macos – Left click suddenly doing what the right click does

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removing indirect left recursion

I want to remove indirect left recursion from these rules:


I don’t know if I can implement the algorithm correctly. My assumption is to make it like this:

S-->TU, T-->U'b, U'b-->U'a

Is this correct?

taxes – Asking for tourist tax to be left cash in the accommodation

Travelled in several places in Italy, reservation made either with or airbnb and the hosts asked us to leave the tourist tax in the apartment before we check out. It’s small, usually 5-10 euros.

But to me this seems like tax evasion and first time I refused to do it and got a very negative review on airbnb. Say you are on a business trip, isn’t it a rule that you should get receipt for everything? how are you going to reimburse that tourist tax?

How should I deal with the situation fairly for both. I don’t want the host to feel cheated, but I also want my invoice so that I feel good that taxes are being paid and not being pocketed by the host?

ct.category theory – Left Kan extensions of “strong” monoidal functors

Consider the 2-category $mathsf{MonCat}$ where objects are monoidal categories,
1-cells are strong monoidal functors, and 2-cells are monoidal natural transformations.

Given arrows $f: mathsf{C} to mathsf{D}, g: mathsf{C} to mathsf{E}$ in this category,
we can obviously ask for a left Kan extension $Lan_fg : mathsf{D} to mathsf{E}$.

If we instead work in $mathsf{MonCat}^mathrm{lax}$, the 2-category of monoidal categories, lax monoidal functors and monoidal natural transformations, this left Kan extension is known to exist under some reasonable assumptions.


  1. Under reasonable assumptions on the categories involved, does the “strong monoidal Kan extension” exist?
  2. Does the “lax monoidal Kan extension” recover the strong version in the case where the two input functors are strong monoidal? In other words, are the subcategories of strong monoidal functors stable under left Kan extension along strong monoidal functors?

At the highest level of generality, we can consider lax or strong $mathcal{O}$-monoidal functors between $mathcal{O}$-monoidal $infty$-categories, in the sense of Lurie.
In that context, the lax left kan extensions seem to correspond to Lurie’s “operadic Kan extensions”, but again there does not seem to be a strong version of this in the literature.

Suggest a name for my company – 30 minutes left.


We are an online solution provider company and also deal in lead generation/customer service quality check and reviewing of data. I need to submit a company name for a contract in around 30 minutes and quite frankly im out of ideas. Suggestions would help alot. THANK YOU PEEPS!

Construct a dfa and nfa for a set of strings on{0,1} : the left most symbol differs from the right most one and odd length string

Construct dfa and nfa for a set of string 0,1 such that left most and right most element are different and odd length string
Can you plss draw it

StableHost final review after 7 years and why I left


I’ve used StableHost since 2013. I’ve learned about them here on WHT and even got a nice lifetime deal for shared hosting.

My usecase is very modest: two small personal WP websites that between them get ~1,000 visits per month at most.

I was happy with the service for a good while. Everything was working fine, the performance was good and definitely satisfactory for a shared hosting plan, and in the few occasions I needed support, they replied quickly and to the point.

Their email deliverability was also excellent (and this was still the casecwhen I left).

About a year and a half ago I’ve started to notice a decline in performance. I’ve ignored it at first because things still worked reasonably well, but eventually it declined so much it became a pain to use. The website took ages tooad and using WP’s Admin Center became a chore having tobwait a couple of seconds when niving between menu items. This sudden change made me wonder if ownership had changed, and indeed I went online to discover SH was acquired. Because I renewed a month or so earlier for a year in advance I’ve attempted to speed things up by trying to better optimize WP, but to no avail. I ran into a problem with updating to PHP 7, which is when I also discovered their support is now done in a chat. To be fair, they still replied fairly quickly and fixed the priblem in a timely manner, but I didn’t like the experience. A real-time chat lends itself to instant communication, having to wait for an agent and then wait for an update/follow-up is not as efficient as a ticketing system in my opinion. As a customer, I don’t feel I should be made to wait while they try to figure out things. Take your time, fix the problem and close the ticket when done is a better workflow in my opinion, though I admit it’s a matter of preference.

