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Justin Cener – Print on Demand for Etsy + Models


Learn how to master print on demand for Etsy and make sales without running ads for only $ 97!
Learn how to use Print On Demand + Etsy to profit without ever touching a single product or spending $ 1 on ads

With print-on-demand … you can sell hundreds of different products without ever having to touch a product or pay for a product in advance.

With Etsy… you can reach over 40,000,000 buyers who spent $ 4 billion on last year without spending a single penny on advertisements.

Combine print on demand with Etsy and you can sell products you never have to touch, ship or prepay and instantly reach over 40,000,000 buyers without spending any money for advertising!

This is the huge opportunity with Etsy and Print on Demand!

Profit without ever touching a product or broadcasting advertisements! Here's exactly what you get when you sign up
Class 1: Introduction to Etsy Print On Demand

You will learn exactly how to take advantage of the Etsy + Print on Demand business opportunity. This course summarizes the overall strategy and gives you the details and step by step to get started immediately.

Class 2: Configure your Etsy store

This is where we go over the shoulder and, step by step, you get your store setup! You will learn every detail and you will have full confidence in creating a reliable and fully branded store that will convert to the highest level possible. No technical skills required.

Class 3: integration of print on demand + Etsy

Now that you have your Etsy store, it's time to take advantage of the power of print on demand. Step by step, over the shoulder, you will learn how to integrate print on demand in your Etsy store. At the end of this lesson, you will have your first product live in your store.

Class 4: Product design and research

With print on demand, this is a highly sought after product, and in print on demand, this product is based on a design. You will learn how to do winning design and product studies to start making sales from day one.

Class 5: Get designs and work with designers

Design research is only part of the overall product research and development cycle. You will learn how to get the right kind of designs, how to work with designers, where to find them, and most importantly, what to ask them to receive a great design.

Class 6: Keyword research, labeling and optimization

There are more than 40,000,000 buyers who search Etsy in search of the perfect product. This lesson teaches you how to optimize your ad to ensure you are seen by as many of these buyers as possible, all without advertising costs!

Class 7: Capitalize on trends

The trends are huge on Etsy and you will learn exactly how to make money with viral things in this lesson. Being able to move quickly is the key and this class goes step by step through the process of discovering trends and getting them immediately to your store.

Class 8: Etsy sponsored lists

Learn all about the different ways to make Etsy sponsored lists. This lesson will take a closer look at the different promotional strategies that Etsy offers inside your own store account. You’ll see over the shoulder how to set everything up correctly.

Bonus: 26 models of high-end product models

You get 26 models of high conversion t-shirt mockups that can work for any design in any niche! You can simply modify these models to include your design and instantly increase the perceived values ​​and the first impression of your products. Easy to use with Photoshop or similar programs. Includes several variations, styles and layouts.

Bonus: the 30 most profitable optimization tags for Etsy

As you will learn throughout this course, optimizing your listing is the key to earning a ton of money and profit on Etsy. This bonus includes the 30 most profitable tags from last year on Etsy. Tags are one of the most important optimization methods on Etsy and they are always great choices to include.


GET – Print On Demand Models for Etsy + – Justin Cener | NewProxyLists

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