Why Google Play services do not work (Android LG Tribute Dynasty 7.1)

I have tried several quick fixes for this problem. Now, I really need the help of an expert before throwing my phone into the river.
This app (Google Play Services) creates serious runtime issues and affects the security settings of my Avast products.
Anyone can give me any advice please !!
Thank you
PS I posted on Google Play Store an evaluation of Google Play Services app ratings. This article details the steps I took to solve the problem. The agents from whom I bought my Android phone seem convinced that the problem is based on Android.

Display – LG UltraFine 5K Numbers with MacBook Pro 2017

Yesterday, everything worked well. I had my MacBook Pro (four USB-C ports and a touch bar) connected to my LG UltraFine 5K monitor (Model's official name: LG 27MD5KA – B). At the end of my work day, I turned everything off. In the morning, I restarted everything but nothing seemed to work.

I proceeded to disconnect the monitor from the MBP and this one turned on without any problem. I've tried to plug in the monitor again and the MBP's screen has turned black. Eventually, the touch bar was no longer responding. I've tried all kinds of combinations to solve the problem:

  • Turn off the MBP, unplug everything from the mains, wait a moment and reconnect everything;
  • MBP PRAM reset;
  • MBP SMC reset;
  • Tried with another MBP touch bar;

One thing works only when the LG UltraFine 5K is connected to the mains and I connect an MBP with the cover. In this case, the monitor turns on, although very weakly, I can see the Apple logo, then suddenly the logo extends horizontally on the screen and the bottom quarter of the screen is distorted (everything is very pale) . If I open the lid, only the Caps Lock appears to work (which suggests that the computer has not crashed). If I pick up the MPB, it responds without problems after a few seconds. The reconnection and the MBP screen turn black and the computer stops responding (except for the capital lock). However, I can access the computer by remote connection (SSH) and have managed to turn it off or restart from there (sudo shutdown -h now or sudo shutdown -r now).

I even downloaded the LG screen manager, but the application seems totally useless in my case (although the copyright notice seems strange, it says "Copyright 2016-2026 LG Electronics Inc." ).

Do you have any suggestions to make (apart from bringing the device for repair)?

System used:

  • MBP (13 ", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB);
  • MBP (13 ", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB);
  • Bothe MBP are installed with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2
  • LG UltraFine 5K (aka 27MD5KA – B);

Can not install an apk on lg m3

I can not install tutuapp apk on a lg m3 (tribute hd), the installation button is dimmed, the phone runs Android 6.0.1 enter the description of the image here

Unlock lg ls777

I have a lg 3 mobile boost pen that I want to unlock to be able to use it on the T-Mobile network. What are the steps to unlock boost so that it can be used on another network?

Are there any drivers for the LG 27MK400 monitor for Ubuntu 18.04?

I have a new LG 27MK400 monitor. Are there drivers for this device for Ubuntu 18.04? I have a Dell Latitude laptop with Intel Sandybridge Mobile. (64 bits)

lg – Firmware update issues

I have a LG android phone, and when I turned it off last night, it came back on with the firmware update stating "Do not disconnect the USB". But when I received it from my contract holders, there was no USB, so I had a regular charger, but I woke up this morning and it still remains at 0% after about 10 hours. Can someone help me or give me advice?

Can the LG K20V be rooted?

I can not find anywhere where the LG K20 phone can take root safely.
Does anyone know if this is possible? And what are you doing? Thank you.

is < {G ∈ CFG | L(G) ⊇ L(A) } where A is DFA fixed beforehand > decidable?


I have been asked to solve this problem, but I am completely stuck now.

Does the whole {G ∈ CFG | L (G) ⊇ L (A)} where A is DFA fixed in advance decidable? 

I know I have to find a discount, and as a clue, they said that it was related to an accessibility or matching problem, or probably to a non-empty intersection problem ({ ∈ CFG x CFC | L (G1) Intersec. L (G2)! = 0}) <- Who are undecidable.

I read articles about these problems for hours, and read about the reductions of these problems on others to try to come up with an idea, but I am stuck.

I would really appreciate any help given, be it clues or answer.

Thank you!

unbricking – Removing the boot partition LG K10 MT6753

I have a little problem with my LG K10 K430. I was trying to learn the adb function. Well, I stupidly erase the entire boot partition with the help of rm then … My phone will not boot anymore. It shows the LG boot logo, but does not start, keeps restarting. I've tried repairing it via LG Bridge, flashing the original ROM via LG UP and LG Flash Tool … but my phone does not stay in flash mode nor in download mode, I can not start in Fastboot mode. The only thing that apparently works is the factory reset mode, but only shows the interface … it only restarts the phone and nothing else. I've tried flashing the boot image with SP Flash Tool but I'm out of luck, the phone is detected by Windows but only for 3 seconds and then it disconnects. Whatever I do, when I connect the phone to my PC, it disconnects quickly even when the driver application is disabled. I have tried the LG drivers and some other drivers for Mediatek, but I still have not been lucky.

Does any of you have any other way to recover data from the boot partition or unbrick my phone?

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

applications – Help searching for an app on a LG V20 with Andriod 8.0 Oreo

I need help to find an application on an android. I am looking for an application like PrivateMe or something similar which is basically a container and that emulates an application so that it can be hidden and executed in two separate places ….. or so I am under the impression.
When the application is installed, it can be completely hidden from the application lists and I think that it can only be identified in the operating system itself.
Does anyone have any information on how to identify if this app or a similar app is installed on an android?

Thanks in advance. Jerry