web part – SPFX radio button click to update label value

Please help, I have SPFX no framework web part 2019. I am having trouble automatically calling a function when the radio/checkbox button is clicked within the form. Here is a radio button within the render method:

public render(): void {
this.domElement.innerHTML = `
<div class="${styles.orderform}">
<div class="${styles.container}">
<div class="${styles.row}">
<div class="${styles.column}">
<span class="${styles.title}"></span>
<div id="row">
<div  class="col-50 idSubscriptionption">
  <input type="radio" value="Subscription" id="idSubscriptionption" onchange="handleClick() name="group1">
  <label id="Subscription"></label><br>

The eventhandler nor the function does not receive any onchange trigger

 private setButtonsEventHandlers(): void { 
    const webPart: OrderformWebPart = this; 
    this.domElement.querySelector('button.create-Button').addEventListener('click', () => { webPart.SaveItem(); });     
    this.domElement.querySelector('idSubscriptionption').addEventListener('click', () => { handleClick(); });           

function handleClick() {
let elsub = <HTMLInputElement>document.getElementById('idSubscriptionption');
 document.getElementById('Subscription')(value)='Subscription chosen'   
 alert('Subscription selected');
document.getElementById('Subscription')(value)='No Subscription'

microsoft office 365 – Set all files in Sharepoint to a specific Sensitivity Label

I have just started with MIP for a site and the customer wants all the labels set in Sharepoint Online to one default Sensitivity label. A few labels are already set, so ultimately all but these ones should be set, but as said few, so I can set them again. How do I do this?

Why does Bitcoin Core not let met change the label for “requested payments”?

I created a receive address, entered “fdjdsgudhsgudfhgfhdgf” without thinking about it (I was going to describe it properly later) and sent coins to it from a different wallet.

Then I later changed it to “Accurate description blabla” in the “Transactions” tab, which it allowed me to do. Then I looked in the “Receive” tab and saw that it still had the stupid gibberish label there. So I went to change the label… only to realize to my horror that there is no way to change the label there, once created… ?!

Please tell me I’m hallucinating or missing something. I’ll forever be annoyed by this if I’m somehow forced to keep that “fdjdsgudhsgudfhgfhdgf” label. Especially as it’s now renamed in the “Transactions” tab…

e commerce – “Pay with PayPal” including card payments label

I’d love to have some opinions on how to best label a the payment option “PayPal” to ensure it is clear that you can pay using your debit/credit card without having a PayPal account.

For background: Our customers come from an older demographics who I suspect may not want/have a PayPal account. Indeed they may not even know what PayPal is.

During our checkout process the customer needs to make a choice of payment methods which looks somewhat like this:

Payment Information

Now, if I just leave “PayPal” I’m afraid to loose those customers who have no idea who/what PayPal is. On the other hand there may be those who love to know we do accept PayPal as they may know and trust it.

I have thought of a few versions, but none really excite me:

  • PayPal, including Debit/Credit cards
  • Debit/Credit cards via PayPal
  • PayPal, debit, or credit card

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any research? Any hints how others handle this?

c# – Passar valor de txtBox para Label (entre forms do Windows Form) – Porém, string fica null

Boa tarde, estou a alguns dias quebrando a cabeça aqui. Estou desenvolvendo um app com 2 forms (telas). Na tela inicial é a de login, e a segunda tela é o app em si. Eu quero pegar o nome informado pelo usuário no TxtBox da tela inicial, e passar para uma label da segunda tela, ficando: Bem vindo(a) {nomedousuario}!

Eu debuguei o código, e por algum motivo, a variável labelWelcome, inicialmente, recebe o valor perfeito, que seria: labelWelcome.Text = $”Seja bem-vindo(a) {Username}”;

Porem, quando clico em continuar, some o valor da variável {Username}, ficando somente: labelWelcome.Text = $”Seja bem-vindo(a)”;

Segue lógica que utilizei para passar os valores:

// Método para abrir a nova tela
private void FormLogado()
Application.Run(new CronogramaLogado(btn_login.Text));

            *// Codificação para abrir nova tela
            Logado = new Thread(FormLogado);
            // String que recebe o nome do usuário da txtbox
            string nomeusuario = btn_login.Text;
            // instanciação da tela 2 chamada CronogramaLogado, e passando o valor do nome do user
            CronogramaLogado nome = new CronogramaLogado(nomeusuario);

            // "this.Close() fecha a tela anterior, e mantém somente a nova aberta"

            // Abre a nova tela


  • public partial class CronogramaLogado : Form
    public string Username;
    // Obrigando passar o valor username quando chamar a segunda tela
    public CronogramaLogado(string username)
    Username = username;
    labelWelcome.Text = $”Seja bem-vindo(a) {Username}”;
    // Método para gerar as colunas assim que a tela é aberta

Script to Update label and its link address of OOTB Button webpart- SharePoint Online Page

Do all the web parts have some thing in common? We can get the web part through PowerShell, still we need to identify the correct one to update.

As you have over 100 team sites, do the URL of pages using the web part recorded? We need either page URL or GUID to get the web part with Get-PnPWebPart


Set a web part property with Set-PnPWebPartProperty

An example you can refer to is like this and this .

theming – How do I change the Font for a “Title Field Label”

I have very little experience with coding but am a fast learner and need to make a change to my page regarding the title field label fonts. They are too small and needs to be bold face.

Can some one please direct me to a list of steps that will take me to the area in my theme (Bartik 8.6.2) so I can make the change. Thank you!

What does white Label Digital Marketing do?

When you hire a white label agency, it will provide services to customers on your behalf and under your brand as if those services are created by your agency.

As your digital agency business grows, it’s crucial to extend your range of services to gain more clients. However, being a full-service agency is not easy. It takes time, resources, and costs to find and hire the right talent which may not be possible when you are trying to expand your business. This is where hiring a white label agency can be the best decision for your business.


Why is it important to choose the right white label digital marketing agency?

Apart from the fact that you want value for your money, there are other important reasons to choose a white label digital marketing agency, wisely. For instance, they will be working under your brand name, so not only the result but also, how they treat clients and the way they will execute the project will matter.

How does white label digital marketing work?

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    Assume two companies company A (digital marketing agency) and company B (white label digital marketing company). Let’s assume that company A is an end-to-end Digital marketing service provider and has numerous clients that require different kinds of specialized services. Instead of hiring a full-time, in-house team for each kind of specialized service, they outsource some of their work to company B. In such cases, company A will provide certain specialized services to their clients under their own brand name, but the actual work is done by company B.



    Jan 12, 2021 at 2:47 AM

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