3.5nd dnd – Is a magic wand loaded with a quick action spell launching a quick action to turn it on?

Wand: Activation


Chopsticks use the activation method of the spellcheckerSo, casting a spell with a wand is usually a standard action that does not cause any opportunity attacks.
(However, if the casting time of the spell used is greater than that of a standard action, it takes a long time to launch it with the help of a wand.)
To activate a magic wand, a character must hold it in the hand (or anything that passes for a hand, for non-human creatures) and direct it in the general direction of the target or area.
A baguette can be used when you are grappling or being swallowed whole.

Spell Trigger


Activating the trigger is similar to completing the spell, but it's even simpler.
No gesture or end of spell is needed, just a special knowledge in casting spells that a proper character would know,
and a single word that must be pronounced. Anyone with a spell on their spells list knows how to use a spell trigger that stores this spell.
(This is the case even for a character who can not actually cast spells, such as a third-level paladin.)
The user must always determine which spell is stored in the item before it can be activated.
Activating a spell trigger is a standard action and does not cause any attacks of opportunity.

Spell Trigger (Compendium of Rules)

To use a spell-trigger object, the user must first know what spell they're saving (unless they activate the item blindly using Use Magic Device). The activation of the element requires that the user has the spell stored in the object on his spell list and pronounces a word. Even a character who can not cast the spell stored in the object can use it from a trigger, as long as that spell is on his spell list. This is the case even for a member of a class who may grant spells but who can not yet cast, such as a third-level paladin. A domain spell is on a user's spell list only if that user has access to that domain. The activation of a spell trigger takes the same time as the casting time of the spell stored by the item., but activating the article does not cause an opportunity attack. You can not activate a spell trigger in the area of ​​a silence spell or if it is unable to speak. Sticks and Sticks: To activate a stick or wand, the user must hold the object toward the target or area in a hand or similar appendage. A wand can be used while the user is struggling, but not the staff.

5th dnd – Is a character with the exploit of War Caster able to call a lock with Call Lightning instead of launching an opportunity attack?

No, War Caster does not let you do that

Unfortunately, War Caster offers the following benefits:

When the movement of a hostile creature causes an opportunity attack on your part, you can use your reaction to: to put a spell on to the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a cast time of 1 action and must target that creature only.

When you use your action to call lightning as described in the Flash Appeal spell, it does not cast a spell; it's its own kind of action, manipulate a spell that has already been cast and that is not covered by War Caster.

You can not use the reaction offered by War Caster to launch Flash appeal like a new spell, that is, since Flash appeal do not just target that specific creature; Lightning has an effect area, so it can potentially target multiple enemies, even with only the initial lock, and you can continue to use the spell to hit many different targets during its duration.

redirection – How to prevent a local database from launching the website online

Ok, I'm a designer and a newcomer to Drupal. has been studying for a few months by creating personal learning sites. I started working in a company with a Drupal 7 website. I studied, learned and changed.

This year, a design studio redesigned our image and created a Drupal 8 site. They gave me full access and I downloaded a copy of the files and the database and then I got it. installs locally to test and modify it.

I use Acquia DevDesktop and import the site with the new database. I went to phpMyAdmin and imported the database. Then I load the site and immediately launch the real website.

I thought there was something in the files and checks them in detail with the little knowledge that I have. I did not find anything.

To check if the "redirection" was in the files, I performed a new installation of Drupal 8 and, after setting it up as a new site, I went to phpMyAdmin and imported it the database. Without changing any file, I launched the site and again, he entered the real online site. So I think the "redirection" is in the database.

I called the design studio and the site manager was a designer. He created the site online and did not manage it locally. He tried to help me, but he was not able to determine the reason for the local installation to access the actual website. He also could not install the site locally.

Someone knows how to change this "redirection" so that I can configure my site locally?

Points to keep in mind when launching a STO – Coin Cryptocurrency

An STO is an optimized way for startups and entrepreneurs to raise money for their businesses. By pledging tangible assets for digital tokens, STOs protect the interests of investors. In addition, government bonds are also recognized by the US SEC, making it a promising avenue for investment.
Today, using the services of a provider of security tokensyou can start their project with relative ease. However, a businessman should keep in mind the following points when dealing with the STO process:

Every idea counts: Make sure your business plan creatively addresses the target problem. This will give you a leverage on your competitors.
Start early marketing: Experts believe the success of Blockchain crowdfunding is marketing-driven. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to start marketing your product or service from the start!
Choosing the right service provider: Each STO development company offers a wide range of solutions, with their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, do your research before choosing your service provider.
Assemble your team: The success of an STO also depends on its employees. Take your time to select and hire people who will make your stellar team!

If you are looking for a STO Development Company, your search ends with Blockchain App Factory. They have extensive experience in the field and offer 100% white label solutions. They help you with every step of your STO project, such as publishing your white paper, creating your delivery platform, and even marketing your token.


mojave – Launching system calls from the Launchd daemon

In Mojave, I run a script as a daemon to call a program that I wrote – located at / Library / Demons – and that goes every 7 minutes. The "my application" program accesses local files making system calls to other machines (like ssh and scp).
Here is the .plist file:

        User name
            * My username *

The program works perfectly under username, but does not work properly on launchd. Here is the script:

logfilename = "$ 1"
echo "" >> "$ 1"
echo "Power Grab started on:" >> "$ 1"
cd / Users / my_username / PG1
echo "The directory is:" >> "$ 1"
pwd >> "$ 1"
date >> "$ 1"
whoami >> "1 $"
./myapp> /Users/juanorodriguez/Desktop/PG1/myapp.out 2> & 1
echo "Myapp complete on:" >> "$ 1"
date >> "$ 1"
echo "" >> "$ 1"

I can see launchd called the initial script and see it working under my user name by calling whoami.

