sharepoint online – Left navigation stays the same

please let me know if anyone saw this weird behavior. Its all SharePoint online.

I have a sub-site under a main site collection, its a team site (ex: it has bunch of links in the left navigation, one of the links is to a separate sub-site under a different site collection (ex: and it has its own left navigation which very basic just 2 links. By default the links open in same tab, the weird thing is if we go to the performance site it opens in the same tab that’s well and good but if we click back in the browser it goes back to the HR site but the second site’s left navigation stays, it doesn’t update to the site 1’s navigation. Did this happen to anyone? Please let me know thanks. (users don’t want the site to open in separate window or tab, they want it to open in same tab)

algorithms – What does it mean that a set of intervals is sorted by the right and left endpoints?

While reading a paper (On the k-coloring of intervals), I came upon the following description:

“Input: An integer k, and a set of n intervals sorted by right and left endpoints. The intervals are indexed in order of increasing right endpoint, and it is assumed that all endpoints are positive integers.”

What does it mean that they are sorted by “right and left endpoints”? Does it mean that each interval is on the form (left endpoint, right endpoint)?

query builder – Left outer join does not work as expected in laravel 6

I have 4 tables and it’s properties are given below:

1) candidates->id, name, email, skill 

2) candidate_requests->status, agent_reg_id(foreign key), candidate_id(foreign key) 
,package_type_id(foreign key).

3) package_lists->id, agent_reg_id(foreign key) 

4) orders->payment_status, candidate_id(foreign),agent_reg_id(foreign key).

Here is my controller’s method:

 public function approvedCandidates()



    //get candidate id from above
    //and match to the order table then we can get the payment status of the specific candidate
    return view('local_agent.approvedCandidates',('approvedCandidates'=>$approvedCandidates));

Result should give data for the candidate 1 and candidate 2. But it gives the result of only the candidate 2. In orders table there is no data related to the candidate 1. But in left outer join, I know that if the related table has no data then value is going to be retrieved with the null value. But it does not return anything which is related to the candidate 1. Why I could not able to get the data of the candidate 1?

Intercepting Query String Changes in Web Parts -Error when traversing between items in Left nav (SPFx Webparts)

I am working in Sharepoint online 2019 with SPFx Webaparts. We had a requirement to change query string (added filter)

in application spfx webpart with kendo grid. It got changed in URL but the grid not reloaded. So we used Intercepting query logic by referring…

Everything works fine inside the webpart. Query changed in URL reflected in grid and data loaded based on query string.

Now the issue is when we traverse between items in left navigation (between the applications)

“Cannot read property ‘web’ of undefined”

“Cannot read property ‘wrapper’ of undefined”

error is coming.(kindly see attachment).

Before implementing Query intercepting it was working fine.

Couldn’t find the solution to fix this issue. Please help!!!

Is there anything to deal with Webpart rendering?!! Any help!

enter image description here


couple years ago I set up a coinabase wallet or blockchain wallet to make a couple of purchases. How do Iretrive any bitcoin left in that wallet?

A couple of years ago I set up a bitcoin wallet on blockchain. How do I retrieve any bitcoin left in if I don’t remember all my passcode info. I’m VERY tech ignorant! HELP!! I’m on disability and need every penny I can find. Anyone kind enough to offer ideas or suggestions?

There may be a reward if I can access my wallet and what’s in it! Please and thank you in advance

magento2.3 – Category Side Filter not showing on up on Left just for one Category?

I recently restructured my categories. I noticed however, that one category which is set to is Anchored ‘YES’. However, it is not showing left sidbar category filters for my sub categories. Images below.

What is should be

enter image description here

What it is showing for e-liquids, Anchor is set to ‘YES’. However No Category left side bar? Only not showing for this category. All other categories work.

enter image description here

Showing backend. I created the E-Liquds sub folder and moved A-Z sub folders inside and set ancher to YES but this category is not working.

enter image description here

Any Help would be much appriciated.

ag.algebraic geometry – The Left Exactness of Conormal Sequence When $X$ is Singular

When $X$ is a nonsingular variety over a field $k$ and Z is a closed subvariety, it is known that the conormal sequence
0tomathscr{I}/mathscr{I}^2to mathscr{O}_Z otimes_{mathscr{O}_X}Omega_XtoOmega_Z to 0

is short exact as $mathscr{O}_Z$-module. When the condition that $X$ and $Z$ are nonsingular is dropped, it is only assured to be right exact. I wanted to know what is happening when $X$ is singular. For simplicity, I only tried when $X$ is affine.

