Which snowy mountains and lake in California did Chloe Kim drive to?

You can see more of this location at 3:10. My kid’s a big fan of Chloe Kim, Olympic Gold Medalist, not just because she was accepted to Princeton University.

Chloe’s Korean American born and raised in California. I’m guessing this is in California?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Why does Trump care about Kim Jong-un's health more than the Americans who died from coronavirus?

This is not entirely accurate, but hatred will believe what it does. A more specific question would be why Cuomo receives so much press, is he so applauded, even talks about him replacing Biden as president. When NY had so many deaths, infection rates also prevalent. Compared to Newsom, it got it first, at the very beginning when little was known. Still, he has done a great job in keeping infection rates low, keeping deaths low. Much better work with less initial knowledge than Cuomo.

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How did I find this product winning and why I knew it would be a winning product
The only types of products I sell and why
How to read data from your Facebook ads and optimize your store to increase your conversion rate and get more money out of your traffic
How to structure your Facebook Ads campaigns when testing a product
Facebook ads that I run to earn $ 11K / day with the store (see types of active campaigns

When I started making sales with ecommerce, I was wondering what a Facebook Ads account was worth that earned $ 10,000 a day. In this case study, you get to see.
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Most courses are designed to help you get sales, but they do not do it all after the fact. I remember having made my first sales and not knowing how to send tracking numbers, execute orders or record profits or losses. Here, I show you the configuration that I developed during my e-commerce years. I would 100% like to have seen something like this when I started.
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The most important is to learn from my mistakes to save time and money. I leave nothing in this case study
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SECTION 1: Optimizing the product funnel
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Course content
Welcome to the case study
Using the case study software
How It Went videos: What they are in this case study
How did I find this winning product
The ONLY type of products I test and sell
This is the BEST type of video ad you should create to sell your ecommerce products.
How to download a video ad from Facebook so you can edit it yourself
The software I use to edit all my videos and highly recommend it
Removing captions and watermarks from competitors competing Facebook video ads
Creating our first video ad
Quickly create variations of our video ad!
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The power of an individual protection campaign
Summary of our initial announcement creation process
Calculate our profit / loss for the first days
Choose our Upsell products and my tips on the best types of Upsells
Introduction to A / B tests
How to configure the A / B test software I recommend
We have a PayPal error! – How to diagnose problems on our website
How to install Hotjar for the next time it goes wrong
Introduction to advance purchase
Pre-purchase Upsell configuration to increase our AOV
Optimize our sales after purchase
How did it go: Upsell post-purchase strategy
Buy products to create our own creations for ads
How to make money with retargeting Lead Capture – Introduction
OptinMonster's Outline Context Menu Configuration
OptinMonster SlideIn Popup Configuration
How to configure Listagram with A / B tests
How to turn Listagram into a profitable machine on automation
Our advertising account is OFF! Here's what to do
Our cash problem
The result of our ad account disabled
Create our new store and get ready to run ads again
Recognize the problem with our product funnel
Optimization 1: Associated product
Optimization Two: redesign of our menu
1 of 4

What I planned to film and add to the case study
The execution of orders
I still need to film videos that deal with how to process orders using automated one-click software, as well as BULK CSV order processing. I will show you how to send orders to your suppliers and then send the tracking numbers to your customers once you have received them.
Banking configuration and how I create my business
I will explain how I created my business, including banks and legal entities, and how you can do the same (I am obviously not a lawyer, but I can share what works for me) .
Facebook Ads Strategies
I have a lot of data and strategies in my Facebook Ads account, which I've used to find new profitable audiences, and then strategies I've used to increase budgets for those audiences. Currently, I have to film and download most of this section because I focused on advertising and I did not have time to film the strategies. These are beside
Email Marketing and Facebook Ads
I want to address some concepts on how to use Klaviyo and email marketing to earn money with Facebook ads in this area.

