } else if (day_week === 6 ) {
                                document.getElementById('quantity1').value = Objvalue_service('hr_service_saturday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service1').value = Objvalue_service('value_saturday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract1').value = Objvalue_service('value_saturday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('quantity2').value = Objvalue_service('hr_service_saturday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service2').value = Objvalue_service('value_saturday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract2').value = Objvalue_service('value_saturday').replace('.',',');
                                $("#vr_tot_service").html("R$ " + (Objvalue_service('value_saturday').replace('.',',')));
                         } else if (day_week === 5 ) {
                                document.getElementById('quantity1').value = Objvalue_service('hr_service_friday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service1').value = Objvalue_service('value_friday').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract1').value = Objvalue_service('value_friday').replace('.',',');
                                $("#vr_tot_service").html("R$ " + (Objvalue_service('value_friday').replace('.',',')));
                            } else  {
                                document.getElementById('quantity1').value = Objvalue_service('hr_service_week').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service1').value = Objvalue_service('value_week').replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract1').value = Objvalue_service('value_week').replace('.',',');
                                $("#vr_tot_service").html("R$ " + (Objvalue_service('value_week').replace('.',',')));
                       } else if (($(this).val()) === date_event_contract ) {
                                document.getElementById('quantity1').value = quantity1_event.replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_service1').value = value_service1_event.replace('.',',');
                                document.getElementById('value_contract1').value = value_contract1_event.replace('.',',');
                                $("#vr_tot_service").html("R$ " + (value_contract1_event.replace('.',',')));


            console.log(!date_event_contract || date_alt);


jquery – AutoComplete does not show results

I'm trying to recover data from a MySQL bbdd with a plugin that performs a typeahead / autocomplete on a database.
I have in the file index.php the field to write, the css, the script, … but it does not recover any value.

At the system log level, the request is about what "something" is doing.

Values ​​to retrieve are countries, so when you search for "Spain" for example

MariaDB (countries)> SELECT country FROM countries WHERE country = "Spain";
| country |
| Spain   |

This is the file. index.php:


Jquery script:

File search.php:

 while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
  $data() = $row("country");
 echo json_encode($data);


For example, I downloaded the Web:

What could happen or what would I miss? thank you!

jquery – Multiple HTML5 audio players with playlist. Will play the first playlist but a new window will open when reading the second list

var audio;
var playlist;
var tracks;
var current;


function init() {
  current = 0;
  audio = $('audio');
  playlist = $('#playlist');
  tracks = playlist.find('li a');
  len = tracks.length - 1;
  audio(0).volume = 1;
  playlist.find('a').click(function(e) {
    link = $(this);
    current = link.parent().index();
    run(link, audio(0));
  audio(0).addEventListener('ended', function(e) {
    if ($(audio).hasClass("repeat")) {
      if (current > len) {
        current = 0;
        link = playlist.find('a')(0);
      } else {
        link = playlist.find('a')(current);
      run($(link), audio(0));
    } else if ($(audio).hasClass("repeat-trk")) {
      if (current == len) {
        current = 0;
        link = playlist.find('a')(0);
      } else {
        link = playlist.find('a')(current);
      run($(link), audio(0));
    } else {
      if (current < len) {
        current = 0;
        link = playlist.find('a')(0);
      } else {
        link = playlist.find('a')(current);
      run($(link), audio(0));

function run(link, player) {
  player.src = link.attr('href');
  par = link.parent();

jquery – Verification error on magento 2.3.2 after upgrade

I had upgraded the version of magento to version 2.3.2 and on the payment page, I get the following error

payment.js:50 Uncaught ReferenceError: getPaymentInformation is not defined
    at UiClass.navigate (payment.js:50)
    at UiClass.initialize (payment.js:39)
    at UiClass.initialize (wrapper.js:109)
    at new UiClass (class.js:49)
    at Object.initComponent (layout.js:137)
    at fire (jquery.js:3232)
    at Object.fireWith (as resolveWith) (jquery.js:3362)
    at Object.deferred. (jquery.js:3461)
    at fire (jquery.js:3232)
    at Object.fireWith (as resolveWith) (jquery.js:3362)