dnd 5th – Aarakocra in AL by remake at level 5

I know that Aarakocra has always been illegal for starting characters in LA,

Races with 1st level flight, … are not available without specific campaign documentation

What was done when Aarakocra came out. But I thought that since season 9 allowed Tieflings and Aasimar to fly at level 5, is not there a reason why it does not allow you to remake a character at level 5 and change race to aarakocra?

Clearly, this is RAW forbidden, but is it also RAI? And if so, does it make sense?

dnd 5th – If you have a negative spell casting ability modifier, how much damage does the blade of the green flame make to the second target below level 5?

The description of the green flame blade cantrip (SCAG, 143) says:

As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must perform a melee attack with a weapon against a creature within range of the spell, otherwise the spell will fail. On one shot, the target suffers the normal effects of the attack and a green light bounces from the target to another creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of it. The second creature suffers fire damage equal to your spell casting skill modifier.

Suppose you have a negative spell casting ability modifier For example, your ability to cast spells is Intelligence and you have an Intelligence modifier -1. You threw green flame blade (and your character is below the 5th level). How much damage does the second creature suffer? None, -1 or rounded to 1 points of damage?

5th dnd – Can a Level 5 fighter use an Extra Attack with a Longbow?

Yes: on the 5th level, the extra attack includes the longbow

The fighter, the barbarian, the monk, the ranger and the paladin all suffer additional attacks at the fifth level. None of them specifies "scrum" or "remotely", so there is no limitation according to the written rules. All read the same way.

Starting at the 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, every time you take action Attack on your turn.

The properties of longbow weapons show no restriction

There is no declared restriction on longbow attacks. If the longbow possessed a special property going beyond heavy, two-handed or ammunition, it would be listed in the list. Weapon properties section of the PHB and on the table.

  • Your deputy minister does not apply the rules as written with this decision.
    Getting the arrow out of the quiver is part of the attack, it's not
    "interaction with an object." The rules are clear on this. (The
    shortbow also has no such restriction).

    Ammunition. You can use a weapon with the properties of ammo to launch a ranged attack only if you have ammunition to shoot from the weapon. Every time you attack with the weapon, you spend a piece of ammo. Draw ammunition in a quiver, crate or other container is part of the attack {Basic rules, p. 47, my accentuation. (In the PHB under the section "Weapon Properties")}}

I recommend you discuss it with the DM before the next game session, before the game starts. Based on the mechanics / rules of the game, the long bow does not have the same loading feature like the crossbow of the hand and the heavy crossbow. At the 5th level, each turn, you can attack twice with the Longbow. (My ranger likes to do this now that he is at the fifth level). If the SM decides otherwise after this discussion, you will need to determine whether you can live with it or not.

Extract from the Weapons table on page 48 Basic rules (Same information in PHB):

begin {array} {r | ccc}
text {} & text {Weapon ranged martial} \
text {crossbow, hand} & text {1d6 piercing} & text {light} & text {__} & mathbf { text {loading}} \
text {Crossbow, heavy} & text {1d10 piercing} & text {heavy} & text {both hands} & mathbf { text {loading}} \
text {Longbow} & text {1d8 piercing} & text {heavy} & text {two-handed} & text {__} \
end {array}

Loading. Due to the time required to load this weapon, you can only use one piece of ammo when you use an action, bonus action or reaction to shoot it, regardless of the number of attacks that you can normally do it. (Basic rules on page 48, also in the Property section of the PHB weapon)

There is no Loading Longbow property, unlike the two crossbows on this list; there is no limit "once per action" with this weapon.

What are online elements and block level elements in HTML?

Hello friends,

What are online elements and block level elements in HTML?

Level and status of factions in Scum & Villainy

The levels and the statutes confuse me a little for the factions. The magnitude chart on page 280 indicates that the level varies from 0 to 6, but does not mention Status. P.263 mentions the improvement of the status with a faction beyond 1 & # 39; but does not say clearly if the status starts at 0 or 1. Nothing says that the status can go below 0, but I guess it can. Finally, all listed factions belong at least to level 1. Since a crew of players can start with a quality equal to 0, can a faction start at level 0?
So, to summarize:
What is the extent of the level of a faction? 1-6 or 0-6?
What is the starting status with a faction (if it is not adjusted by other choices such as ship modules), 0 or 1?
What is the status range? -6 to 6?

bluetooth – Low headphone microphone audio level during call

I have a phone and two headsets.

The level of listening is correct for both helmets; so I can hear my partner is fine. But during the calls, the recipient can hardly hear me. Without headphones, the sound level is correct – the built-in microphone works well.

I found an application that can change. But this only increases the recording level for the built-in microphone, not for headphones.

Is it possible to increase the microphone volume for Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets?

Phone: Huawei P smart EMUI 9.1.0

Headset1: Generic wired headset.

Headset2: Bludio T7 Bluetooth headset.

What is the security level of SSL / TLS, explained in simple terms?

In trying to answer this question, I realized that even though a security professional or software developer can understand the strengths and weaknesses of SSL / TLS, there are not many good answers that a layman might well understand. .

For example, we describe some variants of TLS / SSL as "unsecured", which in the world of security has a somewhat specialized meaning that could be summarized as follows: "Some known vulnerabilities significantly degrade security, and you should probably disable this variant on your servers ". A layman might interpret "unsafe" as "simple to exploit", which is not necessarily true.

So, can anyone provide an explanation of layman as to the current level of security offered by SSL / TLS? The answer should include the resources of the attacker, the efforts, resources and access involved and (possibly) the cost.

The answer could also include other ways to achieve the same goal without attacking SSL / TLS, as well as risks that we all take for granted every day. (My credit card, for example, was compromised and used for fraud purposes last year when Newegg was hacked)

dnd 5th – Devouring power level bag

I want to give my players a bag of devouring, but I fear that they will not use it to eat all their enemies. How can I stop them from doing it and is there some level that they should reach before I give it to them? (I think at a certain level, most monsters / villains could come off)

The unemployment rate in the United States is at its lowest level in 50 years. Why would not a sensible person re-elect this president?

Because any sensible person probably takes into consideration other factors than the "unemployment rate".

For example, the sensible person may not like the increase in worker compensation over the last 12 months to fall from 3.2% to 2.9%, or Average hours changed little in September, following a rise of 11 cents in August. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-add …

Or maybe the sensible man does not like our president reorienting our national foreign policy so that he focuses on his re-election rather than on the security interests of the United States.

Could be a lot of things!

Can you use Divine Metamagic to increase a spell to a level for which you do not have a slot?

A level 15 cleric has a divine metamagic and may cast level 8, but not level 9 spells. Can he take turns twice / reprimand the undead to raise a level 8 spell to level 9 ?