An image with lower resolution is larger file size while that with higher resolution is smaller file size. How does it happen?

This image with a resolution: 3200×2192 pixels has a file size: 5.86 MB while this one has a resolution of 6000×4000 pixels but the file is 4.55 MB. What happens in both cases ?

Any help in clarifying this is appreciated.
Thank you.

c ++ – Runtime error: std :: vector larger than max_size ()

A function that returns an integer 1 or 0 depending on the presence or not of an integer B in the 2D integer vector A. If present, return 1 otherwise 0 of the searchMatrix function.

I get a runtime error with the only test case mentioned in the main () function

Here is my code


using namespace std;

int searchMatrix(vector > &A, int B) {
    vector temp;
    for(int i=0;i B) row-=1;
    vectortemp1(A(row).begin(), A(row).end());
    auto col = lower_bound(temp1.begin(), temp1.end(), B);
    if(col != temp1.end())
        return 1;
        return 0;

int main()
    cout << "Let's print something";
    vector< vector > A {
        {3, 3, 11, 12, 14}, {16, 17, 30, 34, 35}, {45, 48, 49, 50, 52}, {56, 59, 63, 63, 65}, {67, 71, 72, 73, 79},
        {80, 84, 85, 85, 88}, {88, 91, 92, 93, 94}
    int B = 94;
    cout << "Let's print something";
    cout << searchMatrix(A,B);

When debugging using gdb, I get the output under

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
  what():  std::bad_alloc
Aborted (core dumped) 

Help me where I am wrong?

The size of WhatsApp's built-in iCloud backup is larger than my iPhone's main iCloud backup for WhatsApp

There are two ways to back up your WhatsApp data to your iPhone, first of all by using the built-in backup function (which uses iCloud). and the second WhatsApp backup in the setting -> iCloud. So, while I was trying to back up my WhatsApp data, I noticed that my phone says in the "iCloud storage tab" that the app is taking 2.9 GB of storage. while on the built-in WhatsApp functionality, it says that the backup size is 3.14 GB (in the Chat Backup tab).

I ask for more information why are these numbers different? which is true? does this mean that my data is not fully backed up?

35 mm – How to roll a larger roll of loose film on a smaller one?

Without empty kernels, you're pretty much done before you start.

The only real option I see is to take the bulk feeder from the darkroom and hand roll an amount of film that will go into the feeder room of the feeder and thread it. It will still work in the feeder (I think), even if you may have the scratch off when it rolls on the back surface of the film inside the feeder chamber.

If you know someone else who loads loads in bulk, you may be able to burn loose coils on which to roll.

The potential option that came to my mind is a method that I have heard of others, but that I have not tried myself. Since a roll of 36 exposures of 35 mm is about 150 cm long, you can simply (in the dark) remove the end of the large roll with one hand, bring it down the other of the film along the entire length of your arm and hold the film there to be cut. Then roll the tape by hand in a cassette (and don't forget to capture the new end of the large loose roller and protect it before turning the lights back on).

There is a small risk here of getting a strip too long to fit in a developing reel, but you can use a stick or reference notches on the edge of the darkroom counter for a length reference to avoid that.

terminal – Rescuing a scratched DVD using DDRescue results in an output file 5 times larger than the DVD. How to cure it?

Using the steps from this previous post, I used ddrescue to read the disc. I left the process unattended as I knew it could take a while, but upon my return I found that my laptop was running out of space and that the output file was 50 GB. The source DVD is an 8.7 GB disc.

I followed exactly the instructions in the link below.
How to save a scratched CD / DVD on Mac OSX

I suspect that ddrescue was unable to determine the size of the disk, which resulted in data buildup.

When I read the MAN options, I don't know which switch to use. Should I tell DDrescue to limit the size of the input source (-s)? How else to limit the size of the output file? How can we ask him to offer a 1: 1 copy?

Thanks in advance!

A corporate email puzzle: can you combine gmail for staff emails, with another server for larger sendgrid emails?

We use Google for Business for emails from our staff. But we also want to send automated emails as part of a web application. Gmail limits the number of emails you can send with a cap (a few hundred a day?), And automated emails will exceed that.

Is it possible to have for example managed by gmail, while automatisé uses another mail server?

Or is the solution to use two different domains?

Thank you for your help!

Colocation with larger / direct businesses vs. small businesses

It is best to personally watch a mixture of the two depending on your needs at the end of the day.

As some have pointed out, some of the biggest companies don't care about you, we have seen it with quite a few big names, even customers with more than 50 racks, they will treat you well for you register, but once the contract is signed things are not that great.