  1. $X=mathrm{Spec} k(x,y,z,w)/(xy-zw)$, $I=(x,z)$, $Z=mathrm{Spec} k(y,w)$. I wrote $R=k(x,y,z,w)/(xy-zw)$, $S=R/I$.

The computation is as followed.

  • $I/I^2= frac{Sxoplus Sw}{xy=zw}$
  • $Sotimes Omega_R = frac{Sdxoplus Sdyoplus Sdz oplus Sdw}{ydx=wdz}$
  • $Omega_S = Sdy oplus Sdw$

It seems that the sequence is still left exact.

  1. $X=mathrm{Spec} k(x,y,z)/(xz-y^2)$, $I=(x,y)$, $Z=mathrm{Spec} k(z)$. I wrote $R=k(x,y,z)/(xz-y^2)$, $S=R/I$.
  • $I/I^2 = kx oplus ky oplus kzy oplus kz^2 y oplus cdots = kdx oplus Sdy$
  • $Sotimes Omega_R = kdx oplus Sdy oplus Sdz$
  • $Omega_S = Sdz$

It again seems the sequence is still left exact.

I first thought those sequence is not left exact in many cases, but in my calculation, it was not the case. I debt my calculation is wrong, but I could not find anything wrong. Could you tell me where is wrong in my calculation? Or is this really right?

Thanks in advance.

css – How to make a site built with google.sites read right to left for Arabic language?

This might not be an awesome workaround, though, in my personal experience I found that copying from Microsoft Office with correct direction and or color will solve things in the short term.

I also noticed that RTL is working if you type things instead of copying. (just use right alignment from styles)

Is it fine to offer a left and a right navigation at the same time, when I have several menu items?

I am designing a dashboard for a supply chain company. Their web dashboard has several options on the top navigation. But I am designing the tablet version and I am thinking to go the conventional left hand side navigation. Will it be a bad UX if I display navigation on both sides of the screen that is left and right together? This way I can divide the menus without making a clutter. I am planning to make them collapsible.

Left UK without passing through Immigration, why?

Last year, I traveled to the UK for a conference. Upon entry, my passport was stamped confirming my entry via immigration.

Upon my exit, surprisingly (and something I’m been wondering about ever since) I went through no immigration. The direction to board flight led me straight to flight check-in, then we boarded the flight.

Below is my entry stamp. Stamped within my Visa stamp, really?
My passport, with only an entry stamp, stamped even at the "wrong" side?

I went to the Netherlands this year, got stamped, in and out. Entering ZA, I got stamped. Even leaving and returning to my home country (Ghana), I got both stamped. I find the stamping a standard procedure/protocol.

Yet, with the UK, I left the country without being stamped. I don’t know if that was part of the plan or I missed something or what?:

  • Does the UK have a policy of not stamping when people leave the country?
  • Was that a mistake on my part?
  • Obviously, my stay period has expired, and on paper, I’m “not supposed” to be in the country, but without the UK exit stamp, might that affect my visit or travel visa application to UK one day in the future? Because if stamping is mandatory, and I don’t have one, then I will be hot if asked, “How did you leave the country without the stamp?”
  • In this case, those who could have determined if I overstayed or not, was the Airline

More info

  • My visa was for a stay up to 29/30 days or so. But I stayed only for 7 days
  • Flight used throughout was Emirates and passed through Dubai on transit
  • Origin was South Africa.
  • Destination Airport was Heathrow

For comparison, below is my Netherlands stamps, both in an out.
The Dutch stamped for entry and exit

My Readings/Researches

I came across this result, and one of the answers pointed out, its "No real reason now for UK exit stamp." Really? I see a strong reason to, otherwise, stamping me in is of no real reason then.

One commentator also added: "A loophole which no doubt has been exploited by some foreigners." No idea how someone will exploit that!

And considering this instance, it can lead to some questionings.