[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: Can John Lewis do that?

So, basically, I clicked, collected and sent a package to John Lewis on behalf of someone. This has never been a problem in any John Lewis. So, when I went to get my 2 parcels, I gave them the order number and my ID (indicated on the website). They gave me the parcel, but when they did the same to my friend, they said that they had to do some checking and contact the manager. We waited. Two seconds later, the guy went to get me the package he scanned and gave me and he said he had to pick up my package because he had been "flagged". However, he did not do it until he checked my friends one too. After all this, the manager still did not come after 20 minutes and they said they could not give me my package even though it was not said that on the website. When I track my order now, he says the package was picked up and I could not even pick it up because he picked it up again. Is it even legal or should I form a serious complaint. .

[ Football (American) ] Open question: Should the Bengals dismiss Marvin Lewis?

A. Yes, immediately
B. Yes, after the season
C. Give him another extension.