magento2 – Add footer link without domain from xml layout

I’m trying to add a tel: href to a footer with the next code:

 <block class="MagentoFrameworkViewElementHtmlLink" name="telefon">
                                <argument name="label" xsi:type="string" translate="true">0728 947 887
                                <argument name="path" xsi:type="string">tel:0728947887</argument>          

The link generates but it comes like:

In order for the tel: to work, I simply need it to be tel:0728947887

I also tried adding this to the block but the href did not change:

 <argument name="attributes" xsi:type="array">
                                    <item name="href" xsi:type="string">tel:0728947887</item>

I’d appreciate any ideas, thanks!

forms – International Phone Number Field Layout and Design

While I agree with @jbreckmckye to ask for the country, not the country’s telephone number as that can be inferred from the country, I do think that most people know the telephone number of their country and can spit it out at will.

That said, I would not split the telephone number in separate fields at all.

I would ask for the for the country in a separate field like @jbreckmckye because the country also dictates how an address should be laid out (some countries have the postal code before the city, others have it after the city or even completely separate).

I would allow the telephone number to be entered in a free format. It may restrict what you can do with it “automatically” (or require a very good parser to enable automatic processing). More importantly though, it will allow users to enter their phone number in the way they are used to entering phone numbers instead of forcing them to conform to a format they may not be familiar with.

As a suggestion you could give an example of an international phone number adjacent to the telephone number field.

+31 (0)30 1234567

This example also shows the way international phone numbers are/should be formatted to take care of the dropped zero @PhillipW mentions.

In general terms the international format for a telephone number actually is

+<country> ((0))<area> <subscriber>


  • + signifies the international exit code which differs per country;
  • the (0) is optional (indicated by the square brackets) and signifies the zero of the area code which you need to drop when dialing from outside of the country (indicated by the brackets) but need to dial if you are in the country.

layout – Can I change where Windows 10 prioritizes extensions in its alphabetical sorting?

I need to preface this with the fact I know nothing about coding, so all answers should probably explain in some degree more detail than might be used otherwise. I also don’t know if I’m in the right place. If not, I’m sorry.

I am using Windows 10. I have some files I want to be sorted like this:

  • Character A.doc
  • Character A Alone.png
  • Character A Mount.png

Instead, they are ordered:

  • Character A Alone.png
  • Character A Mount.png
  • Character A.doc

I can be anal about some things, and this is one of them. I don’t want to add any random characters to push or pull these files around, I want them to sort how it makes sense: the shorter file name in front.

I hate that this character’s files need special treatment to keep the same document>image listing every other character has. I hate that I don’t get the clean sorting I want. I am absolutely willing to go in and mess with the system coding to make it do what I want as long as that isn’t illegal in some way I don’t know about and isn’t going to break something in the process. I just want this to work for me.

magento2 – Add arguments to block via layout update

In the catalog_product_view.xml ofthe Magento_Catalog module there’s this block

<block class="MagentoCatalogPricingRender" name="">
        <argument name="price_render" xsi:type="string">product.price.render.default</argument>
        <argument name="price_type_code" xsi:type="string">final_price</argument>
        <argument name="zone" xsi:type="string">item_view</argument>

I have a catalog_product_view.xml in my own theme’s layout folder, which is adding some additional blocks and moving or removing some others.

Now what I need to do is to add more arguments to the price block, but without changing anything else. So no moving, now changing of the original arguments etc.

Just adding for example:

<argument name="some_param" xsi:type="boolean">true</argument>
<argument name="another_param" xsi:type="boolean">false</argument>

How do I do that? What do I need to put in my layout file.

Magento 2.4 How created dynamic custom category layout?

How i can create dynamic custom layout for each Category and Category page?
enter image description here

I can used catalog_category_view_id_{{id}}.xml and created custom layout for current Category{{id}} like this:

Example: I created catalog_category_view_id_10_customLayout.xml for my category with id 10.
enter image description here

But i don’t know how i can use my custom layout for Category without additional manipulation in code.

Tell me how I can do this, please. Thank you so much! hosting – Wrong layout and not secure wordpress via digitalocean

Good Saturday, everyone!

Hope you’re chilled out despite the crazy COVID-19!

I recently started to build my website for blogging. However, I followed the instruction but I failed. Here is the website.enter link description here

The way I tried is first I bought the domain and pointed them each other between two sites.
Then, I saw there is tab called ” Marketplace” on DigitalOcean where you can started a do a Dropet for wordpress.

I followed the instruction but I didn’t success. I got this layout. I can’t google it because I don’t what the problem is. You can have a look at this website:

Besides, it shows “Not Secure”. How can I make it secure”?

Would any expert mind pointing out some keywords that I can solve this problem?


Not a good layout

footer – Header won’t appear when I open the Excel file on share point, because on the VIEW menu only the NORMAL view exists. How can I add Page Layout View

I have created an Excel file with Header and Footer and I can view the Header and Footer using the Page Layout view when opening the file in my computer,
I upload the same file on sharepoint and open it on sharepoint, I can not see the header and Footer, because only Standard ( or normal) View is available on Excel in Sharepoint.

How can I add the Page Layout view to Excel on Sharepont Excel.
I am not the admin and I am not a programmer.

Thank you!

enter image description here

magento2.3 – What is most easy way to move the old Magento 1 frontend layout to the new Magento 2 edition?

I will setup my old Magento 1.4 webshop to the Magento 2.3 webshop. Can somebody help me to explain which steps i have to make?
So far i found, data migration tool cannot be used for it?

Which folders i can find that? And how to install it to the new version?

Appreciate you help!

Tkinter layout designer – Stack Overflow

I am fairly new to tkinter and I am making a project with it. But the trouble is that I am unable to properly place widgets where I want them to be.

Since I am new, I end up sticking all widgets to one end or using grid which often looks awkward.

Is there any online/offline app/website which allows you to drag and drop widgets and tells you which layout manager to use and their values?

Getting XOrg Keyboard layout

Maybe I shouldn’t be asking for this but I cant find any tutorial about it. How do I get the key pressed and the character representation of it in Xorg like in Win32 that I know ESC_KEY is the ESC_KEY no matter the keyboard layout. Right now I only can get the physical key but not the virtual key.