implementations – Since cpython helps to implement and execute python code, should I first learn cpython?

I met this question when I came across the following answer to my question about cpython

Ans: – "Python" is a concept. This is an idea for a programming language. Of course, it's more than an idea, it's a fully developed specification of a programming language. However, as long as there is no program capable of reading a .py file and executing the code, it is only a concept.

For a .py file to be useful, it must be processed by a program that includes the language and is able to convert it to the language of the underlying machine.

When a person or team writes a program that can process a file written in Python language (for example, python.exe, / usr / local / bin / python, etc.), this program becomes an implementation of the language.

Which PHP frameworks should I learn in 2019?

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    March 21, 2019
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    Which PHP frameworks should I learn in 2019? What are the most popular?

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Want to learn about creating interactive websites, what is the best approach?

I am interested in designing websites and I want a very user-friendly site, but also very interactive. I have no programming skills, I do not know HTML scripts, Java, etc. Do you have suggestions?

Where can I learn full stack development for free? [on hold]

I want to learn full stack development. Which platform, egdacity, edX, will run, etc., can I use to learn it for free?

Calculation – How can you learn Math's formula?

It may be a strange question, but I had a very difficult time at university. So much so that I fell. 🙁

It was not only in maths, but also in other subjects with formulas or equations.

There were times we had to learn from memory formulas. And I did not know how to read them.

So how are you doing?

P.S: I will try to give an example as quickly as possible.

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Pathfinder – How can assistants learn more spells per level?

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How to learn and know Google Ad-Words?


Let's Forum is an Internet chat community that helps people (webmasters) involved in online marketing, search engine optimization and website development or design. Learn with us the elements needed to boost your website.

android – How to learn game development? (PC and Mobile)

I am an electronics student and none of my friends, even in CS, have an idea of ​​how to become an independent developer or even work as a game developer / developer in a mobile game startup. They certainly know that part development (on mobile), also working on an engine like Unity, etc., but nothing more. An idea of ​​what is important and tips for non-founders on how to get started?