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License owned by Whmcs


I sell licenses owned by Whmcs The license price is $ 100 USD

Thank you.

Cheap cPanel license

Has anyone tried "" before?
They sell a cPanel license for $ 5 only with unlimited accounts.

But to buy the … | Read the rest of

Sale – sibsoft Xvideosharing license | NewProxyLists

Hello guys
I sell Multi-server license for the XvideoSharing script with some mods and subscription
HD / Mobile encoding mod
HLS streaming mod
Torrent mod

The price on the sibsoft site is: $ 1250
I will sell for webmoney 550 $ send me your offers here, I can accept bank transfer, BTC, ETH
Proof of ownership:

Only today I sell for this reason for price I need money
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CPanel license $ 7?

Can you trust this site. They offer an unlimited cPanel license for $ 7. I think no organization can offer a license for $ 7.

hostlicense …. | Read the rest of

Is there a custom license service recommended to use on AWS / Saas products?

So, I have a web application, the user of which can multitask – for each user, I want to set a limit of actions that he can add to the system (say 10) – then restrict them additional calls. (license expired).

Additionally, support for license expiration would be great.

Usually there are server-side license managers, but I'm a serverless app and I don't want to add EC2 hosting these services (maybe if there are container-based apps like this, I can run on ECS, that would be ok).

My question is – instead of implementing it myself, it sounds like a familiar problem but I can't find any recommendations for SAAS-based solutions.

AWS has a "License Manager" – which would be amazing if it could support custom services – for example, look at certain values ​​in a dynamoDB and count the uses (since it also has SNS integration, etc. ).

Any advice would be appreciated 🙂

WHM license issue on Inmotion hosting

Currently, some dedicated servers with Inmotion hosting have expired WHM licenses due to an error in their billing system. I had to buy … | Read the rest of

Windows update errors 0x8007007b 0x80240017 volume license

Recently, we had to buy 6 copies of Windows 10 Pro to update some Windows 7 computers to comply with Cyber ​​Essentials.

When we did this, we carefully looked for the cheapest copies we could find without buying volume licenses.

However, the ones we found, although they were not advertised as volume licenses, were in fact volume licenses. We found out after buying 6 of them and installing them.

Everything worked fine for a while.

Next, 6 different Windows 10 Pro computers that we failed to update. They give error codes 0x8007007b and 0x80240017, indicating that they were looking for a KMS (key management server). These are OEM copies of Windows 10 Pro that come with the computers on which they are installed.

I tried to remove the product key (slmgr /upk) and rearmament (slmgr /rearm), then installing the updates in the "awaiting activation" state, but when Windows has restarted to perform the installation, it must have somehow reinstalled the product key and reactivate because it was activated at the end of startup and gave exactly the same error.

We have since purchased 5 and installed 4 authentic Windows 10 Pro licenses on volume licenses (slmgr /ipk xxxxxxx; slmgr /ato), but even if it did ease my conscience a little, it didn't change the update problem we have. Anyway, I hope to replace the 6 licenses. However, I also have to fix the problem!

During initial installation, Windows volume license editions identified as channel "VOLUME_MAK". After a while, they identified themselves as a "RETAIL" channel. After installing a new license, they identify themselves as the expected channel. This information was taken from the output of slmgr /dli, and that's also how I found out that these were volume licenses.

Despite Windows update errors, none of the computers – OEM or volume licensed – has ever reported that they believed they had hacked copies of Windows; they all signal that they are constantly activated, whether they update themselves or not.

MoneyRobot license for a price lower than the original

I bought it a few years ago for $ 497 and I am selling it now for $ 400.
we can talk about price more on skype: live: zphanjakidze
Thanks and greetings.