ubuntu – mouse movement causes screen to lag

whenever I move my mouse on my screen, the display seems to lock up till I stop moving my mouse, this causes some actions like moving a scroll bar very difficult. I have tried unplugging my mouse, and I could not find anyone with similar issues. I am using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS x86_64 my DE is GNOME, my GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, and my mouse is Logitech G502 hero.

I checked my system log to see it was being spammed with

Apr 16 18:07:34 Asimov gnome-shell[2578]: Window manager warning: Ping serial 1883798578 was reused for window 0x7400005, previous use was for window 0x700000a.


Apr 16 18:09:10 Asimov gnome-shell[2578]: JS ERROR: TypeError: windowActor is null#012_addWindowEffect@resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/closeDialog.js:90:28#012vfunc_show@resource:///org/gnome/shell/ui/closeDialog.js:162:14

unity – Photon delay simulation make(game button lag animation)

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Why there is more shutter lag when using live-preview as compared to viewfinder?

There is more shutter lag because the shutter has to close first before opening again to expose the shot. When you turn on live view, the mirror is raised and the shutter is opened, so the image formed by the sensor can be fed constantly to the LCD. When you take a shot in live view, the shutter closes again to ‘reset’ the sensor before the actual exposure is made.

When shooting with the viewfinder, the process (simplified) is:

Press button -> mirror lifts -> shutter opens -> light hits sensor which registers it -> shutter closes

When shooting with Live View, the process is:

Press button -> shutter closes -> sensor ‘resets to 0’ -> shutter opens -> light hits sensor -> shutter closes

Essentially, the mirror lifting is a quicker process than the shutter closing and the sensor ‘resetting’.

MySQL group replication – how to find queries causing replication lag?

Turn on the slowlog on both machines. What version of MySQL are you using? Here are good settings to have for a relatively new version:

log_output = FILE
slow_query_log = ON
slow_query_log_file = (fullpath to some file)
long_query_time = 1
log_slow_admin_statements = ON
log_queries_not_using_indexes = OFF
log_slow_extra = ON

More: http://mysql.rjweb.org/doc.php/mysql_analysis#slow_queries_and_slowlog

A possible cause of what you are seeing: An ALTER that takes some time and hits tableA is replicated. Meanwhile, other things are happening (read or write) to tableA. The above settings will probably catch the ALTER.

Another thing to look for (but hard to see) in the slowlog: A bunch of queries ending at about the same second. This usually means that one of them took a long time and was blocking the others (either directly or indirectly).

In any case, use pt-query-digest; its default sort is to put the “worst” queries first. Then…

  • The blocker may be among the first few.
  • The first few are likely to be queries that you should work on improving — better indexing, reformulation, etc.
  • Sometimes a “worst” query is a very fast query that was blocked by the blockage; that is it was a “victim”, not a “villain”. Example: UPDATE ... WHERE primary_key = 123 taking second(s) or even minute(s), not milliseconds.

display – Cursor Lag / Stutter & Media Blacked Out

Wondering if anyone has a solution to the HDCP issues with external monitors. I’m fairly desperate for a solution.

I have a 2019 MBP 16, and I’m having cursor lag/stuttering, and media is blacked out on my new LG 4K monitor. Seems to be very, very common and yet I haven’t found a solution anywhere.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Reset smc and pram.
  • All different cables (currently using usb-c to DP).
  • All different resolutions and refresh rates.
  • The “detect displays” trick.
  • Safe mode (no problem in safe mode).
  • Toggling the auto graphics switching.
  • Disconnecting all other usb peripherals, and tried every port.
  • Resetting everything on the monitor.
  • Downloaded LG’s OnScreen Control, and Screen Manager; neither has any firmware update available or solution

Weird things:

  • Worked fine for about 2 hours after first hook up.
  • Works fine for about 1 minute after turning the monitor off and on.
  • Older monitors work great.

I’m working on a graduation project from a programming boot camp, so reinstalling OS or upgrading to Big Sur is a little too risky right now, plus I’ve read it actually gets worse with Big Sur.

I spend 12hrs a day working on this laptop, so if anyone has any input, I would be very grateful. It sounds like a common problem, and I find it hard to believe people are living with the mouse lag day to day.

Thank you!

Removing lag without restarting Android

I’m using OP6T Oxygen OS (Android 10).

After scrolling through lot of data, the phone becomes a bit laggy. Restarting fixes it. Is there a quick fix without restarting?’

Any tips?

2d – What is the best approach to minimise the lag caused by ping when spawning predictable entities?

When the client clicks it spawns a unit on the client-side which moves in a predetermined path, it also emits an event to the server which indicates that the client has spawned a unit. Once received the server then spawns a unit and updates it.

Both the client and server’s update loop occurs 60 times a second, every 5 iterations the server emits the new state to the client which is then applied.

This works fine for very low ping however when the ping increases the unit that is spawned moves for a while and then snaps back to the position it was spawned (because the server has only just received the event and emitted the new state).

What are the ways I can deal with this?

Lag in terminal

I have putty ssh client connected to my Linux machine. I’m experiencing lag while working with terminal. For example if I type ls command it might take 1 second when command will appear on the screen. Command response usually comes without lag. What is strategy for finding this problem?

ssh – Monitoring Postgresql DB for replication lag

I have 3 secondary DB servers and I am monitoring replication lag using the below command and executing it every 1 min from the master DB node.

ssh $PGHOST1 “sudo -u postgres psql template1 -c ‘SELECT now() – pg_last_xact_replay_timestamp() AS replication_lag;'”

Questions 1:

Is it advisable to run above ssh remote connection command to the PostgreSql Standby server every 1 min?

Is there is any timeout if the remote server did not respond/hang?

Please suggest.

macbook pro – Input lag (keyboard and mouse) on external monitor

so I bought this USB-C hub adapter (https://www.arktis.de/satechi-usb-c-multiport-adapter-space-grey/) for a MacBook Pro 2019 to connect a second external monitors but I face an input lag on the external monitor. I have two LG 4k monitors with the same settings. The other one is connect by an different HDMI-adapter. On this monitor I don’t have any problems. I switched the cables and this is not the source.

It is strange that only the input of my keyboard, the movements of the mouse and the built-in trackpad / keyboard is delayed but a 4k 60fps video is running smoothly.

Did somebody faced the same problem and has a solution?

Thanks in advance!