Sharepoint Online – Users with the Change permission level can access site navigation, but will get denied access when they attempt to submit the change.

we have a classic team site collection with the publishing features enabled + we have a subsite where the publishing features are not enabled.
Now, I've granted some users the Edit permission on the subsite and read on the root site. where these users will be able to access the navigation of the subsite site as follows: –
enter the description of the image here

and these users will also be able to add new links and change the order of the navigation links >> but when they attempt to submit the site's navigation page, they will generate this error: –
enter the description of the image here

so it's strange that users can access site navigation + add / remove links but can not submit changes .. no idea what's going on?
Thank you

php – Nav walker: Displays 3rd level objects under 2nd level

I'm using WP_navwalker for a drop-down menu. It works well, but it only shows me the first and second level elements. So, make a drop-down menu at the first level and a second regular item when the drop-down menu is open. The third level is not visible.
I want to post it under my second level articles.

I am not skilled enough to edit the walker properly to suit my needs. Can any one help me?

The naw_walker code:

<? php

/ **
* Walker menu
* @see Walker :: start_lvl ()
* @ since 3.0.0
* @param string $ output Passed by reference. Used to add additional content.
* @param int $ depth Depth of the page. Used for padding.
* @param object $ args Arguments.
* /
public function start_lvl (& $ output, $ depth = 0, $ args = array ())
$ indent = str_repeat (" t", $ depth);
$ output. = " n $ indent& # 39 ;;

if ($ args['container']) {
echo & # 39;& # 39 ;;

Sorry for my english, thanks in advance!

SQL Server – Difference in location of the transaction isolation level statement – inside / outside a transaction?

I have reviewed some stored procedures on our system today when I saw the following structure:

(pseudocode indicating the actual SP, the server uses the default isolation level):



DML ...
DML ...
DML ...

I have not seen the level of transaction isolation declared in the interior a transaction boundary and wondered what was the effect?

Is the isolation level restored once the transaction is committed (thus, if there were additional instructions after validation, what would be their isolation level)?

In this case, I suppose there would be no difference if the isolation level had to be declared just before the start of the transaction. Is that the case?

Most of the time, I was somewhat surprised to see this because I had never seen the isolation of a transaction declared outside of a transaction, not at all. inside and I was wondering – why? What are the benefits of doing it?

5th dnd – Is it possible to cast two level 9 spells without resting long in 5th?

Epic boon can allow this

The DMG has rules for awarding epic rewards (starting on page 231) that include:

A gift of high magic

You gain a level 9 spell slot, as long as you already have one.

A spell callback

You can launch any spell you know or have prepared without spending a lot of time. Once you do it, you can use this windfall until the end of a long rest.

Either or both of these benefits would allow you to run forethought twice (or another level 9 spell) before resting for a long time.

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SQL Server – Index Fragmentation Issue After Disabling Page Level Locking for an Index

I have an index that has page level lock disabled and now I have index fragmentation problem for this index.
I was aware that I will not be able to Reorganize the clue but i thought i would be able to rebuild l & # 39; Index.
Now, I think that Rebuild also does not work.

A bit of context about why page-level locking is disabled.

I received a lot of transaction deadlocks on this index in this particular table. This table was a sort of fact table where insert, update and delete was happening every moment. And there are some foreign key relationship also to some other tables with CASCADE suppressesSo, I was starting to have a lot of locks and deadlocks and after turning off the lock at the page level, I managed to get rid of all those deadlocks.

I started using the Ola Hall script for Index Maintenance and I apply index rebuilding for all indexes for which index reorganization does not work.
But I also notice that Index Rebuild does not work.

Now I see an AvgPageFragmentaiton of 9.9413 and the number of pages of 1196826 for the index that is not good.

All suggestions / tips are helpful.

5th dnd – Is a 10th level transmitter considered a form modifier for effects such as Moonbeam?

Spells such as Moonbeam specifically affect creatures bearing the "Shapechanger" label, such as lycanthropes. According to this previous question, the ability to change shape with the help of class features is not enough to be considered a form modifier.

However, when they reach level 10, the transmutation experts literally receive the "Shapechanger" class function, giving them the ability to polymorphize more easily. The description of this feature is obviously adapted to the characters of the players, but it is also similar to the "shapechanger" feature found in the statistics blocks of creatures bearing the shapechanger tag.

In this context, would owning the "Shapechanger" function in the wizarding class show you as a "shapechanger" for spells such as Moonbeam?

Darkness World – Can a vampire buy several powers at the same level of a discipline?

If you get a second point in the discipline, you can learn a second level power or a second level power. It means that you do not learn this second level power. If you want to learn that one, you will need a third point in the discipline, and you would not learn the third level power if you choose to learn second level power.

This internal rule seems to be there to allow you to eventually learn all the powers if you are digging enough experience into the discipline, whereas the original rules would only allow you to learn 5 powers in total. (5 points in the discipline.)

World of Darkness – Can a vampire buy several powers that are at the same level of a discipline?

One of my players is interested in two powers that are at the same level of discipline, and I could not tell him if he can take both in one way or another . Here is my question: Can a vampire buy several powers that are at the same level of a discipline?

My assumption is "Yes, but you have to get another point in this discipline to get it", but I also see an internal rule that says:

LEARNING DISCIPLINES Vampires can learn multiple powers of the same discipline by purchasing their point level a second time as a clan discipline.

So, after seeing this rule of the house, I started to think that RAW can not buy the same powers.

List of groups by level of indentation with vba makro

I am currently trying to repair an Excel vba macro, the truth is that it 's the first time I use it but a colleague asked me to do it again. help and so I want to do my best (or your best: D). The ultimate goal is to group the list by level of withdrawal.
The structure is similar to this:

Einheit A A -20

Einheit A B -20

Einheit A C -20

Einheit A D 0

What's strange is that the macro seems to work up to line 409. At line 410, the run-time error 1004. The level of withdrawal of the line 410 is 9. You may have an idea.

Under AutoGroupBOM ()
& # 39; Define the variables
Dim StartCell As Range - This defines the highest level of assembly, usually 1, and must be the top left cell of the hierarchy, its starting point for grouping & # 39;
Dim StartRow As Integer - This sets the start line as a grouping group, depending on the line we set from StartCell & # 39;
Dim LevelCol As Integer - This is the column that defines the level of assembly on which we base our grouping & # 39;
Dim LastRow As Integer - This is the last line of the sheet containing the information we are grouping & # 39;
Dim CurrentLevel As Integer & Iterative Counter & # 39;
Dim i as an integer
Sun As Integer

Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dés Disables the screen update when running.

& # 39; Prompt the user to select the first line. It MUST be the highest assembly level and also the cell at the top left of the range you want to group / set.
Set StartCell = Application.InputBox ("Select the cell at the top left for the highest assembly level", Type: = 8)
StartRow = StartCell.Row
LevelCol = StartCell.Column
LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count

• Delete any pre-existing outline on the worksheet, or you're going to have 99 problems and an outline is not 1

Descend the birth lines and group the items until the end of the cells filled in the assembly level column.
For i = StartRow to LastRow

Rows (i) .Select
Level = Cells (i, LevelCol) .IndentLevel
For j = 1 to level - 1
Next j
Then I

Application.ScreenUpdating = True Activates the screen update once the operation is complete.

End Sub

Thanks in advance!