Plug-in for product labels – some on category and product pages, others only on product pages

I am looking for a plugin for product labels. I would like to display some product labels in categories and product pages, while other labels only interest me on product pages.

So I would like a plugin where, for each label I create, I can choose "Show on category pages" and "Show on product pages", then be able to check one or both.

Does anyone know of a plugin that can do that?

Thank you in advance.

plot – Place labels on the y-axis points and on the points of a column parallel to the y-axis

I want to put (to the left of the point) j = 1 to the point (0,0), j = 2 to the point (0,1 / 149), j = 3 to the point (0,2 / 149) and j = N to point (0.3 / 149).

Also put (right of point) j = 1 at point (1,0), j = 2 at point (1,1 / 149), j = 3 at point (1,2 / 149) and j = N up to # 39 at point (1,3 / 149).

Also place the three points "…" vertically and not horizontally.

It does not matter if it is not framed.

I have tried it as follows:

data = Transpose@Table({i - 1, (j - 1)/149}, {i, 1, 2}, {j, 4});
c1 = ListPlot(data, PlotStyle -> Black,PlotMarkers -> {"(FilledCircle)", 7}, AspectRatio -> 1);
c2 = ListLinePlot({{{0, 0}, {0, 1}}, {{1, 0}, {1, 1}}}, PlotStyle -> Black, AspectRatio -> 1);
c = Show(c1, c2, Ticks -> None, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {{{{0, "j=1"}, {1/149, "j=2"}, {2/149, 
   "j=3"}, {(2/149) + (1/298), "..."}, {3/149, "j=N"}}, 
 Automatic}, {Automatic, Automatic}})

Contest – Creation of $ 20 labels

Hi everybody

I need a round label for my new product called One Pot Wonder. It's a balm that's
moisturizing, healing and revitalizing for the whole body.

The size is 45mm round diameter

The label should also wear the words hair, skin, lips, balm for the nails and 100% natural.

I'm looking for a dynamic label that stands out and apart from that, you can do whatever you want. The wax will target men and women.

Payment via paypal and I will need high resolution PNG / PSD files in the end. Competition for 24 hours from now.

Good luck

Layout of the form. Vertical labels vs. horizontal labels. Pictures inside

In situations where the user is usually familiar with the form (and will be after completing it 10 times), placement at the top of the field is usually discouraged.

Proper alignment would always make sense in itself.

A big question is whether these forms are mainly read or written.

Assuming this is written often, a very important factor is: keyboard manipulation: It's much more convenient to type / reduce your way through a huge amount of data all day than clicking on items.

Although this is not the case with web forms, here it is: people are willing to learn things, like keyboard manipulation, as it makes their lives easier, while with websites, people usually see them once in their life.

In case a label does not fit, you can shorten it and provide a tooltip instead of breaking the layout, since users will at best know the abbreviation at most on their second business day, but their movement eyes would break each time.

In general, it is important to maintain a single vertical alignment line for each information element. In other words, users must be able to scan the form vertically to find the fields they need, without looking left or right.

Of course, everything does not correspond to a single line, but in general, if there is information that is somehow special and will probably not be searched for in the same way as other information (such as a complete address ), she can have her own column.

Typically, you should categorize the information into columns, both labels and fields, and maintain a uniform width, gutter (space), and baseline (vertical distance, line height) for all: all the fields must have the same width, all the labels. must have the same width as the fields, the distance between the label and the field (in case of alignment to the right) must be consistent. These are called "grids" in visual design.

Use these columns and the baseline as unit types: you can omit a column or an entire row in case you want to separate two form sections, you can have fields with double column width or line height of double base if necessary, but always think about these units. and align to their limits.

You do not need to maintain an extremely strict order of field lines (users nevertheless scanning all lines), although it is recommended to search the fields most frequently first, as they will stop scan once they have found what they have found. were looking for it, but you must have absolutely logical reasons to put some information in a different column: "I do not have free space", that's not enough.

