sharepoint online – The remote server returned an error: (401) unauthorized: when uploading the file to the document library using the application-based token authentication

I'm trying to download a document into the document library using the application-based token authentication in SharePoint Online.

I mentioned the following link to configure the application-based token and the token worked when I tried to read something on the site.

But when I try to download a file using the following code,

string file = @"Path Of the file";
System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(file, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read);
using (var ctx = new AuthenticationManager().GetAppOnlyAuthenticatedContext(siteUrl, "CLIENTID","CLIENTSECRET"))
        ctx.Load(ctx.Web, p => p.Title);
                     Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File.SaveBinaryDirect(ctx, "RelativePathToDocumentLibrary" + "/test.docx", fs, false);
                catch (Exception ex)

It gives me an error of

{"The remote server returned an error: (401) not allowed."}

Any suggestion or reference link is welcome.

sharepoint online – SPO PowerShell – How to add an AD group as permission on a folder in the document library

I write a PS script to create a site with a documentation library. The document library will have many folders, each of which needs its permissions set through an AD group. I use PNP PowerShell, but I see no way to do it. I can assign SharePoint groups to folders, but I need to assign domain groups (AD groups). Looking for hours, any help is welcome!

document library – InfoPath publishing error – Can not find or access the following Web server:

I have updated this document library for about 5 to 6 months and our company has recently reimagined our desktops. After that, it seems that this error occurs.

enter the description of the image here

I searched on Google and found blogs to solve this problem, but I tried everything and I did not work. It was about -> form settings -> advanced settings -> clear -> save.

When I go to form configuration -> advanced configuration, the box is already empty and there is nothing to delete.

What should I do here ..?

Thanks in advance!

permissions – If the library is not visible to you, why do you see the automatic link in the current navigation?

I remembered that if you stop inheriting permissions from above and display the automatic link in the current browsing of a library, deleted users should NOT see the library link at all. Now they can see the library link but when they click on it, they see an empty library. I was waiting at the access page denied but no to the library without content (they can see all metadata columns).

Do I remember badly or something changed? The only way to "hide" the URL is to use audience targeting in Settings – Browsing?

I'm using a classic site.

I need a good graphic library for C

I'm trying to develop games in C. I do not want anything more complex than a game engine. I just want something that will create a window, and I can display shapes or images (under the shape of textures). What is the simplest and most multiplatform way to proceed? (I do not want to rewrite my code for Windows after creating Linux). Which library is best for what I describe? Is OpenGL good? What about SDL? Maybe GTK?

Does any of these support sound effects and good texture drawing abilities?

I know it's not a site to ask for recommendations, but I try to search for hours without getting results.

How to use the Quick Graph Web Part with data from a document library?

I would like to use the fast graphical web part with data from a document library and not from a list.

When I try to put a fast graph Web Part on my page, it only seems to be able to connect to a list or values ​​are entered manually.

I want the content to be extracted from certain documents, labeled as Process Maps in my library and using the column values ​​of a column called FPMO.

I use Sharepoint Online.

The document library contains all the text values.

Connect a Sharepoint List to a SharePoint Document Library

I use SharePoint Online.
I currently have a document library called "Documents" containing about 500 files.
Each file has a column (Type of Description) indicating what the document is.

for example, Process Map, Geographical Map, Keynote, SOP etc ….

I created a list called "Process Sigma Level"

What I want to achieve is that this list is connected to the document library.

For the list to be filled only for "Process Maps"

I can then enter values ​​such as "Current Operating Performance" in the list.

I do not want this done in the document library, because by using the list, I can separate the content, and then use the SharePoint Graph option to create performance graphs.

Ideas and suggestions?

The first challenge is how do I fill the list and that the content stays up to date according to a filtered list of the document library

algorithms – How to create a square root program without using the math library in C ++

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sharepoint online – Hide / delete discount options on a library

We have a special library that only a select few can access. Then we learned that the selected people can share a file with anyone. Not good.

I tried to create a custom permission level, but I failed to create one
which hid the sharing option but retained editing privileges.

So I thought that a JSON display format might work. Someone tried this so that the share is not visible in the list view, the list options and the command bar? The user has contribution rights, so maybe he can just create a new view and that the sharing option comes back?

Is a field customizer a better solution?

I hope someone can help me clarify my options!

Thank you

Web Part – "Show Toolbar" style to work in the document library view (not a web part)

I am actually quite confused as to why it worked. Here are my steps:

  1. Create a web part of the library from anywhere, change the toolbar to "show the toolbar"
  2. save
  3. Edit the Web Part again, this time change the default view (All documents, etc.)
  4. Save, it will disable the style "show toolbar" automatically.
  5. Edit the Web Part again, put the toolbar back in "Show Toolbar", and click Save.

And now, if you go back to the source of the document library, the display toolbar style will be applied (which will allow you to create new elements based on your content types).

The problem is that I do not see any options in the settings to do it in a less janky way. As you can see, this is a library of documents, not a page.
enter the description of the image here