SSH Jump Server | JumpBox SSH | Meet PCI DSS standards when using SSH remotely on Linux servers

How Ezeelogin improve the security of your servers when ssh staff remotely and thus protect your business? How does this help you manage multiple Linux servers?

How does Ezeelogin help you meet various compliance standards, such as PCI DSS 3.2, HIPPA,
SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, CIP NERC, ISO 27001, GDPR when does the staff connect to your server via ssh remotely?

What is Ezeelogin?
It is a secure SSH gateway software, also called Linux jump server software, that would help you easily manage and administer multiple Linux cpanel / WHM servers with enhanced security. This would also allow you to manage your employees' SSH access to Linux servers. This would allow you to provide your customers with superior and faster customer service. Ezeelogin would allow a company to save thousands of dollars each year if it had multiple Linux servers and had several employees to manage them. Set up your SSH jump box today.

Is Ezeelogin a hosted solution?
No, it is not a hosted solution. The software must be installed on your Linux servers. This gives you better control and security.

  • No more Excel spreadsheets, Google documents, drop boxes, or shared documents to share details of your server.
  • Do not worry about resetting the root password on all your servers when an employee leaves his / her workstation.
  • Do not worry anymore about removing SSH keys on all your servers when an employee leaves his post.
  • Save SSH sessions from your staff. This feature records all SSH sessions, including SSH entries and exits. The details of the time and date of access are also recorded. You can search later in the history of your critical systems.
  • Provide root SSH access on your servers without giving the root passwords of your Linux servers.
  • Provide privileged access – Grant access so that your staff connects to the server as a "non-custom user" and not as a "root"

  • Provide WHM access or other configuration panel on your servers without revealing your root password. This can be done not only for cpanel / whm but also for almost any other control panel like plesk ensim webmin and much more.
  • SSH User Access Control allows you to easily grant or deny users ssh access to the servers you select.
  • Two-factor authentication like Yubikey, DUO security, Google 2fA are supported.
  • Automated switch user (su) Sign in to improve security without having to remember passwords.
  • Automatic reset of the root password on all or server group at the click of a mouse. This can be configured for an automated periodic reset to keep changing your root passwords on a regular basis.
  • Automatic reset of the SSH key in a click of the mouse.
  • Automatic reset of the SSH key in a click of the mouse.
  • Command line filter avoids the accidental execution of commands such as rm -rf / etc. Filter any command with the help of a regular expression

Ezeelogin automations for the management and administration of several Linux servers

Worlds first parallel shell built into the ssh gateway so that commands can be easily executed on all server groups. This is a really cool trick in SSH and we base it as one of the ingenious features of ezeelogin.

The world's first ssh cluster gateway for redundancy so that you have access to your server at any time.

First ssh gateway in the world this allows you to monitor both the input and output of all commands executed through ssh by your system administrators. All actions are fully recorded and you can also see what your technician and system administrator are running on the servers in real time.

First connection to the world of an automated switch user (su) it would improve security without having to remember passwords.

The world's first ssh user access control system built into the SSH gateway that would allow you to grant / deny SSH access to servers, thus improving security.

World's first command-line filter Allows you to control the commands that a technician / administrator can run on servers. Avoid rm -rf / accidental commands or any other command you can imagine with full regexp support.

Access to the control panel without password(almost every control panel you can think of) in just one click.

Data center portal without password access in just 1 click.

Easily locate and ssh in your servers with less time. Check out the interesting searches based on the host name, IP address, description, and so on.

Automatic reset of the root password You avoid having to periodically reset your root password on the server to improve security.

Automated connection in virtual containers using vzctl enter veid.

Automatic reset of SSH keys users on the servers.

Automated generation of root passwords
through the servers.

and much more … check it. and let us know if you still need crucial features and we'll add them.

THE Ezeelogin FIVE STAR Reviews *****

"Our team manages hundreds of clustered systems in different data centers. We needed a product that could safely manage our infrastructure servers in accordance with the PCI standard with remote logging features using a console. The other two requirements were for a secure method of managing our SSH keys and allowing us to issue remote commands over large groups of systems. Ezeelogin has allowed us to save countless hours in management and streamline our processes by combining so many features into one product. Our technicians are no longer forced to switch between two or three different interfaces to obtain critical information. Our customer service staff and support staff are committed to bringing system management and our customers to the forefront while leaving Ezeelogin to take care of everything. We highly recommend the Admod Ezeelogin product for all size environments. It is the most stable and affordable product available in this market that offers the robust scalability that seems to continually adapt to the ever-changing computing environment."
Kevin Hatfield (CEO) *****

"We love the Ezeelogin software and think that it has huge potential, no hosting company with multiple servers should go without. It's certainly as advertised. I like that !!!"
Patrick Sanders
, *****

"I am so happy to have found Ezeelogin. I own a small hosting company with over 70 servers. Ezeelogin is incredibly convenient and has reduced our response time in dealing with server problems and has enabled our employees to be more productive. It would be hard to imagine life without ezeelogin !! "
Todd Reagor
, CEO, *****

"With the increasing amount of servers, it was increasingly difficult to manage our servers. With Ezeelogin, we have found the ideal solution to reduce the time needed to manage our servers. Thanks to the exceptional support, we were able to configure ezeelogin in record time."
Michael Brunner
, CTO, NovaTrend Services GmbH *****

"Ezeelogin is really great software. We have secured all our servers with a centralized interface. We were already working on it, but we did not have to, because it's much more profitable. The support is very fast and responsive too, they know very well what they are doing."
Richard K, *****

"Ezeelogin is a great software that works really well for us, which saves a lot of time and is incredibly safe."
Toby Hewett
, Technical director, EtherClear Managed Hosting Limited, *****

"During the first few weeks of use of Ezeelogin, we could see how powerful this system is. Ezeelogin saved us a lot of time managing servers. It's good to be able to connect to all of our servers through a portal, rather than having to manually search for relevant server details when a customer is having a problem. If you need a fast and secure way to manage multiple servers, I highly recommend Ezeelogin."
Dan Thompson
, Director, D9 Solutions Ltd *****

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We guarantee you that ezeelogin will save you time and money every time you add a server or staff and will help you make the most of your current human and material resources.

Go ahead and discover the change in the way multiple servers are administered. Get the most out of your existing technical support and system administrator by giving them the tools to use this essential tool.

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