tracing – How to add the peak labels to an FTIR spectrum?

I've tried to plot the next FTIR spectrum and add their respective peaks labels using Graphic and Showbut I think it does not work out Scaling Functionsbecause peak labels do not appear. Do you know another way to do it?

ir = Import[
   "C:/Users/gafla/Documents/FQ Avanzada/dfrx_2.xlsx", {"Data", 1, 
    Range[2, 935], {8, 9}}];
ir1 = rotate[
   Style[Text["1500.6 [LongRightArrow]", {1500.618848, 95.9 - .3}],
12, in bold], 90 degrees];
ir2 = Rotation[
   Style[Text["1348.9 [LongRightArrow]", {1348.889888, 96.4 - .3}],
12, in bold], 90 degrees];
ir3 = rotate[
   Style[Text["1045.4 [LongRightArrow]", {1045.418272, 97.0 - .3}],
12, in bold], 90 degrees];
ir4 = rotate[
   Style[Text["956.7 [LongRightArrow]", {956.692736, 96.3 - .3}], 12
Bold], 90 degrees];
ir5 = rotate[
   Style[Text["833.2 [LongRightArrow]", {833.248512, 96.0 - .3}], 12
Bold], 90 degrees];
ir6 = rotate[
   Style[Text["705.9 [LongRightArrow]", {705.946656, 96.6 - 0.3}], 12
Bold], 90 degrees];
ir7 = rotate[
   Style[Text["459.0 [LongRightArrow]", {459.058208, 96.4 - .3}], 12
Bold], 90 degrees];

txtir = Graphics[{ir1, ir2, ir3, ir4, ir5, ir6, ir7}];

pir = ListLinePlot[{ir}, ScalingFunctions -> {"Reverse", Automatic}, 
   Frame -> True, FrameStyle -> Directive[Black, 12],
FrameTicks -> {{None, None}, {Beach[400, 4000, 400], No}},
Aspect Ratio -> 1/2,
FrameLabel -> {{"Transmitancia (%)",
None}, {"NĂºmero de onda (!  ( * SuperscriptBox[(cm), 
(-1)])) ", None}}, PlotStyle -> Red,
PlotRange -> {{300, 4100}, {94, 101}}, SizeImage -> Large,
Axes -> False];

Show[pir, txtir]

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BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN Section
Posted by: Davidbendy
Post time: June 21, 2019 at 17:53.

graphical interface – Representing the increase / decrease at a glance on the "opposite" labels?

I build the front view of an advertising fraud marketing analytics tool that wants to show users how much advertising fraud compared to the valid traffic that they get.

He is already doing this and the goal is to give a quick and clear look.

The problem: an increase or decrease in "fraud" and "valid" traffic will have an opposite meaning for each label. Here's an example where it gets confusing:

enter the description of the image here

Note the rows Total, Valid, and Ad Fraud. Users will see the increase in valid / total traffic as positive and the increase in fraud as negative. I am worried for clarity, has anyone managed this situation?

The best options seem to be:

  1. Remove the increase / decrease relationship, but it seems to be losing
    the ease of understanding in the eyes.
  2. Show only the relationship in case of advertising fraud; The analysis of advertising fraud is the main use of our users.
  3. Something else?

When I fly over my labels in Gmail, the folders pane starts to scroll uncontrollably

Has anyone else experienced this? Ideas?

How to apply for a British visa to Florida – shipping labels and where to send?

I saw a similar question regarding the shipping label of the British visa. The site is quite confusing but is also geared towards costly expensive shipping services that we try to avoid. Is it still worth creating your own UPS shipping account and buying prepaid shipping labels? He gave no option on the British site, but only what they offer. I suppose you bought the shipping labels that were offered to you. Then he will tell you where to bring the supporting documents for your UK visa application. Please advise.

plot – Customizing contour labels in ContourPlot

You can use a pure function with a Text object like Contour labels option setting. The fourth argument of Text specifies the direction, which can be calculated with:

F[x_, y_] : = x + y ^ -1
t[x_, y_] = Grad[f[x, y], {x, y}]. {{0, -1}, {1, 0}};


    f[x, y],
{x, -5.5},
{y, -5.5},
Contours-> 10,
ContourLabels-> Function[{x,y,z},Text[z,{x,y},{0,0},t[x,y], BaseStyle-> FontColor-> White]]]

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dashboard – Charts with long axis labels

We implement a dashboard widget with graphics that draw very long axis tags. The length of these labels can not be shortened because they are descriptive names used in other areas of the application.

Our developers use this library which does not help to solve this problem. I am limited by the potential of the library.

Has anyone ever had this problem? How did you approach it?

Here's what the development team did:

enter the description of the image here

I'm trying to achieve this goal: (after 3 lines, the entire label can be truncated because most of the differentiating information is visible.We will also apply limits after 3 lines. But the text will remain descriptive.)

enter the description of the image here

Labels – Is it important if I capitalize on my call for action?

Text with all uppercase letters helps the button to visually distinguish itself. For a call-to-action button, it's important. There is an article from UX Planet about it, which says:

Use capitalization when you need to shout an important message,
something that you can not allow your users to miss.

How to display labels in Gmail Web App with the help of Exchange Server?

What I'm trying to do here is that in my Gmail app, I log in to my Office365 account and I was able to do it successfully. And for this account, I would like to set my notification on a label basis to the "Important" label created, but according to the above, it is not possible to set notifications on a specific label without there being access via the web application.

I was able to add my Exchange account now in the Gmail web application (POP3), but I can not find the "Important" label in my user interface. Is there anyway an account such as in the Gmail application under Android?