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This meant posting earlier, but I was too busy for my own good, so remember that I upgraded my forum to xenforo version 2. Some features (under construction and resolution problems) are as follows:

Connection to discord for seamless interaction between forum and discord
Bridged account on our wordpress arcade site, play thousands of games to accumulate credits for your forums and become the king of arcade games
Connect your PSN and Steam accounts to view your latest game achievements or use our generator to create your own game card (coming soon)
Collect credits to purchase items from our store, like PSN, Xbox, eshop, Steam or Amazon gift cards!

For more update, you can check this out:

and since I run a gaming forum, it's time for E3 and, as such, my forum is currently hosting a bunch of news from E3! So stop, check everything and talk to other players. Plus, I'm running a contest that will bring you long-term money, details here:

I hope to see you many here to discuss the E3!


BlackHatKings: cryptographic speculation and investment
Posted by: Quintondum
Post time: June 12, 2019 at 19:48.

How to upgrade Magent0 to the latest version

When I use Magento Connect Manager and that mage_all_latest is installed, being installed, it is impossible to open the folder: downloader / .cache / ….. renderer and downloader / .cache / ….. conf.

Can any one help me solve this problem? Thank you!

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How to get the latest email for the subject using IMAP in Python

import imaplib
import email
def readMail (auto, subject):
connection = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL ( & # 39;)
connection.login (& # 39; mail; & # 39;; & # 39; pwd & # 39;) ("[Gmail]/ All the mails ")
typ, data = (None, SUBJECT, subject)
ids = data[0].Split()
id = ids[0]
typ, data = connection.fetch (id, & # 39; (RFC822) & # 39;)
message = email.message_from_string (data[0][1])
if message.is_multipart ():
for the load in message.get_payload ():
print payload.get_payload ()
print message.get_payload ()

battery – can Android stay in sleepy mode even with an active screen in the latest version of Android?

First of all, sorry if this question does not belong to this question, I wanted to ask a question to the meta if I could answer that question, but I am unable to do that. Whatever it is, I think it fits more here than in stackoverflow. If it is not the case, I will move it here.

The fact is that I develop an Android application and that on the Android emulator with the Android Pie version, it happens that once I manage to run some Android services from my application, the terminal seems to block all the services that may occur later.

I've verified that this was due to the fact that the emulator went into sleep mode once these first services were running, as if I did the necessary operation to bypass the mode (thus enabling To fully utilize the battery of my application, as also stated in the same message – the page I previously linked), then the services are run without problems.

What I find very strange is that even when the user is using the phone, the sleep mode occurs, apparently until the device restarts. So I wonder if it could be a type of emulator bug.

To answer this question, it would be sufficient if someone registers a physical device with Android Pie, if a service run by an application is still running when the device is active, without having made the change mentioned in the management. battery of the application, or find the documentation that explicitly defines (I am not able to).

Replacing specific user content creation with the latest version in views

enter the description of the image here

I create a website that tracks the weight of users. A user can create content to enter his weight and I have a view that displays all the entries of a user's weight, but I want it so that if a user makes two entries on the same day, only the most recent of this day is displayed and all others are not.

I tried to limit the date but without success.

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ios – Can I restore an iPhone backup and keep the original version of the applications (without downloading the latest version available from the AppStore)?

This was possible until iTunes 12.6
The individual .ipa files of each application were stored on the local computer of the user and could be restored to a new device. [assuming they were capable of running on it].

Since 12.7, iTunes no longer retains copies of .ipa files and, after installing a new device, applications are downloaded directly from the App Store – these are always the latest versions.

Apple has kept a special version of iTunes company available (currently 12.6.5) via this link; Deploy applications in a business environment with iTunes, but it requires that you already have .ipa files on your computer or you can extract them from your old device. It has been a long time since I have tried this method of work, so I can not remember the precise steps required.

It will not work under Mojave either, which makes it a rather limited resource.

Assured Wealth Management – The latest scam in Nigeria

Please, send this message to your loved ones if you do not want them to be ripped off. Also warn the authorities before they no longer cause pain and ruin to innocent Nigerians.

They have created a professional looking WhatsApp group and are looking for victims by inviting them on social networks. They can comment on someone's Facebook post that has thousands of followers or tag people with many friends so that innocent victims can join their groups, using the WhatsApp Invite link and telling people to join. people that they can become rich overnight.

What is their message? "WE WILL DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN ONE HOUR." Send a minimum of 10,000 (there is no maximum) and get 100% within 40 minutes. You can then reinvest the money.

They have no website to show. What they give you does not exist, and they claim that they do not allow people to comment so that people do not send them. This is partly correct. But they also do not want people to say they are wrong.

You are not allowed to comment in the group. Only the 3 administrators below can do it.

+234 806 642 0723 – the head of criminals

+234 816 427 2418 – a criminal partner

+234 816 563 1317 – a criminal partner

That's their WhatsApp invitation link:

Here is one of their ads on Facebook:

"It's an investment platform in which market women and businessmen, as well as a student, invest and do it. It's an investment platform in which you get twice as much as you invest. We use it simply to help the citizens of the country Improvement of life, It is a program recently launched and which brings back a lot, It is an authentic and authentic platform. As if you are investing from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000, you will receive your double payment within the next hour, you can chat us with this Whatsapp link below. Note that there is no fraud between you and that your payment is guaranteed. "- Felix Blessing (apparently one of them).

His Facebook profile is:

They do not have a legitimate business model.

Sometimes they allow the group to comment, usually for a few minutes. The comments come from those who testify that they have invested and have been paid, giving glory to God and promising to invest again. The administrator will also respond by congratulating them. The screenshots that they show you are really, really forged. And for those who are real, it is the screenshots of alerts from funds sent by their victims.

After a few minutes of testimony, the group is again disabled so that no one can comment. Needless to say, those who testify are also part of it.

The images that they use on their WhatsApp profiles are fake. You can only send them a private message. So, if you realize you've been fooled, you can not alert other members of the group. You will simply be blocked in private. These numbers mean nothing to them. If you lift too much dust, they can easily remove SIM cards and start using other lines while looking for more casualties.

If 10 people leave the group, 30 people will add because Nigerians want to enrich it quickly. Is not this the type of prayer they offer in the church (a wealth for which they do not work)?

They will do their best to persuade you, for example by saying, "You are in good hands," "Calm down." "I am a Christian." Give us a benefit of the doubt. "You have nothing to fear. "Etc.

These 419 people belong to a large network of different actors with a common goal: to get your money. They seem pious, religious, serious, sincere, convincing, rich, influential, with many high security professions, until you fall into their traps.

They may also use delay tactics after you are fooled. It's when you start threatening them that they block you and remove their SIM cards.

Successful people do not reveal their secrets. If they can really double the money every 40 minutes, they do not need to look for people to help them. Nobody loves you to the point of persuading you to take advantage of the secrets that can make them billionaires.

Someone turns 30 USD to 60 USD in 40 minutes. If this can be achieved, all the money in the world will go to the person in less than a month. But it's a lie.

I do not know when Nigerians will stop being gullible.

People like this should not be allowed to live in society.