machine learning – Code for the development of a custom deepfake Obama

I prepare a little surprise for the goodbye of my friend's work and I wanted to make a personalized deepfake video of Obama.

Could someone guide me to a resource or a good place to start with this?

Here is the video link:

Thank you!

machine learning – Finding the likelihood that the image is text

I can know if an image is a text:

ImageInstanceQ[img,Entity["Concept", "TextualMatter::m7642"]]

And if an image is probably text, I can find the probability that it is text:

ImageIdentify[img, All, 1, "Probability"]

But how to find the probability that an image is text, even if it is, for example, an image of a file? I am looking for the fastest solution possible. My brightest idea at this point is to do a binary search on ImageInstance () with different thresholds of recognition.

Implementing Machine Learning in an iOS Application

I need to develop an iOS application involving the classification of images. The ML algorithm that I use should be able to analyze the image of a vase and identify its specific pattern. As a starting point, I plan to use TensorFlow models with Core ML. Is this the ideal method of first approach? Thank you!

Auto Learning – A sensor able to read the details of an object?

I am aware of the existence of such material as Kinect that works as a depth sensor.

However, I would like to know if there is a sensor capable of describing the details of an article. For example, the design pattern of a shirt. and have the collected data been saved for use with authentication? in python / java?



Python – I'm bad at math. Do I have to forget the machine learning?

I hardly spent algebra when I was in high school and college. Does this mean that I have no future with machine learning / AI?

I am a python programmer, my daily job is to create scripts to create reports, a web development using django and some other automations using python.

It seems to me that the next level of learning for me is machine learning / AI, but my weakness is algebra (the calculation of hearing makes me tremble from fear).

Should I give up ML / AI and focus on other topics?

machine learning – Export PictureCases in Python?

I would like a tutorial on how to export a network of delimiter box detectors to mxnet (for bonus points: convert to Tensorflow), then to make it work properly in python!

Some related issues exist for pythonization of simple recurring networks and classification, but not for network support.ImageCases. There seems to be a lot of MMA sticking code to get an inference, which makes it a worthy question.

What's stopping you from learning? | Promotion Forum

I had a lot of hesitations to learn to code or master a new skill when I was younger, but only because I thought it would be too difficult. Once I learned PHP, I started trying to learn 1 to 2 new languages ​​a year.

So, what is your reason for not learning a new language or your first?

machine learning – Apache Kafka with Tensorflow Serving

I am building a machine learning pipeline to extract information from video files. I use several Tensorflow templates for object detection, action detection, scene recognition, and more. In my first version, each model is integrated with a microservice written in python and each detector reads the video file. I want to build a more robust application and I thought to use Apache Kafka to transmit each image of the video to the models. I want to use Tensorflow Serving to put each model into production.
The question is: what is the best way to send video images with Apache Kafka to each Tensorflow Serving model?

By learning to create a game in the unit, I get the error CS1061 when trying to create the UI script.

here is the code of the script

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

Public class UIHealthBar: MonoBehaviour
public static UIHealthBar instance {get; private ensemble; }
public image mask;
float originalSize;
empty Wake up ()
instance = this;
empty Start ()
originalSize = mask.rectTransform.rect.width;
public void SetValue (float value)
mask.rectTtransform.SetSizeWithCurrentAnchors (RectTransform.Axis.Horizontal, originalSize * value);

the CS1061 error that I get is this one

Assets  Scripts  UIHealthBar.cs (21,14): Error CS1061: "Image" does not contain a definition for "rectTtransform" and no accessible extension method "rectTtransform" accepts a first argument of type "Image" n & nbsp; Could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
`` `

Automatic learning – is there a way to fill an image detected by an edge with the corresponding colors according to the original image?

I'm trying to solve a problem of image processing.

Here is the input image (Figure_1) composed of 3 different colors. the original image has no red or blue; it is added to indicate the areas to be treated later.

enter the description of the image here]

The application of the contour detection in FIG ._1 makes it possible to obtain an output image on which there are only outlines and no color.

Here is the output image (Figure_2), without filling with red or blue, which is the problem sought.

enter the description of the image here

Is there a way to fill in the figure_2 with the corresponding colors (red and blue) according to the original image (figure_1) in python?