us citizens – Can I “convert” a US Enhanced Drivers License into a passport book?

Assuming you are in the US (since I only know that some Canadian provinces and US states issue EDLs, and Canada does not have a passport card), you would need to apply as a first time applicant.

An EDL is not actually a passport card, even though they both Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative compliant travel documents used for land and sea travel.

Passport (book and card) is issued by the federal government, whereas EDL is issued under state authority.

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Best way to get cPanel backups from expired license on Proxmox?

I let my cPanel license expire (My prices tripled and I wasn’t actively using it) and now I want to get the data back. Problem is – I re-used that IP address in Proxmox, and reassigned the extra IP addresses I had assigned for WHM to use. I’ve re-reassigned the IP, changed the appropriate files in CentOS for the new IP and mac, but… I still can’t connect – because those extra IPs are still in cPanel – somewhere, and I can’t use any cPanel commands to change them.

Which brings me to my main problem – how can I back up my cPanel data without having to renew my license for a month? I think I may just create a shared drive between the two VMs in proxmox, but I’d like to use cPanel’s built-in backup tools since my new control panel (Virtualmin) can import them.

I kind of added a lot of unnecessary information, so here’s a better question:
What would be the best way to get my old data back from cPanel, into Virtualmin?

Cheap dedicated server cpanel license

You may well get a license for the $6 you saw, but don’t expect it to be long-lasting. It’ll most definitely be revoked at some point.

Instead, you either need to look at distributors such as LicensePal, get a cPanel partner NOC account (if you have a large number of cPanel licenses), or find a web host that sells cPanels license (the benefit here is that you may possibly get a discount compared to buying from a distributor or cPanel directly).

c# – Is an iOS development license with Unity free?

I’m coding in Unity Personal and I’m going to try to put my game onto the App Store (through the Unity –> XCode –> App Store process). In the past, Unity has charged money to get a iOS license for this. The price was $400 I believe. I’ve certain articles that say that it has changed, and some that say it still costs money. So, I’m not sure which one is true. Is creating and publishing a commercial game with Unity Personal now free? (meaning that there is no license required). If there is a price, how much is it, and is it a one-time fee or per month/year/game published etc. Thanks! Also, can I legally make money with this game using the Unity Personal?

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france – Validity of Czech driving license for a non-EU national when moving to another EU country

My Bolivian partner currently lives in Czechia through a work Visa and they have a Czechia-issued, European driving license.

Now they are thinking of moving to France and they are studying to take the French driving test, as they think that when their Czechian work visa is no longer valid, their driving permit will be suspended as well.

I was curious about this so I tried to find a source. I browsed through 1Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Aliens in the Territory of the Czech Republic as well as a few other sites, but I haven’t been able to find anything related to this topic.

Does a non-EU national with a Czechian work visa lose their Czechia-issued, European driving license rights when they lose their work visa due to moving to another country?

My application is using a mit licensed code as back-end, so where should i include the license?

The license is commented in PHP but is it fine that way or do i need to do something else too? As my back-end codes are not open sourced.

IPB 4.4.10 license

I have an IPB license (Core + Forum) that I have not used for many years and do not need it.
I sell for $ 150

I paid $ 25 6 month renewal fee for the download.
Expiration date 05 November 2020