Stick to a website after launching it | Promotion Forum

Hey. I write this as a guide for newcomers to website creation or just to have a hard time sticking to a new site that they have created.

Now, I have created several sites in the past. Of course, I never stuck them for a long time but I tried it. After closing them, I went to think about some additional ideas for a site. It's something that I advise you not to do. You should try to sit in a site for a while. Maybe hold for 8 to 14 months. If it's not becoming popular after being created, do not just give up. Growing up takes time. This is a stupid reason not to stick to a new site you just created. When you create a new site, try filling it with content. Hope this will keep you longer and, in the meantime, attract new visitors.

If you still think that the site will not be successful after launch or if you do not want to stick to it at all, give it at least two months. See how it goes. If you continue to launch site after site, you will probably be very stressed and exhausted for Ideas. Yes, web development may not be easy, but at least, keep your website for a while. If you want to create a site, abandon it and create another, and stop creating websites. If you give up a site after you create and create another site, you almost no longer fill the WorldWideWeb (the website contains about 1.8 billion websites, stop filling it.)

I hope this thread encourages others to stay on their websites for a while. It may not be good, but as long as it helps, then it's great.

(Note: I'm looking at you @ Web2019. Stop filling out WorldWideWeb and ForumPromotion directories with Trashy-Websites effortlessly. Why do not you do a real thing and do not stick to it one day?)

5th dnd – Can you use the Shield Master's exploit to push someone before launching an attack using a loaned action?

You ask two different questions here.

Your first question is:

Can you perform a ready action as long as you complete your bonus action, then do your bonus action and then complete your action from your ready action?

And the answer is yes, you can do it. However, you do not really get any benefit from it, because any bonus action you could take to trigger the action must be a bonus action you could undertake anyway. You can not just prepare an action, use your bonus action, and then perform a normal action.

Your second question is:

Is not this a legal feat to reverse the order of action?

The feat of Shield Master says:

If you take Action Attack on your turn, you can use a bonus action to try to push a creature within 5 feet of you with your shield.

Although you can prepare an action to trigger the bonus action "try to push … with your shield", you will never actually be able to use this reaction and will actually have wasted your action.

The important text is "If you take the action Attack on your turn …". The action of attack is distinct from an attack and a regular action. If you have prepared an action, even if it is to perform the attack action, you still have not taken the action of attack. Since you do not perform the attack action, your bonus action "Push … with your shield" never takes place during your turn.

In this scenario, you make continues to attack if, after preparing this action, an opponent ends up being both adjacent and subject to you. However, you will still lose bonus Shove Shove action if it happens outside of your turn.

Is Windows ideal for launching a website?

I'm trying to find a web host who accepts adult content and who supports WordPress. I always hear that cpanel is the norm but I do not have linux.

I have a lot to learn about it and I am a digital marketing student. I hope to design websites. That being said, I have a few questions.

1. Is there a simpler way to find accommodation that meets my needs? Maybe a directory of some kind.

2. Is it convenient or wise to host your own site or sites on a reseller plan?

3. Can you launch a site or is it wise to launch a site without having Linux and instead on Windows OS?

4. Is there industry standard software that I should buy, such as a Windows or other control panel, that will make things easier?

I am not a very technology savvy person, but I am careful not to pay for accommodation that is not what I need. Any help would be great because it is not easy to find reliable information. Thank you!

autohotkey – The activation of AHK Window does not work when launching the program

I am currently the following code to start the SpeedCrunch program by pressing Win + C

#c ::
IfWinExist, SpeedCrunch
IfWinNotExist, SpeedCrunch
Run, speedcrunch.exe, C:  Program Files (x86)  SpeedCrunch, UseErrorLevel

Enabling the window when the program is running works perfectly. However, when the program is not running, the program is started in reduced mode and not enabled, which means that it is necessary to press Win + twice. C to launch and activate the Speedcrunch focus, even if the launch command contains "WinActivate". Why it does not work?

geocoding – gives a new waitforsecond (1) counter time varying after launching the roll of the dice

in ludo game 2d i am using player turn timer 30 seconds using yield new waitforsecond (1) every time the timer goes to 0 and the player does not roll the dice, the dice are transferred to the player after my problem is that the start of the timer works perfectly The player's chances are ignored if they do not roll the dice and that the timer works perfectly for the 4 players until they launch them but when I roll the dice, I mean that the animation starts after the timer and varies very quickly every time the dice turn and that the breasts look like waitforsecond (1) depend on rolling dice and after a few dice the rolling time goes to 0 from 30 in a few seconds and I want in 30 seconds the timer goes from 30 to 0.

here I've changed code twice

first with waitforsecond (1)

float currCountdownValue;
public IEnumerator StartCountdown (float countdownValue = 30)
currCountdownValue = countdownValue;
while (currCountdownValue> 0)
Debug.Log ("Countdown:" + currCountdownValue);
return return new WaitForSeconds (1.0f);

if (! isdicerolled) {

if (playerTurn == "RED") {
playerTurn = "BLUE";
InitializeDice ();
else if (playerTurn == "BLUE") {
playerTurn = "GREEN";
InitializeDice ();
else if (playerTurn == "GREEN") {
playerTurn = "YELLOW";
InitializeDice ();
Ielse si (playerTurn == "YELLOW") {
playerTurn = "RED";
InitializeDice ();


and the second time I used time.deltatime but he also gives me the same exit

So, what should I do now, I want a timer like the teen game Patti, poker
everything works but after throwing the dice the time varies, pls help me