Can not connect to Kubernete Cluster CI / CD

I'm learning CI / CD. I've installed the following on my local environment,

  • gilab server ==>
  • Gilabrunner server ==>
  • Kubernete Cluster ==>

The Gitlab runner is connected to his successifflu. I can run jobs successfully.

But the problem is with kubernetes. It works on

I've added this cluster to my projects. But every time I install the bar with the gtilab page I get

Something went wrong during the installation of Helm Tiller. Can not start the installation process

I have searched on Google how to solve this problem without success.

I have tried deployment phase sure Gitlab it

image: alpine: 3.7
step: deploy
- apk update && apk add --no-cache curl
- curl -LO
release / release / $ (curl -s
release / release / stable.txt) / bin / linux / amd64 / kubectl
- chmod + x ./kubectl && mv ./kubectl / usr / local / bin / kubectl
- mkdir -p $ HOME / .kube
- echo -n $ KUBE_CONFIG | base64 -d> $ HOME / .kube / config
- Kubectl configuration view
- kubectl apply -f deployment.yml

But context of Kubectl works on http; // locahost

How can I succeed in making the kubernetes and gitlab speak?

I'm stuck at deployment phase