Around that time I’ve also noticed that from the next billing cycle they will no longer respect the lifetime price I got back in 2013. Again, in fairness to them the new price would have still been considered reasonable for a shared hosting plan, provided the performance was still there, but I’d have preferred them to be more proactive about it and email me about the upcoming change instead of updating the details in the billing area (which I normally only visit when it’s time to renew).

Eventually, the performance was the main reason I decide to switch providers and the rest only supplemented the decision.

I’ve migrated to (Nginx, DirectAdmin), and while it’s too early to tell (I’ve been using them for only two months now), so far the performance is outstanding. For the very least it confirms the problem was with the old server and not with my websites’ code/build.

There’s never one absolute truth with these things and other SH customers might have more positive recent experiences, but the above is mine.

sql – Left join no funciona correctamente

Tengo la tabla clientes, que entre muchos campos tiene

Id_sucursal, clave_cliente, razon_social

Cuando quiero información de una sucursal, debo traer los datos de esta forma

select * from clientes where id_sucursal='La sucursal que se ocupará'

Ahora bien, tengo una tabla donde se almacenan las ventas, con un montón de campos

Id_sucursal, Id_Consecutivo_Enca, cantidad_productos

Ahora bien, cuando quiero saber cuántas compras ha realizado cada cliente, hago un join

select c.Id_sucursal, c.Razon_Social, ev.Cantidad_Prods from Clientes c inner join Enca_Ventas ev on c.Id_Sucursal=ev.Id_Sucursal and c.Clave_Cliente=ev.Id_Cliente
where c.id_sucursal='La sucursal que se ocupará'

Hasta ahí todo bien. Ahora me solicitaron un reporte donde se puedan ver los clientes con la cantidad de productos que han comprado, incluyendo aquellos que no han realizado compras con nosotros. Yo pensé: sencillo, en lugar de usar un inner join hago un left join, con eso debería traer todos los registros de la tabla clientes, y pondrá null en los clientes que no han comprado nada. Y zas! resulta que no funcionó 🙁
Después de leer un poco, me enteré que el where podría ser el que me está ocasionando el problema. Así que pensé: Ok, movamos las condiciones al on, a ver qué pasa

select c.Id_sucursal, c.Clave_Cliente, c.Razon_Social, ev.Cantidad_Prods 
from Clientes c left join Enca_Ventas ev on c.Id_Sucursal=ev.Id_Sucursal and c.Clave_Cliente=ev.Id_Cliente and c.Id_Sucursal='La sucursal que se ocupará'

Pero tampoco funciona 🙁
Ahora lo que trae son los registros de todas las sucursales con sus respectivas compras, de esta forma

Suc1    1   LIDIA ELENA PACHECO HERNANDEZ                                            NULL
Suc2    1   VICTOR HUGO SANDOVAL MORALES                                             NULL
Suc3    1   COLEGIO ATENEA ANIMAS S.C.                                               NULL
Suc4    1   ELIZABETH JUAREZ SILVESTRE / COPIAS GELY                                 NULL
Suc2    10  AUTOMOTRIZ TEHUACAN S.A. DE C.V.                                         NULL
Suc1    10  MILTON JAVIER GONZALEZ LEON                                              NULL

¿Podrían orientarme qué estoy haciendo mal?
La idea es que sólo me trajera los datos de la sucursal que se puso en el ON

¡Gracias por su tiempo!

Just how dangerous is the left wing ideology. When Obama was POTUS. He tied the hands of American combat members with BAD ROE’s.?

Now Law Enforcement and National guard

forces are being stripped of tools on their

belts when facing Looters/Rioters and

Anarchists’. What is the end result of why

they do that. The bad guys can inflict

injury while those sworn to stop the effort

can not protect themselves,

Left Join table with first match historically

Table A

Table B

enter image description here

What I want to accomplish is to join TableB to TableA where <=, but only the the value with the nearest max date. Currently, what I get is all the previous value like this:

enter image description here