Keyboard – Input not recognized when using Remote Switch Control

Because I support a few friends with their iOS devices, I've tried to find the best way to bypass Apple's limitation of not being able to remotely control iOS. THIS To close.

The configuration is simple. I use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) to connect to my friend's Mac computer, connected via USB to the iOS device, and control it so that I can see the screen via QuickTime. From there, I talk to my friend on the phone or talk to him to tell him what to do because I see exactly what is happening on the screen.

The next level concerns the activation of this accessibility feature called Switch Control on the remote Mac, which basically allows to perform actions on an iOS device connected to the local network. And just when I thought I had tuned my magic, it appears that Switch Control does not recognize any keystrokes or mouse clicks that are not physically executed on the remote computer. Even the on-screen keyboard does not work … damn!
If I create a remote button (trigger), the remote Mac records it, but neither I nor my friend can use the trigger for Switch Control. If the trigger is registered according to a physical input, my friend can use it, but I can not do it even using the on-screen keyboard.

So, no matter what trigger you are recording, it seems that Switch Control never recognizes remote / virtual inputs for actual use of the triggers. However, I can not believe that there is no way to simulate this physical input, so that Switch Control listens to my inputs sent remotely via ARD.

This is the only way to remotely control an iOS device in the context where Apple does not support it, yet this small detail prevents it from working. I am basically looking for a way to simulate a physical input in a way that would be recognized by Switch Control.

Note: The jailbreak is not an option and anyway, Veency no longer works from iOS 12.

usb debugging – allows screen mirroring on the Galaxy S7 (faulty display) with a keyboard

I have a Galaxy S7 device with a black and broken screen. I would like to activate the screenshot on this one to save the data, but it is not possible to use a touch screen.
So I bought an OTG cable to connect a mouse or keyboard to my phone.
The problem is that I do not know what steps I need to perform to touch the screen mirroring button in the top menu.

Is there a way to know the steps to follow for this?

Or, is there an alternative way to access the phone?

I've tried with the Vysor software application, but it is necessary that USB debugging be enabled on the phone. I therefore may need to know the steps to enable USB debugging via the keyboard.

Exclusive Linux Keyboard Control – Super User

I wonder if it is possible that a program receives all the keys on the keyboard?

For example, if I load a game in Wine, the game includes all the keys you press, but if I press a key that another program is listening, then this another program is working. I would like to be able to give a program all the presses on the keys.

I hope that makes sense.

The Qwerty keyboard does not allow me to unlock my Huawei Y9

Suddenly since last night, my lock screen keyboard is replaced by qwerty instead of the keypad, which is why my phone does not accept the digital PIN …..

Delete iPad Virtual Keyboard Prompt

On my iPad, I use a Bluetooth keyboard, I use a web page as an application downloaded on the home screen of the iPad. When I start typing this iPad prompt appears as in the photo. This distorts the web application I use. Whatever it is to stop that? I lean heavily towards no, but maybe an expert knows a way. I'm using iPadOS 13 beta 5 on an iPad Pro 12.9 by the way.

Xpra (mouse / keyboard) input problems with Minecraft

Using Xpra, I can run a remote session and log in. In this case, I'm running Minecraft. Everything seems to work, except the inputs. Many events seem to be lost, such as mouse lock requests and keypad presses.

The mouse does not lock on the window, which causes the player to spin uncontrollably unless the cursor is at the top left of the screen. I can not use the move buttons such as w, a, s and d, just does not respond, works oddly.

This problem concerns more programs outside of Minecraft, mainly theoretical 3D applications.

How can I fix that? Are such entries simply not possible with xpra? If so, what alternative solutions can I use to send keyboard / mouse commands to these applications?

external keyboard – Using a PC or a laptop to send keystrokes on Android

For the first time, I wanted to ask if there was a way to use my computer keyboard to type on my phone while it was plugged into the PC to recharge. I was wondering if anyone here has a setup like this.

The end result should be: I can connect my phone via a docking station or another USB cable and switch from one window to the other of my PC to type on the Android device , or find an OTG device that can load AND connect a keyboard in the same time. This would not be ideal due to limited office space.

I could connect a separate keyboard with an OTG cable, but it would prevent me from loading it during use.

I could also use AutoHotkey or something similar to send keyboard strikes to the Android device via USB, but I'm not sure of the impact this could have on loading or transferring files via USB. It could probably be done but I do not know where to start.

Ideally, this would be the option I would use.

I have a very limited knowledge of Java and Kotlin, but if I could, I could try to create a keyboard application and a simple program for Windows to switch between typing on PC and on my phone. But I do not know if I can send this type of data via USB and move files there.

Sorry if I did not explain correctly.


keyboard shortcuts – Gmail does not open more messages with the Enter key

Custom keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Gmail settings. Today, I manipulated them and I can not open a message with the Enter key. I can always do it with my custom keyboard shortcut for that, o. Using ENT as a value does not work, and even setting ENTER as the value bypassing the character limit does not work either.

How to reactivate the use of Enter to open a message from the list of threads?

Change keyboard for MacBook Pro (13 ports, 2017, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)

According to, I can change the keyboard.

I've already had problems with my keyboard, including some keys that do not respond when you tap lightly and that type two characters when you tap it. However, these problems fade or disappear when I start in the recovery system. These problems have not appeared for nearly three months. Should I change the keyboard?

The main concern for me is this: (1) it takes time and I do not really have a lot of time, and (2) I've heard that even after replacing people, the keyboard still presents problems, that is to say that this problem is only attenuated afterwards. change, not resolved.

accessibility – Where should keyboard focus go when you click on a content button? load

Where should keyboard focus go when a "Load More" button is clicked? On websites with this feature; either the focus is moved to the top of the page when the button is clicked, or the focus moves past the new content.

I find these methods problematic, because how do keyboard users and assistive technology users know where new content is started and pass easily at this point.

I am looking for a solution and, although I can think of several ways to solve this problem, I am not sure of the best approach to accessibility.

  1. The focus is shifted to the beginning of the new content. It could be
    realized using a tabindex-1 and scripts to set the focus.
  2. The new content is loaded after the "loading plus", the button stays in
    position and focus remains on the button. At the end of the new
    content, a new "Load More" button appears.

I'm looking for best practice features that are also available

Sites have already verified the functionality of the "Load more" content button

  1. Show more button
  2. Add a Load More button to your content
  3. How to add more button for an HTML / CSS page?