One of the most important things you should ask is hands off.
If you're local, it's not as bad, but it's always good to know what you'll be billed for. For example, many companies will charge you for a hot swap or a simple restart of a server. Rates can range from $ 150 to $ 350 or more outside of business hours.

Bandwidth, if you're running your own mix and just need cross connections, it's not bad with either company, but many other companies also have their own mix and don't just provide a rack and power.

I always suggest taking a list of a few different companies, contact them to see who best responds to your list of questions, ask a few more, post review questions here if you don't not find much. Then go from there.

Good luck in your search!

A linear time algorithm to find the array of indices of larger numbers

Suppose you have an array nums integers, unsorted, containing values ​​from 1 to n. You have a second table, call it firstBigger, initially empty, that you want to fill with integers such as firstBigger[i] contains j if j is the least index such that i <j and nums[j] > nums[i]. A search by brute force of nums runs in n ^ 2 times. I need to find a linear time search.

For example, if nums = [4,6,3,2,1,7,5] and we use indexing 1 and then firstBiggest = [2,6,6,6,6,None,None].

I first considered calculating the table of linear time differences. Definitely anywhere in the difference table with a positive value, this indicates a place in firstBigger where it should store i + 1. But I don't see how to efficiently fill in other coordinates.

I may have approached when I started to think about analyzing the bay from start to finish. The last nth coordinate of firstBigger will be None, the n-1th must be directly compared to the nth. As we proceed backwards, if the number in i is smaller than in i + 1, we make this assignment. Otherwise, we are looking for the first number larger than that of i + 1. If it is still too small, search again for the first number larger than that.

On average, it does better than the naïve algorithm, but in the worst case, it's still n ^ 2. I don't see any room to optimize this.

Will this help SEO to use tags just around a keyword while making a sentence containing larger in bold using CSS?

Do not use strong tags in an already bold sentence. It looks spammed. This is something you obviously only do for the search engines and not for the users. Google hates it when it finds that sites are trying technical tricks rather than doing something that also benefits users. If anything, I think this is more likely to result in an over-optimization penalty for your website rather than helping SEO.

It is not even clear that bold type helps SEO at all. See Does Bold Text Really Improve Your Search Engine Rankings? This could be a ranking factor and many people in SEO believe it, but I don't know of any studies that have shown an increase in ranking by adding fat to a web page. I tend to think that boldness is an aspect of "prominence". Enlarging the text and moving the text to the top of the page also makes it more visible. In my opinion, enlarging the text to the top of the page is much more likely to affect rankings than adding bold.

Now that Googlebot is rendering pages, using specific tags that affect the appearance of the text will not help. Googlebot will know that your entire sentence is in bold. It will apply all of your CSS to the page. He will know that your keyword is no different from the text that surrounds it. Due to Googlebot's technical advancements in recent years, your tip is not even likely to be effective for Google.

There is no evidence that keyword dilution (and by extension keyword density) has an effect on rankings. You must use keywords on a page for Google to know what it is about. However, using keywords multiple times quickly has diminishing returns in terms of SEO. It is clear that overuse of keywords penalizes sites. See Do I have to optimize the keyword density of a page OR of a site? In fact, many times Google prefers a lower keyword density because it means there is more content.

In one important sentence, there is evidence that Google weighs keywords more at the beginning than keywords at the end. This is because you are more likely to say important things first in an important sentence. In fact, you did it in your example. I wouldn't worry about trying to get the attention of search engines specifically on the keyword in an important sentence. They are generally good at understanding it.

applications – Unable to send a form with larger files attached

I have a form on my website where you can attach your photo at the end of it, then click on the SEND button below. If you are using an ordinary PC (say, a laptop), then everything is fine. But, unfortunately, most people these days are using smartphones and then there is a problem. Housewives have no idea what a file size is and have no idea how to reduce it in a Photo Editor app. Not like they even care … They just buy new phones with built-in 12-15 megapixel cameras and take pictures. If someone uses their Android smartphone to send this form online and attach a 3.5 MB photo, then everything is fine. But if a photo, let's say 5.2 MB, there is an Android error message (with an Android "robot") ERR_FAIL or something like that. I contacted my mobile career and they told me that they did not have any particular limitation on the size of the files to send. Representatives of the phone (it's Philips) also told me that the phone itself had no such limits. So it must be an Android problem or … mobile Android browsers. According to iOS (Apple) … I honestly don't know … Personally, I don't have such a phone and few people in our country use it (probably too expensive ???). .
My phone is Philips S257 (if that makes a difference). It works on Android 7.0, but I think it doesn't matter, because other people with other phones have had the same problem. It's just for me, it's easier to check it on my own device.