pathfinder 1e – Magic Item Creation: Save Bonus Limit

This is actually something I’ve run into lately myself. I found this quote sourced from d20pfsrd Magic Armor

… Magic Armor bonuses are enhancement bonuses, never rise above +5, and stack with regular armor bonuses (and with shield and magic shield enhancement bonuses). …

In addition to an enhancement bonus, armor may have special abilities. Special abilities usually count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of an item, but do not improve AC. A suit of armor cannot have an effective bonus (enhancement plus special ability bonus equivalents, including those from character abilities and spells) higher than +10. A suit of armor with a special ability must also have at least a +1 enhancement bonus.

This effectively means that the enchantment bonus of the item is limited to +5 but you can go up to +10 in cost by adding abilities such as Billowing or Spell Resistance that don’t effect the enchantment bonus. That’s why the cost table goes up to +10.

I know that the Cloak of Resistance from the question isn’t “armor” in the sense that it goes in the armor slot and adds AC, but I found very similarly worded entry on d20pfsrd Magic Weapons so it’s probably safe to assume this applies to all magic items.

… Magic weapons have enhancement bonuses ranging from +1 to +5…

… Some magic weapons have special abilities. Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses (except where specifically noted). A single weapon cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special ability bonus equivalents, including those from character abilities and spells) higher than +10. A weapon with a special ability must also have at least a +1 enhancement bonus.

So in the end, you can have your Cloak of Resistance +5 with Spell Resistance, but not a Cloak of Resistance +6.

Pathfinder 1e Magic Item Creation: Save Bonus Limit

Ultimately, there aren’t “rules” for creating custom magic items—there are guidelines, and those guidelines are for the GM to help them decide what to allow and at what value. So nothing based on those guidelines is strictly “legal,” and your GM can (and should, per those same guidelines) not allow some of the things the guidelines suggests. They’re not a perfect tool and they explicitly warn GMs that they still have to use their judgment on individual cases.

That being the case, the only really “legal” items are those that were actually printed in the book. And the best cloak of resistance that’s seen print is the cloak of resistance +5. You can definitely make that, because it’s an item in the book. (The GM can, of course, always ban an item as a houserule—but that’d be a pretty weird choice in the case of an item as basic and fundamental as a cloak of resistance.) The guidelines say a resistance bonus to saving throws is worth bonus² × 1,000 gp, which the cloak of resistance +5 matches exactly by being worth 25,000 gp. A hypothetical cloak of resistance +6 would thus be worth 36,000 gp. But since there isn’t any cloak of resistance +6 in print, it’s up to your GM whether or not that item is one that is possible to craft.

In my experience, most GMs do not allow a cloak of resistance +6.

DNS : Hints to limit access to known clients

I would like to set up for personal purposes a DNS server on the cloud and offer its service to several members of my family/friends. Based on their IP and the filtering options they’d like, DNS queries will be performed in confidence (filter only ads, filter only non-appropriate sites for kids, etc…). In fact, a homemade OpenDNS solution.

To do so, I can use the directive allow-from (or equivalent) of my DNS solution but due to the DNS protocol nature, I can use only IP address/netmasks. This would work fine for people with public static IP addresses but not for people with a dynamic one.

I was thinking about using a reverse proxy that does support allow-from FQDN directive and forward the query to the local DNS server once the FQDN/IP matches.

What do you think about it? Is there any other/more straightforward solution/idea?

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protocol – (How/Why) – Work vs Block Size Limit and Leading Zeros

How did Satoshi/the community decide an appropriate block-size-limit?
Why does the protocol increase mining difficulty by adding zeros?

I’ve some limited experience with some of the cryptographic concepts underlying bitcoins protocols.
I have two questions.
Given the fact that there is an upper limit on block size, perhaps the easiest way to breach this is to arrive at an some exceedingly large nonce which will become necessary due to other block contents. The question is, how do you set an appropriate limit for arbitrary blocks?
Would you need to know about inverting the hashing-algorithm in order to prove the efficacy of a given limit for an arbitrary ledger/header/nonce set?

Second question is about the relevance of increasing the leading zeros over time. Would it not be equivalent (wrt work done) to set a total number of zeros? That is, would you need to know about inverting the hash algorithm in order to prove that difficulty is increasing by adding leading zeros as opposed to any other “pattern” of any other hex character of the same cardinality?

Please forgive and correct my understanding of the issues in question.

dnd 5e – Is there some limit to Spellwrought tattoo? Isn’t this thing broken?

