Why was that black guy killed by the cops in Minneapolis?

Just a very, very, VERY BAD cop. 

He’d been written up 18 times and even reprimanded (forget the exact word). 

Police departments across the country SHOULD eliminate bad cops immediately. 

Unfortunately, they can’t replace cops. 

There just aren’t enough young people willing to be candidates. 

Do you think microsoft killed yahoo?

Do you think microsoft killed yahoo?

Or do you think it died its own death by not updating its email interfaces, by shutting down APIs etc?

dnd 5th – As a player character, is there a way to revive a dragon that I killed as an undead under my control?

Technically, there are a few spell-based routes, but they may not reach what you probably want.

The first and simplest (but not the simplest) option is Wish, although you have all the disadvantages of non-standard use of the spell.

Additionally, if you are a level 14 assistant at the school of necromancy, you can initiate Revive, then find a way to launch True polymorph to turn the dragon into Dracolich, and hope he fails his saving throw against your Command Undead functionality. In this case, the dragon would be more practical living and it should not be a dragon, just anything with CR 17.

A final option if the dragon is only large is to throw Enlarge / Reduce to reduce the size of the dragon to Medium. You can then launch Dance of Death to give it life like a skeleton or a zombie (using the corresponding skeleton / zombie stats in the Monster Manual).

[ Politics ] Open question: 58,000 people have been killed in Vietnam. 42,000 were killed by the Trump virus. When do you think we will exceed 58,000?

[Politics] Open question: 58,000 people have been killed in Vietnam. 42,000 were killed by the Trump virus. When do you think we will exceed 58,000?

mariadb – The process was intentionally killed – now the process is still displayed in "show processlist"

We had a long-running MariaDB process (40 hours), so I killed the thread. But, the thread is still there, with:

a "Command" field of "Killed".
a "State" of "Unlocking tables".
an "Info" of "insert in …"

What does that mean? Most importantly, how can I get rid of it?

Version: MariaDB-10.3.5


dnd 5th – If Tiamat is killed in the Nine Hells, does she die definitively?

The entry on demons (p. 68) in the Monster Manual states the following:

"The demons who die in the Nine Hells are destroyed forever – a fate that
even Asmodeus fears. "

This clearly shows that even the archdevils or the gods are not exempt from this rule, and even a god who dies in the Nine Hells has no chance of returning. My question is this: does this also apply to Tiamat? Although she was not originally a devil and technically a dragon god, she once ruled Avernus. This gave her the title of at least Archfiend, and an old article ("Leomund & # 39; s Tiny Hut: Reorganization and Redefinition of the Mighty Dragon" by Lenard Lakofka) says that she was Archdevil.

Entrusting him with this role may technically make him a devil. Something similar happened to Zariel, who was previously a solar, but was definitely turned into a devil when she declared her loyalty to Asmodeus and gave the rule of Avernus. However, while Zariel's statistics blocks describe her as a devil, Tiamat only describes her as a demon.

There is also this quote from the new adventure "Descent Into Avernus" (p. 126) which suggests that this rule of permanent death can also apply to other people outside of demons.

Mahadi does not believe in taking unnecessary risks, especially in
the Nine Hells where he can be killed permanently.

Mahadi is not a devil, but a rakshasa, which makes it curious that he can die here permanently.

I realize that as an MD, I can decide which way to go, but I would like to know which conclusion should be considered canonical. I don't know if there is anything in the Forgotten Realms tradition that I missed that supports one argument more than the other.

Will Liberals think they are morally justified if they start a decade of Great Depression for a virus that killed 1/4 as much as the flu?

So why did Trump not react immediately to the possible spread of the virus?

The United States knew in late December that it was spreading. Trump has been warned and yet he has done nothing to prepare the United States.

The comparison with the common flu is asinine.

The common flu death rate is 0.1% and we have vaccines and treatments in place.

The death rate in the United States for the crown is 2.9% and we don't have a vaccine and are just starting to set up treatment protocols.

Did you know that the coronavirus killed more people … COUGH COUGH … people this week than during the entire Second World War?

The Second World War was para …. COUGH COUGH COUGH …. paradise compared to 2020.

Back then, you could still be around people, have public gatherings ………. COUGH COUGH … and go to bars and clubs, despite the regular bombing. And if you ….. COUGH COUGH ….. you were hit by guns or bombs, you died instantly. Not only is the Coronavirus 1000x worse than WWII, half the world is already ….. COUGH TOUX. ….. already dead on Sunday April 5, 2020. All those who contract the disease DIE, and they are due to a slow and painful death. And it's just going to get worse. 😷 COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH …….

Composer need to get killed

I am working on a live site and I am trying to install a module using composer, but the process is killed. I discovered that this was due to the server's RAM.
So I can't work with the composer, is there a solution?

Monsters – Is there a story suggesting that fairies or celestials can only be killed on their original planes, like demons?

This answer to a different question (about D&D 5e) says:

To open, let's take a look at a sample of the rules that say you can't permanently kill such a creature outside of its original plan …

The only way to really destroy a demon is to seek it out in the Abyss and kill it there.

MM 51

The demons who die in the Nine Hells are destroyed forever

MM 67

It is only on its original plane that a yugoloth can be permanently destroyed

MM 311

Note: the angels in the 5E MM do NOT have this protection. As strange as it may seem, it is actually easier to kill a celestial than to kill a demon.

Thus, according to the traditions available in 5th grade, celestials can be killed permanently on any plane. Obviously, this quote doesn't mention fey, but I think celestials, demons, and fey are grouped together due to certain spells in 5th grade, such as find familiar or find a courier, saying that the spirit can be one of these three.

Anyway, my question is, even if the tradition that demons (especially demons, demons and yugoloths) cannot be killed outside of their original plans is fine established, is there a tradition from a D&D edition that suggests the same rules exist for celestials and fey?