sql injection – How can I write a function that will log a user in an old system without knowing any username or password?

I’ll be more specific, I’m studying Internet Security and in my homeworks I must answer to the question that I will describe later; I learned something about code injection in older websites (using the string ‘ OR 1 == 1 // as username will login with any password provided); but what if password related to a username is stored in the server in a folder with the following path:


which credentials will log me into the system, without knowing any legitimate usernames or passwords?

Furthermore in the question it’s specified that the login system is installed on a computer running an OS, and that this operating system is known to have a file with its version (in this case, 1.0.3) in “/system/version.txt”.

Honestly I do not know how this last thing can be related to the question, but I hope that someone can help me to understand what could be the right answer and if and how this thing about the system version is related to the answer.

Thank you very much 🙂

dnd 3.5e – Is there a way to deal damage to a target without them knowing?

The only ability I know that has anything like this effect is the Mosquito’s Bite skill trick from Complete Scoundrel. It requires 12 ranks in Sleight of Hand, so you’re talking 9th level before it’s available, and even then it only delays the target’s awareness of the attack for 1 round. But it means you can hit a target without them realizing they have been hit, and if your poison kicks in and knocks them unconscious before a round passes, maybe it’s good enough.

Another thing to consider here, if you can somehow justify it as a poison dusk lizardfolk, is being at least a 1st-level cleric of Lolth—because then you can take Lolth’s Caress from Drow of the Underdark. That lets you spend a turn undead attempt to trigger your poison’s secondary damage the turn after you hit them with it. Technically, they’ll become aware of your initial attack just as your turn starts, but then it’s your turn and you get to trigger Lolth’s Caress.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar, The Arsenic & Old Lace Handbook is must-read for any character interested in poison. As you’ll read there, the bare minimum you really, really want are ranks in Craft (poisonmaking), and the Master of Poisons feat—both from Drow of the Underdark. Seriously, that’s a really good book for poisons, and most of it’s not even drow-specific.

Decrypting a file knowing only the password

I have encrypted a file using a program with a password and would like to decrypt it on another device just with the password. Is there any software that takes the password, runs it through all key derivation functions and decrypts the file? The algorithm used is AES 256.

hash – Breaking Wifi password knowing its length of 8 [A-Z] alpha (upper-case) characters using Hashcat

I got the WPA handshake, now it’s turn to crack the password using Hashcat. First, I wanted to make a wordlist of passwords (A-Z) the length of 8, but Crunch (the tool in Kali Linux) said it will take 1TB of storage that I don’t have available, so I gave up that way. Is there any way to generate passwords (example: ABCDEFGH) and delete them after its use one by one, during the cracking process?

How long does it take to crack the password with i5-3320M CPU using Hashcat?
Is there any other way you recommend?

surveys – strategy for knowing user objectives after manufacturing the product

I am a coder, I have been making a product for a long time and I just read my first UX book.
To have learned from user goals.

I no longer assume that my product solves them.

  1. I am not able to develop a strategy to go ahead and fix the whole website so that it actually helps its visitors.
  2. How can I configure a survey to honestly know the objectives / expectations of users?

The product is non-profit / activism.

Does knowing the file type of an encrypted file make decryption easier?

If I encrypt, say, a .pdf file, does knowing that it is a .pdf file make decryption easier?

in other words, could the well-known structure of the file act as a predictable part of the encrypted bytes?

computation – Compute $ lim_ {n rightarrow infty} I_n $ knowing that the sequence $ (I_n) _ {n ge 2} $ is $ I (n) = int_1 ^ { sqrt {2}} sqrt[n] {x ^ n + x ^ {n + 2}} dx $

$ lim_ {n rightarrow infty} I_n $ knowing that the sequence $ (I_n) _ {n ge 2} $ East $ I_n = int_1 ^ { sqrt {2}} sqrt (n) {x ^ n + x ^ {n + 2}} dx $

Now my attempt was like this:
$ int_1 ^ { sqrt {2}} sqrt (n) {x ^ n (1 + x ^ 2)} dx $ and $ int_1 ^ { sqrt {2}} x sqrt (n) {1 + x ^ 2} dx $ . From there, I was thinking of making a substitution like $ x = tan (u) $ and using the formula $ 1 + tan ^ 2 (u) = sec (u) $ but I don't think this is the way to go. In addition, I thought that maybe I didn't need to directly evaluate the integral and maybe use the dominated convergence theorem. Any help would be appreciated!

Who is interested in knowing what should be the most suitable Bitcoin investor

What characteristics should the ideal Bitcoin investor have?

optical – Can you calculate the thickness of the lens knowing the focal length and the diameter?

You need to know more than these values, but they are necessary. The other thing you need to know is the refractive index of the material from which the lens is made.

Knowing these three values, ray tracing calculations can give you the exact profile of the two surfaces of the same element, which will necessarily indicate the minimum thickness. However, within reasonable limits, you can add an arbitrary amount of additional thickness to the lens without affecting its focal length (although you change the curvature of at least one of the surfaces because the extra thickness is an extra distance separating the first surface from the second – and the two surfaces are independent refractive elements).

The calculation is not really a simple formula, it is a set of rules for the refraction of light at an interface, and with the exception of very simple cases, it requires software to pass from a set of parameters to a final lens prescription. The ray tracing software of a general type is not available for free, but I remember reading a limited version that was freely available (limited to something like four or five items and only a few glasses – it also handles dispersion, so you could calculate chromatic aberration corrections).

why do people vote for bid knowing that he has dementia when there is no way he can be fit for the presidency?

Unlike Trump, huh? You know "The President of the United States". but I'm sure it's just his teeth falling out. (Why should ANYONE born after 1940 WEAR them?)

But of course we will have to find the "oranges" at its bottom? But REALLY, anyone born after 1940 shouldn't even have to WEAR dentures, if you give a lame excuse "well, their dentures just slipped". If that's true, why didn't he SAY that? Oh, that's right, because he NEVER NEVER says NEVER that his body is not immortal. TRUMP SHMASH! ("Oh, I think I broke my arms".)