But the most important thing is: ask your users. Show them your design ideas, observe them as you use them, save them for later evaluation (screen and face) and, if you respect the budget (hack a webcam in a tool costs about $ 200 or equivalent), use the eyetracking function. know what they're watching.

chart.js places labels on top of or inside the bars

enter the description of the image hereHello, I wish to put the labels inside the bars or preferably above, I put only part of the code because it is too extended by the variables and the conditional variables thereof, this bar graph in which I worked horizontally.

                 var ctx =  document.getElementById("myChart2").getContext("2d");
                   var myChart2 = new Chart(ctx, {
                     type: 'horizontalBar',
                     data: {

                       labels: (""),
                       datasets: ({
                         label: 'Condiciones en el ambiente de trabajo',
                          backgroundColor: (
                         data: (m)

                     responsive: true,

                         fontSize: 18,

                         cornerRadiusTopLeft: 15,
                         cornerRadiusTopRight: 15
                     scales : {

                            yAxes : ({
                                ticks : {
                                    min : 0

From the options, values ​​are introduced to achieve what I want, but I do not know how and I look for information.

Should the labels of the forms follow the same grammar rules as the titles?

This is from Microsoft

Capitalize the first letter of the first and last words. Capitalize the first letter of all the words between them, with the exception of the articles (one, one and the); coordination conjunctions (and, but, for, ni, or, then and again); and prepositions of four letters or less (to, for, with, in, etc.).

Insert an object.
Go to.
Always on top.

Use the title capital letters for:

  • Button names

  • Column titles

  • Command buttons labels
  • Floating toolbars
  • Icons labels
  • Menu names and menu commands
  • Pallet titles
  • Titles of the tabs

Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and capitalize only the other words that are normally capitalized in sentences, such as proper nouns.

Work file.
Print to.
Use the PostScript driver.

Use capital phrases for:

  • Alternative text (ALT text) used to describe the images

  • Check box labels

  • Introductory text or explanation of the dialog box

  • File names

  • Group box labels

  • Info & Tips

  • Entries from the list

  • List box labels

  • posts

  • Option button (radio) labels

  • Tips on the status bar

  • Text zone labels

An additional source can help support your discussion:

User interface text

The text of the user interface appears on the surfaces of the user interface. This text includes control labels and static text:

  • The control labels identify the controls and are placed directly on or beside the controls.

  • Static text, so called because it is not part of an interactive control, provides users with detailed instructions or explanations allowing them to make informed decisions.

Capitalization and punctuation guidelines

Unable to position custom data labels in the center of Google Sheets cascading chart

The context

I've created a cascading chart stacked in Google Sheets, with custom data tags (guided by Ben Collin's tutorial on custom data labels).

My goal is to place the custom data label at the center of each segment of the stack.

When using the Value label type, the labels are positioned correctly using Center (Example 1 below).


When I change the type of custom label, the positioning becomes non-centered (example 2 below).

I have tested the following behavior when using custom labels:

  • The problem persists when selecting other types of items. The Center option is not unique
  • The problem persists when all segment values ​​are positive (see Example 3 below).


Is this a known problem with custom data labels? Are there any known fixes / workarounds?

Or should I use the addition of manually positioned text boxes on segments of the stack for custom, centered data labels?

Example 1 – Value tags & # 39; Are correctly positioned in the center
Value labels placed in the center

Example 2 – "Custom" labels are incorrectly positioned

Improperly positioned custom labels

Example 3 – The problem persists when all segment values ​​are positive. The custom labels below are not centered.
Example 3 - all positive values

gmail – Removes all emails from "All messages" without labels when "a: nouserlabels" does not work.

I have about 3,000 emails in my Gmail account that I want to purge.
All the important emails that I put in folders with labels.

Of course, I do not want to delete these important emails, so delete all emails without the labels is my desired result.

Now … before qualifying this issue as a duplicate, I've looked at similar messages here:
question 1
question 2

All suggest disabling the display of the conversation and using the search term has:nouserlabels. However, this has returned about 50 emails that have been deleted since, but no longer returns any search results.

I have folders with subfolders and sub-subfolders, so I've also tried to work around that by usign !in:parentFolderName but it did not work to not include subfolders …

Anyone can help?

UPS mailing labels

Have a good day,
I signed up and tried to connect to the website, but the services do not concern me. I apply for a visa. I need regular mail from the UPS stadard. No bonus, student, etc. Can I just go to a UPS store and post my documents with UPS back?
I would greatly appreciate an answer.
Thank you

The legend of the pence pentaho cde does not show when the labels are long

I found that when the texts are too long, the entire caption is not displayed, even if there is enough room for the caption texts.
Here is the screen capture:

enter the description of the image here

Can any one tell me what to do to post it?