man in the middle – (kali linux) arp poisoning kills all network activity

I have tried to perform a man in the middle attack on my own smartphone in my home network. Whether i use Ettercap, arpspoof with dsniff. none of them work. i am using kali linux as a virtual machine guest in my windows 7 host.
note that i have bridged network on, ”’ip_forward=1”’, and network interface eth0 since i have a bridged network. also when I run the chk_poison plugin in ettercap it says “no poisoning at all :(“é
Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something?
thanks 🙂

Python pip installer grpcio kills connections to my Google compute instance?

I see a strange problem when I try to install the Pip package "google-cloud-datastore"where once it starts building the dependent" grcpio "wheel, all TCP connections (including SSH) to the instance become unusable, and all subsequent SSH connections expire even from the Cloud console.

After leaving the SSH terminal open for 10 minutes after running pip, the last lines never change as follows:

Building wheels for collected packages: grpcio
  Running bdist_wheel for grpcio ... |

The instance responds to ICMP pings as if nothing had happened, but the only way to connect is to reset it from the Cloud console.

The instance is a f1-micro (1 virtual processor, 0.6 GB memory) run in the area us-central1-b. The entire pip outlet can be found in this dough box

If heart disease kills more people than coronavirus every day, why doesn't anyone taunt about it?

Millions of dollars are spent on heart research every month. But it is the silent killer and it is not a contagious disease like COVID-19.

"In recent years, public funding for cardiovascular research has exceeded $ 2 billion a year, more than what is spent on other diseases on the country's top killer list, according to the NIH. January 28, 2014"

[ Politics ] Open question: is it time to ban alcohol? Kills more than 88,000 Americans a year. It's a pandemic.

[Politics] Open question: is it time to ban alcohol? Kills more than 88,000 Americans a year. It's a pandemic.

Creative cloud kills internet speed

Before installing the creative cloud app. Internet speed was good and after installing it; it's a disaster. When I uninstalled all of the creative cloud apps: the inter speed returned to normal. But I have to use a creative cloud app without affecting my internet speed.

Networking – Installing kubernetes on Ubuntu 16.04 and 19.10 kills network connectivity

Follow these steps to install kubernetes on Ubuntu 19.10 running in the VMWare drive with a bridged network. Installing kubernetes destroys the network connectivity of my guest operating system. More specifically, it is this command that kills my network connectivity:

sudo apt-get install kubeadm kubelet kubectl -y

In order to recover my network connectivity, I had to delete the three packages, then delete two network interfaces:

sudo ip link del flannel.1
sudo ip link del cni0

I don't know why the flannel was there because I hadn't installed it yet. Perhaps it was remnants of a previous attempt where I installed the flannel and the removal failed.

I noticed the same problem on Ubuntu 16.04 running natively, so this is probably not a problem with VMWare Player. I was able to install kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl on Ubuntu 18.04 running in native mode without problems. But I need another knot.

Kubernetes is supposed to work on Ubuntu 16.04+. Are the installation steps different for 16.04 and 19.10? It seems strange that it is killing my network.

Heart disease kills 650,000 a year. Cancer kills 600,000 people. Stroke 140,000. Regular pneumonia 50,000 Are we doing too much in Corona?

Can you catch any of the diseases you mentioned?

If your parent has heart disease or cancer, will you catch it coughing in your direction?

Hospitals cannot manage the influx of patients requiring urgent respiratory care for this disease. If something is not done to try to slow the spread – ALL hospitals across the country (and all countries) are overflowing with patients whom they cannot manage because they do not Do not have the room, equipment or staff to care for anyone who catches it and is sick enough to need emergency care.

It is not really the death toll. This is the number of people who get it and who need urgent medical care to recover.

GET INFORMED and not be part of the problem.

The United States government has never had to send military medical vessels to any location to help overwhelm patients due to heart disease or cancer.

SQL Server – Disabling TLS 1 and 1.1 Kills Biztalk 2016 fp3 with MSDTC on SQL 2016

We are mandated to harden TLS / SSL and use TLS 1.2.

Biztalk's upgrade to 2016 fp3 should default to TLS 1.2 and it does – for outbound traffic. The problem is that I can't ask MSDTC to call back with TLS 1.2.
If TLS 1.0 and 1.1 is disabled for Incoming on the biztalk server, BT does not start.

I cannot find any information on this subject.

[ Politics ] Open question: What kills more people than caronavirus?

[Politics] Open question: What kills more people than caronavirus?

Coronavirus kills 200 people in Italy. Do Italians have a weak immune system?

No, these Chinese bat eaters feel the need to come to Italy and spread their disease and kill innocent people. There is a reason why you don't see "Bat" on the menu in Italian restaurants. The Italians are strong, it is these bat eaters who spread their disease all over the world.