The restrictions require a little bit of cross-referencing with the Dungeon Master’s Guide and inference, but they certainly exist. To go through your objections in order:

Casting Time

Since the tattoo does not provide a casting time, we refer to the default rules for how magic items grant spellcasting. From the Dungeon Master’s Guide: “The spell uses its normal casting time, range, and duration, and the user of the item must concentrate if the spell requires concentration.”

Note that this is identical to a spell scroll, which explicitly “requires the spell’s normal casting time”.

Requiring a hand to use

While the default rules for spellcasting remove the need for any components, the tattoo specifies that its casting only omits material components. We can read this to override the general rules for magic items, and infer that casting this spell does require somatic components, which will typically need a free hand.

Limitations to number held

You’ll notice in the description of the item, area covered is linked to rarity of the tattoo (and thus the spell level available). If you already have a tattoo covering a limb, you presumably cannot have another tattoo on that limb (since there would be no room).

As linked in the question, Jeremy Crawford has stated that this is not the case. However, his tweets are not considered official rulings, and I suspect many DMs would rule to the contrary here.

Repeated usage

And of course, when you use a tattoo, it goes away. Paying 100 GP for a one-round boost of 5 AC is… perhaps not the best deal, depending upon the availability of gold in your campaign.

Well, yes. There are many magic items that are more powerful than other items of the same rarity. At the very least, being able to use these without being of a class that could normally cast the spell is very strong utility. 5th edition doesn’t try particularly hard to exactly balance its items against one another, relying on the DM to distribute them at a cost and frequency that makes sense, or to correct if things go too far.

So while it’s theoretically possible that you could pour all your money into unlimited uses of shield, it requires your DM making that tattoo available, your DM not changing its price to account for its increased utility over other common consumable items, and your DM ruling that you can overlap multiple tattoos over each other.

Spellwrought tattoos are not broken, they’re just better in a lot of scenarios. That’s allowed.

calculus and analysis – Product and limit of many (>2) matrices

So I have a matrix like this

$$ begin{bmatrix} 1+iA & iAe^{-2ian/N} \
-iAe^{2ian/N} & 1-iA
end{bmatrix} $$

in mathematica form is like this

{{1 + I*A, (I*A)/E^(2*I*(na/N))}, {-(I*(A*E^(2*I*(na/N)))), 1 - I*A}}

I want to multiply these matrices from n=1 to n=N, for example if I choose N=2 I would have

{{1 + I*A, (I*A)/E^(2*I*(a/2))}, {-(I*(A*E^(2*I*(a/2)))), 1 - I*A}} . {{1 + I*A, (I*A)/E^(2*I*(2a/2))}, {-(I*(A*E^(2*I*(2a/2)))), 1 - I*A}}

Notice I put “.” not “* * ” because I want matrix product not some other thing.

After this accomplished I also would like to take the limit of this as well taking N to $infty$ for example. So I would have something like this, call above matrix $A_{n,N}$
$$ prod_{n=1}^{N}A_{n,N} $$
where product is of course matrix product.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Having trouble solving a limit

$lim _{xto infty }left(frac{2^{frac{1}{x}}}{left(2^{frac{1}{x}}-1right)x}right)$

I’ve tried a couple of things but I can’t get to the right result.. according to online calculators the limit equals $frac{1}{lnleft(2right)}$ but I keep getting 0. Is there a a trick to solve it?

Bypassing Hydra’s 4 billion password limit

So I’m trying to get into my friends email (he is okay with it, we discussed it) and I’m using Hydra, but it has a limit to its bruteforcing that I cant seem to bypass, does anyone know how I can?

traffic – Queries quota limit increase request – still no reply

2 days ago, I requested an increase from 10,000 queries per 100 seconds (overall) in my Google Drive API, which my Play Store game uses because of the Saved Games feature of the Play Games Services package.
This quota hadn’t been exceeded for months (was about ~25% usage at most), but, since then, the popularity of the game exploded and I wasn’t ready for it. For 3 days now, the overall quota of 10,000 queries per 100 seconds is being exceeeded, preventing my players from downloading their saved games. I requested a quota increase of 25,000 2 days ago (via the EDIT QUOTAS side panel menu, also providing details) and yesterday I got in contact with Tech Support via a chat window, where I requested an increase to 50,000, since even more people are flooding in. No respone yet, other than an email telling me that I will get a reponse in a day. Still nothing. To mitigate the problem, I also quickly pushed out a new release for my game that features local saving, too, with a workaround for less queries for each user, but, of course, it’s still in review.

Does anyone have an idea of how I can contact support efficiently without paying for B2B-level services that I really don’t require or any other way that I can increase the quota from my side?

Thank you!