Apple keyboard remap the keyboard comma for dot in Catalina 10.15.2 without external tools

According to this SO response, it is possible to remap the comma into a point in the numeric keypad creating the file /Users/(user)/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict:

   "#," = ("insertText:", ".");

It worked like a charm in Mojave but now, on Catalina 10.15.2, this solution no longer works. Probably something has changed in the new operating system.

I wonder if there is a similar trick to get things working again.

physical – Why is the caps lock key often so large on a keyboard?

It seems that the caps lock key is not a frequently used key on a computer keyboard, but on all keyboards I have used, it offers a significant amount of space. 39 interface, often as much as the backspace key and more than quite a few other keys such as delete, arrow keys and escape.

The caps lock key is used in some specialized applications: engineers use it, as do people with poor motor control of their hands, and I imagine graphic designers who often use capital letters for reasons Stylistics also benefit from its existence, but even in these cases, it is still a rarely used key.

Why is it so big? Should it be resized or placed in a different position on the keyboard?

Why don't my touchpad and keyboard work with Kali Linux on Mac dual boot?

Due to my current circumstances, I need dual boot kali linux on my MacBook Pro (2018). I managed to burn the image to an external flash drive and load it to the desktop in the kali os. My problem is that once I get to the desktop, my mouse and keyboard no longer work at all. How to solve this problem? Do I have to install a driver? If so, how could I do it?

(I am relatively new to Linux, so a more in-depth explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance)

keyboard – some shortcut keys do not work for some applications

Try to understand why some shortcut keys will not work in some applications. For example, cmd + will not work in WhatsApp to enlarge the text, and cmd + ctrl + f will not work in Joplin to make it full screen. I suspect that another application is hijacking this keyboard shortcut, but how can I check it? How to check the commands that the computer actually executes?

Vector – How to prevent sprite capture from top to bottom during diagonal movement when releasing the keyboard

I have a sprite that faces 4 directions depending on the entrance. All this works well, except for my keyboard input.

If I press down right simultaneously on the keyboard and release both keys, there is a moment when I press only the right key. This creates a snap of my sprite when releasing the keys where now I'm suddenly turned to the right instead of the bottom.

basically i would like to release the x and y buttons at the same time but i don't have a good way to detect this. his TOO sensitive.

    pressed_vector.x = int(directions.right) - int(directions.left)
    pressed_vector.y = int(directions.down) - int(directions.up)

    dpad_vector = pressed_vector.normalized()

this is the standard entry code you see everywhere.

I have the player mapped to a virtual joystick, dpad, etc. and I don't have this problem because on release, you will release your x and y keys at the same time. I don't know how to handle this with the keyboard.

How to prevent my keyboard from trying to suggest 2 sets of spelling corrections?

Some time ago, my keyboard decided to start recommending two sets of spelling corrections. The new type of spelling corrections tends to prevent me from using the one I prefer to use.

For reference, I have included an image. The popup that comes from the misspelled word is the spelling correction system I don't want to use, while the one below is the one I want to use.

I am on an LG phone with Android version 9.

Reference image

Keyboard lights on Manjaro KDE

I have a laptop with an LED keyboard and I use Manjaro KDE, it's an Avell laptop, and I don't turn on the keyboard lights

What are the privacy cons of using Google's Gboard keyboard for Android?

For several reasons, I do what I can to avoid using Google products. But I am currently using the Android operating system (at least for now).

One thing I like about Android is being able to use any keyboard app you want. I did everything I could to avoid using the Google Gboard keyboard. I have tried more than half a dozen keyboard apps, but the one I like the most is Gboard (and I didn't watch it until after I been dissatisfied with the other keyboards I have tried). Its recognition by word scanning seems more precise than the other keyboards that I have installed. In addition, I find that the ability to search for emoji by name is a useful feature.

But Google has not gained my trust, and my lack of trust in them is largely based on their historical behaviors as well as on the statements of some of their senior executives.

What are the privacy downsides of using Google's Gboard keyboard if data access through a firewall is allowed?

What happens if access to Gboard's data is denied through a firewall (but connections to Google are still mostly allowed for the rest of the Android operating system, Google Play services and the Google Play store)?

sleep watch – MacBook Pro mouse and keyboard freeze after opening cover

So recently my MacBook Pro 2018 Touchbar (4 USB-C and Intel I5 Quadcore) had a really strange problem after waking up from Sleep. Whenever I open the lid and log in:
The screen wakes up as usual, sometimes I can see new notifications from Firefox, but my mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive. I see the mouse cursor, but it does not move. The CTRL + arrow key will also not change screens. It's exactly like in this article here from 7 years since. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have resolved it. This sometimes happens from a few seconds to 30 seconds.

It also always happens for at least a few seconds, no matter where I am or in what state I closed the lid.

If I forgot to mention something important, I'm happy to deliver, just ask, I want it fixed, it's boring like hell hell have to wait 30 seconds when all you want to do is quickly recheck an email.

thanks <3