E-commerce has freed me of my debt and has finally saved me money
Below, I share screenshots of my personal account statements showing the balance of my debt, in the amount of $ 4,882.19, to repay all of my debts AND d & # 39; part of my university degree in a few months.
I was in Vancouver and it was snowing outside, I was at home all by myself and I had got my first sales. I was watching how big this devil was and how on earth I should do it.
Really, writing this text now, I remember being there at that time, being like wtf is a dream. It was a crazy feeling to see my first sales come in.
During the first week of my first sale, I duplicated campaigns with budgets over $ 100 and earned $ 8,000 gross this first month.

My second month of dropshipping, I earned over $ 181,500
My third month of dropshipping, I reported $ 393,100

As far as I can remember, probably since I was 18 (so the good part of 8 years old), I had been in debt for about 5 years. It was actually an endless cycle.
To make matters worse, my girlfriend and I at the time did Coachella in Palm Springs, California, and a trip to Los Angeles to get to Canada. I was therefore indebted again!
Guess how much ..


[ Politics ] Open question: Trump told George Stephanopoulos that he did not know if Kim Jong Un was still building nuclear weapons. Why does not Trump know it?

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump told George Stephanopoulos that he did not know if Kim Jong Un was still building nuclear weapons. Why does not Trump know it? .

[ Celebrities ] Open question: Who is the prettiest: Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox?

[ Celebrities ] Open question: Who is the prettiest: Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox? .

Which one is the funniest? Does Kim call Biden "a low IQ" or does Kim call Trump a mentally disturbed lunatic? Why does Trump get along with Kim?

It should be disturbing for any savvy citizen that an American president encourages and multiplies the denigrating remarks made by a Communist dictator against the statesmen of his country.

That being said, I am very concerned that the course is no longer comparable to that of this president.


Can Kim Foxx be investigated for his role in the Jussie Smollett case?

Your mother is a little slow to assimilate or did not pay much attention.

Hillary used private servers to avoid FOIA requests. As a result, she broke the law by using her private server to send and transmit classified information. She even requested that these documents be sent to her and that markers be removed to make detection more difficult. She then went out and worked with the Department of Justice and Lynch to avoid punishment. However, it was largely a questionable question since the FBI had decided before the investigation that it would come out of it.

Hillary and the DNC cheated in the primary. This is because Hillary repaid the DNC debt and restored it to a solid foundation that forced the DNC to do its job. This is also why almost no one was running against her. The DNC was heavily indebted because of Obama 's actions that asked him for money, as it' s been a candy store and that 's one of them. he was a child dependent on sugar.

Obama, Hillary, Lynch, McCain and others set in motion actions that would ultimately lead to Trump being illegally tapped, a fake Russian record used against him, and even taken steps to organize meetings with the Russians for the Trump campaign so that they can use against them later.

Has your mother just missed all of the above?

And yes, Kim Foxx must be investigated because what happened is extremely unusual and there is reason to believe that something that should not happen has happened.

By the way, I did not even mention the truth behind Libya in this post and it is perhaps the worst thing that Hillary has ever done.


What will happen to Smollett and forgiveness against Kim Foxx? Is this now an FBI affair against both?

His claim to be attacked was completely incredible from the beginning. Not only was it extremely unlikely that two White Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats were hanging out in his black neighborhood at 2:00 am with bleach and a noose, but the video surveillance showed that both other people only in the area were blacks.

The incredible story was probably the reason why Obama was involved early. They tried to pass the investigation to the FBI, and I would bet it's because the SAIC at the FBI's Chicago office is or was an Obama impasse. They wanted to bury the incident and finally make it disappear.

Instead, the Chicago police investigated and confirmed that Smollett's complaint about an attack was false, which is a crime. Smollett was subsequently charged. He faced years of prison unless something was done.

The Obama then used their influence with the Attorney General to get rid of all charges and a judge ordered the closure of the case. It was incredible, and you have to wonder what Smollett knows would cause such an act on the part of Obama.

The federal aspects of the case are now going to the FBI. If I were AG Barr, I would not allow the current SAIC to oversee the investigation.

Realize that Smollett lied to the FBI about the incident and the threatening letter that he addressed to himself. How many people were persecuted by Mueller for "lying to the FBI"? Will Smollett suffer the same consequences or get a pass to be a gay black Democrat? (who apparently also knows something about Obama)