uk – Letter of authorization to recover Visa

I would like to allow someone else to recover a visa on my behalf.

I took a copy of the letter of authorization from here.

It indicates that I must give the VFS global receive reference number beginning with KTM. I do not have a reference number starting with KTM.

I am able to find reference numbers starting with GWF ***, VFSS *** and XYZ ***.

So, can anyone tell me where to find this reference number that starts with KTM?

UK visa download process: I forgot to download a letter of assistance

I forgot to download the main document of my UK visa application (letter of assistance) and I submitted all the downloaded documents via the TLS service. Is there a way to add the document (for example, pay on the spot in the claims center or cancel the application and start again), otherwise I can not get the visa?

visas – Write a letter to the British Embassy in Manila

I would like some advice. I invited my 2 sons and a daughter-in-law to travel to the UK for 13 days to attend the wedding of my youngest son, but they were denied the visa while I joined a letter of support that I will charge for their return tickets and accommodation here in the UK. The reasons are due to financial and economic reasons. I really invite them to attend the wedding and then return to the Philippines. Can I write a letter to the British Embassy in Manila to make sure that I am responsible for sending them home after the duration of the planned visit? Thank you.

Maria Funtanilla
British citizen

Keyboard – The letter "d & # 39; does not work (opens a new office)

So today, I tried to open a new desktop for the first time (Windows key + Ctrl + d). It worked well, but now the letter "d" is no longer working for any reason.

Sometimes when I press it, it works with a delay. But most of the time I press it, it just opens a new desktop (as if I were holding the Windows key and ctrl at the time (which I am not)).

I tried to restart the computer, but that did not help. I do not know what else to do …

Lost my refusal letter from canada

Some lost, damaged and destroyed documents may be replaced via the Canadian Immigration website:

I do not know if that applies to refusal letters.

It is also possible to request information held by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that will not be able to reproduce the letter but should be able to confirm your status. You must be in Canada to apply, but your college may apply.

java – How can I put an icon and change the letter in JOptionPane.showInputDialog

public courses


public static void main (String [] args)


String option;
int opc1;


opc1 = Integer.parseInt (Option);

Thank you all

Check if a letter exists in the c ++ string

I have problems with my function that checks for the existence of a specific letter in a string (I do not know much about the pointers that I just used because my other function did not return not the string there was no pointer.)

How to declare my string in the class:

char * name[tamanho];

My role:

int Charclass :: check_letra_exist () {
char * a;
int i;
int valorretornado;

printf ("type a letter:  n");

scanf ("% c", * a);

for (i = 0; i <size; i ++)
if *[i]== * a) {
returns i;

Letter of consent for minors British Visa

I am applying for a British visa for me and my son. I am divorced and I have custody papers from my country.
Do I have to apply his father's consent letter to apply for the visa or only from me?
Which documents should I apply?

USA – Can we add or modify anything to this cover letter for a standard UK visitor visa?

Please see the standard visitor visa for US citizen (I have forgotten my contact information!)

TL; DR, an American girlfriend, refused to enter the UK in November 2018 because she was confident that she would have spent more than 6 months in the UK, but has changed considerably since then.

She has an appointment on April 22 on the biometric data for a new visa application. We have written an accompanying letter (below), but we would like to know if there is anything we could change or delete, or if there are points that are not relevant.

XXX, DOB: XX / XX / XXX, US national, GWF 00000000

To the person in charge of the formalities of entry,

Thank you for taking the time to review my standard visitor visa application. I am looking to visit the UK for a total of three weeks (XXXX – XXXX) in order to visit my boyfriend who lives in XXX, England. I was refused entry to the UK in November 2018 and my file number is 0000.

Since December 10, 2018, I am a part-time teacher and a part-time administrator at XXXX. His average monthly salary is $ XX for my part-time teaching role and my $ XX monthly salary for my administrative role. This administrative role has fixed hours of two days a week, 4 hours a day. My monthly salary for my teaching job varies depending on the number of hours I need. So I calculated an average. I've also included bank statements describing my finances, a letter of invitation from my boyfriend and an approved leave letter from my employer in the United States.

My main purpose of traveling is to visit my boyfriend after visiting here in the United States to maintain our relationship at a distance. XXX (boyfriend) and I met while working in the US in July 2017 and have been dating since. He plans to visit me in the near future if his employer gives him leave.

During my stay in the UK, I will not pay any accommodation fees as I will be staying with my boyfriend and his parents and my estimated cost for the entire trip, including the flights, is $ 30. approximately 1400 USD. XXX and I will stay at XXX for the duration of my visit.

After my visit, I will return to the United States to continue working because I save for an apartment at XXXX. I currently reside with both my parents.

Thank you for reviewing my request.

Sincere friendships,


I've used & # 39; XXX & # 39; instead of deleted information (names, dates, places).

After his refusal, I visited him in the United States for a month. Would they be aware of that and would that influence their decision in his visa?

Someone mentioned in my last question on my other account, that I should include how we met and how often we communicate and so on. in my accompanying letter. Is it really useful and would it be worth it? We have a lot of images together and we communicate daily without fail, but I do not think it is necessary to include any documentation about it because I do not think that the the integrity of our relationship is even questioned by the Home Office. officials.

Thank you. I hope the cover letter does not seem hopeless for the CEO but I feel that it describes our situation. Cheers!

In a python calculator, how do I create a button that, when pressed, enlarges the letter of all buttons?

I need all the letters to increase, including the same button.
And then a button that does the opposite process: decreases the size of the sources.